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Normal Eyte - Saturday, September 24, 1904 (Volume 15, Number 3)

Headline Page Type
Normal girls and oratory; inter-society contests among the ladies' societies needed 33 Editorial /ni/1904/00000035.jpg
Frank D. Eaman; from University of Michigan--head of new department of oratory--coach of orators and debating teams 33 Photo /ni/1904/00000035.jpg
Pres. Seerley's father in the shadow land of death 34 News /ni/1904/00000036.jpg
Football season opens; games this week with Industrial School and Waterloo High 34 News /ni/1904/00000036.jpg
Kindergarten training; its relation to woman's education 35 Feature /ni/1904/00000037.jpg
Henrietta Plock; assistant in German 36 News /ni/1904/00000038.jpg
Training; the course of study--what it is 37 Column /ni/1904/00000039.jpg
Daisy E. Turner 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
Allan Peterson 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
M. E. Logan 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
Bertha Stiles 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
Margaret Marion Roberts 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
H. Marguerite Hess 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
S. B. Stonerook 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
Prof. A. L. Vincent 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
Wednesday evening, June 29th, at the home of the bride's parents in Chicago 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
The Cedar Falls Record of August 12th 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
Minnie M. Moore 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
Zoe Britton 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
Joseph L. Johnson 39 News /ni/1904/00000041.jpg
A pretty home wedding the evening of June 28th. 40 News /ni/1904/00000042.jpg
Yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock 40 News /ni/1904/00000042.jpg
Annie Johnson 41 News /ni/1904/00000043.jpg
C. H. Pasley 41 News /ni/1904/00000043.jpg
Clara Johnson 41 News /ni/1904/00000043.jpg
Lona Reed 41 News /ni/1904/00000043.jpg
College Exchanges 42 Feature /ni/1904/00000044.jpg
Bible Study; Sunday, October 2, 1904--edited by Ira S. Condit 43 News /ni/1904/00000045.jpg
Regulars and scrubs have first tussle 44 News /ni/1904/00000046.jpg
Shake 45 News /ni/1904/00000047.jpg
Chresto 45 News /ni/1904/00000047.jpg
Clio 45 News /ni/1904/00000047.jpg
John Conaway 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Mrs. Byron Lambert 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Harry Ogden 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Luella Wright 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Robert Fullerton 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Mr. J. M. Grau 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Mr. Eaman 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Miss McGovern 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Jarnagin 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
C. A. Fullerton 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Hal Washburn 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Margaret Feyereisen 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Mrs. J. H. Leavitt 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Last Friday 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Miss Rice 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Miss Merriam 46 News /ni/1904/00000048.jpg
Mrs. Robert Fullerton 47 News /ni/1904/00000049.jpg
One of the most novel affairs 47 News /ni/1904/00000049.jpg


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