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Normal Eyte - Saturday, September 25, 1897 (Volume 7, Number 3)

Headline Page Type
At high noon, Wednesday, September 22, 1897 25 News /ni/1897/00000025.jpg
Why did the rebellion fail? 26 Creative /ni/1897/00000026.jpg
Official News and Notes 28 News /ni/1897/00000028.jpg
Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. 29 News /ni/1897/00000029.jpg
We are glad to report improvement 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
Miss Anna Livingood 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
Word has been received 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
Principal J. I. Martin 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
C. W. Larkin 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
C. J. Shaffer 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
Miss Fannie Emery 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
Miss Cora F. Spargur 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
The following resolutions 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
M. E. Weldy and H. E. Stein 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
Mr. Daniel Perkins 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
Miss Fannie Shaffer 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
Principal O. J. McManus 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
W. R. Sandy 31 News /ni/1897/00000031.jpg
Athletic Department 32 News /ni/1897/00000032.jpg
Rolla Perkins 32 News /ni/1897/00000032.jpg
Roy Harris 32 News /ni/1897/00000032.jpg
Eva M. Saucer 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Professor Loughridge 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Blanche Israel 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Students who have enrolled this week 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Edgar Klinefelter 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Those who nearly passed the spelling test 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Carrie Nettleton 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
William Rockefeller 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Let Miss Curtiss test your voice 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Ida Shaw 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Nellie Mankey 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
It was pleasant indeed 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Alma Chase 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Crystie Leydig 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Minnie Edwards 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
The art department 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Henry Delmore 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
The reading circle 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Clarence Burrell 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Jennie Joyce 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Cora Curtis 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
J. H. Paarmann 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Luella Rigby 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
At the board meeting last week 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Myrtie Hoagland 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
Quite a number of the boys 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
John Fellingham 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
There is not a chapel oration for each morning yet 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg
A new set of Johnson's encyclopedias 33 News /ni/1897/00000033.jpg


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