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Normal Eyte - Saturday, September 24, 1898 (Volume 8, Number 3)

Headline Page Type
One of the many questions 35 Editorial /ni/1898/00000035.jpg
The last number of Midland Schools 35 Editorial /ni/1898/00000035.jpg
Now that the preliminary debate is a thing of the past 36 Editorial /ni/1898/00000036.jpg
When the agent of the M. C. Lilley Company was here 36 Editorial /ni/1898/00000036.jpg
When the state is expending a considerable amount of money 37 Editorial /ni/1898/00000037.jpg
The Board of Trustees 38 News /ni/1898/00000038.jpg
The faculty considered 38 News /ni/1898/00000038.jpg
Word was received 39 News /ni/1898/00000039.jpg
I. J. McDuffie and Perry D. Rose 39 News /ni/1898/00000039.jpg
Miss Rena Curkeet 39 News /ni/1898/00000039.jpg
Promotions and appointments in the Cadet Battalion 39 News /ni/1898/00000039.jpg
L. A. I. Chapman 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
W. R. Patterson 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
Agnes Carey 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
W. E. Kyler 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
Harry Thompson 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
C. O. Jameson 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
Ed Hollis 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
Nellie McAlvin 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
Annette Anderson 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
Mamie Herrick 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
Frank E. Green 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
Eva M. Byerly 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
A former roommate 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
Clara Whitmore 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
Mame Ryan 40 News /ni/1898/00000040.jpg
W. E. Long 41 News /ni/1898/00000041.jpg
Maude Humphrey 41 News /ni/1898/00000041.jpg
The Guthrie County High School 41 News /ni/1898/00000041.jpg
Minnie D. Ashbrook 41 News /ni/1898/00000041.jpg
The Valley Junction schools 41 News /ni/1898/00000041.jpg
Alice Peters 41 News /ni/1898/00000041.jpg
Daniel R. Perkins 41 News /ni/1898/00000041.jpg
We are glad to receive items 41 News /ni/1898/00000041.jpg
We were pleased 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Did you know 42 Editorial /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Roy Hemsworth 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
A number of our students 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Hon. I. J. McDuffie 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Edith Rugg 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Edna Poor 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
S. Potts 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Mr. Huntley 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
The choir 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Mame McDuffie 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Jennie McAlvin 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Bert Abel 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Rollin Perkins 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Pearl Patterson 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg
Floy Strayer 42 News /ni/1898/00000042.jpg


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