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151 Grappling Panthers secure outstanding record
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.46
1/1/1971 Meet-by-meet description of very good season; photo.
152 Inexperience hampers gymnasts in '70-'71 season
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.50
1/1/1971 A look at some good performances in a mediocre season; photo.
153 James Hearst: a country man
Bexell--Dennis (Student--1971)
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.19
1/1/1971 Profile of James Hearst; photo.
154 Question mark
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.14
1/1/1971 Gary Hoff's look at the fate of freshmen.
155 Ralph Nader: "America, clean it or lose it"
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.16
1/1/1971 Excerpts from speech by Ralph Nader; a look at his ideas; photo.
156 Record-breaking Panthers swim outstanding season
Gibbons--Steven M. (Class of 1973)
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.52
1/1/1971 Compile 14-4 record and finish second in conference; photo.
157 Untitled
Chihak--John (Student--1971)
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.59
1/1/1971 Photo essay on older people; photo.
158 Untitled
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.22
1/1/1971 Poems.
159 Viewpoint: Minority Center brings "expressions of surprise"
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.33
1/1/1971 A look at the displays and the opening of the EMCEC; photo.
160 Where have all the children gone
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.26
1/1/1971 A look at the Day Care Center in Baker Hall; started by Married Student Housing Council in 1970; photo.
161 Write on
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.3
1/1/1971 Unhappy with student government; believes there should be a new election.
162 Write on
Bliss--Jean (Student--1971)
UNI Quarterly 2:2, p.3
1/1/1971 Likes the UNI Quarterly, but it has been a long time between issues.
163 Behind the scenes
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.4
10/1/1970 Collection of short articles on campus activities; photo.
164 Change within a change
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.8
10/1/1970 Lengthy profile of President Kamerick; his background and plans; photo.
165 Dad of the Year
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.30
10/1/1970 Richard Orr, father of James Orr, is father of the year; photo.
166 Did you hear the one about the Bohemian from Cedar Rapids who . . . .
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.22
10/1/1970 Lengthy profile of Chuck Cacek; photo.
167 Ecology seminar
Smith--James E.
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.16
10/1/1970 A look at the course: "Life Against Death"; photo.
168 Editor's note
Van Dyke--Norma
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.2
10/1/1970 Hopes that the UNI Quarterly can be part of changes for the better on campus.
169 Final Truth Comix
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.46
10/1/1970 Satirical look at drug use.
170 Homecoming: a questioned tradition
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.34
10/1/1970 Photo essay on Homecoming 1970; photo.
171 Life against death
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.14
10/1/1970 A look at the experimental interdisciplinary course: Life Against Death, taught by Professors Finegan, Rackstraw, and Eilers.
172 Lunchtime is the worst time: Charlie Brown
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.48
10/1/1970 Review of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"; photo.
173 Madame Butterfly
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.40
10/1/1970 Review of the play; photo.
174 Movement
Bexell--Dennis (Student--1971)
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.42
10/1/1970 A look at local student organizations and at the drug scene; photo.
175 Panther gridiron
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.28
10/1/1970 Game-by-game look at a bad season; photo.
176 The movement takes shape with the birth of P. A. C.
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.44
10/1/1970 A look at the Peace Action Coalition; photo.
177 The North American Review
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.18
10/1/1970 Robley Wilson talks at length about the NAR; its past, present, and future; photo.
178 Thoreau rapping with a friend
Wherry--Peg (Class of 1972)
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.62
10/1/1970 Review of "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail"; photo.
179 Viktor Bokov: a first translation of a Russian poet
Jamosky--Edward V. (Modern Languages Faculty)
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.52
10/1/1970 Ed Jamosky recounts his conversations with Viktor Bokov; presents translation of Bokov's work done in translation class; photo.
180 Write on
Stibal--John F. (Classes of 1972 and 1973)
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.3
10/1/1970 Parable on appropriate action when one is dissatisfied with something.
181 "Relevance" and "Change": key words for AWS
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.22
7/1/1970 A look at the year's projects and activities; list of officers; photo.
182 3
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.44
7/1/1970 Poems and drawings; photo.
183 A busy year at Hagemann Hall
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.6
7/1/1970 Quick look at the year's activities; photo.
184 Behind the scenes
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.4
7/1/1970 Series of news articles about recent campus events; photo.
185 Dickinson Relays
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.16
7/1/1970 Relay highlights.
186 Drugs at UNI
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.24
7/1/1970 Results of a survey; photo.
187 Fraternities at UNI
Thies--Brian (Class of 1972)
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.46
7/1/1970 A look at the traditions, activities, and programs of men's Greek societies; photo.
188 Harris: filling in the gaps
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.12
7/1/1970 Benedict Harris talks about the work of EOP; photo.
189 July graduates
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.60
7/1/1970 Individual photos of graduates; photo.
190 King John
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.18
7/1/1970 A look at the production; photo.
191 Rubin
Bancroft--Craig M. (Class of 1973)
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.30
7/1/1970 Excerpts from speech by Jerry Rubin; photo.
192 Speak out: insight into the seven
Johnson--Janet (Student--1994)
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.2
7/1/1970 An inside look at the hearing for the students who participated in the occupation of the President's House; photo.
193 Strike
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.40
7/1/1970 Description of events following President Nixon's announcement of sending troops into Cambodia; photo.
194 Summer Repertory Theatre
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.52
7/1/1970 Quick look at "Arsenic and Old Lace,Room Service", and "Little Mary Sunshine"; photo.
195 The new look of the campus ministry
Baker--Don (Student--1970)
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.14
7/1/1970 Several campus religious center leaders talk about the trends in the services that they perform; photo.
196 The Social Research Center: the campus and community
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.28
7/1/1970 A look at the work of the Center; photo.
197 The trials: comments on conflict
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.34
7/1/1970 At look at the issues and the results of the sit-in at the President's House; photo.
198 The Union has a birthday
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.8
7/1/1970 Activities for the first birthday of the Union; photo.
199 Women's Weekend
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.50
7/1/1970 AWS sponsors activities; Leora Geadelmann is Mother of the Year; photo.
200 "Life not exactly a trip" for Northern Iowan staff
Bancroft--Craig M. (Class of 1973)
UNI Quarterly 1:3, p.52
4/1/1970 A look at the work involved in producing the Northern Iowan; photo.


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