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Normal Eyte - Tuesday, September 27, 1892 (Volume 2, Number 3)

Headline Page Type
When some months since 19 Editorial /ni/1892/00000019.jpg
The new chimney just completed 19 Editorial /ni/1892/00000019.jpg
Athletics 20 News /ni/1892/00000020.jpg
Optional chapel attendance 21 Editorial /ni/1892/00000021.jpg
The tennis season 22 News /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
Miss Vinnie Mowry 22 News /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
A. P. McMahon 22 News /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
Miss Kate Hood 22 News /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
Robt. Fullerton 22 News /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
Miss Sadie Herrick 22 News /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
Student instructors 22 News /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
The outside door on the west side 22 Editorial /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
Miss Baker's calisthenics classes 22 News /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
Those new chairs 22 News /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
Lydia E. Wagner 22 News /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
The Teachers' Exchange 22 Advertisement /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
Mrs. Chassell left last week 22 News /ni/1892/00000022.jpg
The Shakespearean Society 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Fifty more guns are needed for the work of the battalion 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Miss May Polley 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
C. C. Sattyrlee 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Mrs. McManus 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Miss S. A. McAlvin 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
The name of the Natural History Association 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Miss Kate Ryan 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
The monumental chimney 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Six new names 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Every Normal student should have a bicycle 23 Advertisement /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Miss Mae Bixby 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
A meeting of the Athletic Association 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Miss Agnes Sullivan 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
E. G. Dittmer 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Miss Mae Loonan 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Looking for a second year 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Who will lead off 23 Editorial /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Five young ladies 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Morris Cooper 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
See how Santee Bros. 23 Advertisement /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Miss S. Laura Ensign 23 News /ni/1892/00000023.jpg
Ella Waters 24 News /ni/1892/00000024.jpg
Wm. Coates 24 News /ni/1892/00000024.jpg
Miss Byrde Hill 24 News /ni/1892/00000024.jpg
Anna Livingood 24 News /ni/1892/00000024.jpg
Percy Huggett 24 News /ni/1892/00000024.jpg
Our Waterloo teachers 24 News /ni/1892/00000024.jpg
Mr. A. F. Burton 24 News /ni/1892/00000024.jpg
The Epworth League 24 News /ni/1892/00000024.jpg
Fred Stout 24 News /ni/1892/00000024.jpg
The church festivals given for the benefit of Normal students 24 News /ni/1892/00000024.jpg
The students in that most interesting branch 24 News /ni/1892/00000024.jpg


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