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Normal Eyte - Saturday, September 23, 1899 (Volume 9, Number 2)

Headline Page Type
In another column 29 Editorial /ni/1899/00000019.jpg
The I. A. C. Student 29 Editorial /ni/1899/00000019.jpg
On the north side of the library 29 Editorial /ni/1899/00000019.jpg
While you read this 30 Editorial /ni/1899/00000020.jpg
The student who has spent some time 30 Editorial /ni/1899/00000020.jpg
The demand for experienced teachers 30 News /ni/1899/00000020.jpg
The faculty of this school 31 Editorial /ni/1899/00000021.jpg
The winter term program 31 News /ni/1899/00000021.jpg
The public or open sessions of the literary societies 31 News /ni/1899/00000021.jpg
List of 1899 summer school graduates 31 News /ni/1899/00000021.jpg
Enthusiasm 32 Creative /ni/1899/00000022.jpg
Perry O. Cole 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
H. H. Savage, '95, and F. G. Miller 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
Alyce Kelley 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
Among the Normalites 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
Mrs. H. J. Miller 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
Harriet Mallon 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
Mrs. Walter Hitkin 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
Myrtle Benson 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
Charles F. Johnson 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
Clara Hieber 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
The July report of the Fifty-first 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
James Treasure, '99, and his wife 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
Dr. T. U. McManus 33 News /ni/1899/00000023.jpg
Anna Sitler 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Mayme Bissell 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
The engagement of Nellie Newell and Charles Baldrich 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Florence Zerwekh 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Mabel Mortimer 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
J. W. Stockman, '95, and Ernest D. Ede 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
O. P. McElmeel 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
J. H. Ellison 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
R. C. McConnell 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Nellie Dority 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
J. J. McMahon 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
After an extended tour 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
J. E. Callahan 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Maude M. Stinson 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Fannie Morton 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
J. C. Prall 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Grace Gray 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Messers. S. T. Walker, '96, and J. O. Johnson 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Hattie L. Wing 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Adell Andrews 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Mary Young 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Will Martin 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Laura E. Hinkley 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
D. R. Perkins 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
Irvin S. Pepper 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg
O. J. McManus 34 News /ni/1899/00000024.jpg


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