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Normal Eyte - Saturday, September 23, 1893 (Volume 3, Number 3)

Headline Page Type
Many things are required of an educated man 18 Editorial /ni/1893/00000018.jpg
There is a vulgar phrase extant 18 Editorial /ni/1893/00000018.jpg
The student's curriculum 19 Creative /ni/1893/00000019.jpg
Pres. Seerley 19 News /ni/1893/00000019.jpg
Major Dinwiddie 19 News /ni/1893/00000019.jpg
The address below 20 Creative /ni/1893/00000020.jpg
Daniel Rhodes 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
Miss Mary Bohstedt 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
Ray Keeler 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
G. N. Sabin 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
Elmer, E. Bartlett 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
W. W. Wilson, R. W. Patterson, E. P. Cunningham and W. L. Hearst 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
P. G. Fullerton 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
Mattie E. Emery 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
Miss Elizabeth Wyant 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
Miss Eva A. Wier 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
Anna E. Wilson 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
Thomas R. Amlie 21 News /ni/1893/00000021.jpg
Y. M. & Y. W. C. A. 22 News /ni/1893/00000022.jpg
G. S. Dick 22 News /ni/1893/00000022.jpg
Chas. R. Martin 22 News /ni/1893/00000022.jpg
Miss Jessie McNally 22 News /ni/1893/00000022.jpg
A. F. Burton 22 News /ni/1893/00000022.jpg
Miss Myrtie Laird 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Will Collins 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
The lectures 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Miss Artie Roberts 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
W. E. Albertson 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
P. G. Fullerton 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
The Aristo Society 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Miss Grace Curtis 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
The Orio Society 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Mr. Chas. Martin 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Thos. Amlie 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
E. P. Cunningham 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Mr. Archie Caul 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Miss Kate McKeever 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Miss Florence Clay 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
The churches of town 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
A mistake occurred 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Ray and Bessie Keeler 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Word comes from Carl Rummel 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Miss Stella Crary 23 News /ni/1893/00000023.jpg
Mr. S. M. Coddington 24 News /ni/1893/00000024.jpg
The chapel orations this week 24 News /ni/1893/00000024.jpg
The Chapel Sunday School 24 News /ni/1893/00000024.jpg
The Philo Society 24 News /ni/1893/00000024.jpg
The professors and instructors 24 News /ni/1893/00000024.jpg
Rodney Arey 24 News /ni/1893/00000024.jpg

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