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501 Evelyn Husby new hurler in softball
College Eye 27:10, p.4
7/31/1936 Kittenball competitions continue.
502 Girls play third game of season
College Eye 27:5, p.4
6/26/1936 Mary Bowers' team defeated Virginia Shine's team, 19-14.
503 Women's Sports
College Eye 27:52, p.3
8/9/1935 Slaughterhouse Sluggers championed over Campus Cut-Ups in baseball, 22-21; Shillington over Hanson in tennis, 2-1.
504 Women's Sports
College Eye 27:51, p.4
8/2/1935 News about women's recreational activities.
505 Intramural program planned for women
College Eye 27:45, p.3
6/14/1935 Will include baseball, archery, golf, and tennis.
506 Summer program of intramurals begins
College Eye 27:45, p.4
507 Baseball, archery, tennis, and golf top spring sports
College Eye 26:38, p.4
4/12/1935 Women's sports to be featured in the intramural tournament.
508 Blanchard signs Demon contract
College Eye 26:38, p.4
4/12/1935 Former TC shortstop Don Blanchard signed a contract to play with the Des Monies Western League this summer.
509 Intramural meeting set for Wednesday
College Eye 26:36, p.3
3/29/1935 Women interested in intramural tennis, baseball, and golf should attend a meeting to outline the activities for the present term.
510 Plantz, Manship even in series; three games remain on schedule for campus championship
College Eye 26:11, p.4
8/17/1934 All-star baseball tournament will continue next week.
511 Women's sports
College Eye 26:9, p.4
8/3/1934 Happenings in women's recreation.
512 Hurdmen trip Lytle nine 8-6; pull out of cellar position in fast played upset
College Eye 26:8, p.4
513 Myersmen win in third round of intramurals; squeeze out McGilroy's nine 6-5 in late rally
College Eye 26:8, p.4
514 Myers, Smith, Lytle hold top in intramurals; Hintzman's team defeats Lytlemen; crash win column
College Eye 26:7, p.4
7/20/1934 Intramural games continue next week.
515 Myers' team holds top spot in intramurals; Lytlemen down McGilroy's team 3-1 in second encounter
College Eye 26:6, p.4
7/13/1934 Myers defeats Hurd.
516 Women's sports
College Eye 26:6, p.4
7/13/1934 Baseball underway.
517 Three teams in tie first week of intramurals; groups captained by Lytle, McGilroy, Myers lead
College Eye 26:5, p.4
7/6/1934 Captains make changes to playing rules.
518 Harlan Rigby has accepted a teaching and coaching job for the fall
Public Relations News Release 1934:558, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
519 Vernon Stribley is expected to be one of the regulars returning to the football squad
Public Relations News Release 1934:547, p.2
7/1/1934 Profile and game schedule
520 Lytle's team wins initial ball game 7-5; six teams are chosen as baseball intramurals begin
College Eye 26:4, p.4
6/29/1934 Baseball captains named for intramural teams.
521 Women's Sports
College Eye 26:4, p.4
6/29/1934 News about women's recreational activities.
522 Fifty sign up to participate in ball games; program of men's athletics gets under way Monday
College Eye 26:3, p.4
6/22/1934 Intramural baseball games will be played every day except Friday.
523 Athletic program is announced by White
College Eye 26:1, p.1
6/6/1934 Previews women's intramurals for summer.
524 Untitled
College Eye 25:41, p.4
5/4/1934 Women's intramurals under way.
525 Hear the World Series
College Eye 25:14, p.4
9/29/1933 Two radios will be installed in the Commons.
526 Women inaugurate intramural sports summer program
College Eye 25:2, p.3
6/16/1933 Professor Humiston will organize activities.
527 Seven teams enter intramural contest
College Eye 24:32, p.4
5/12/1933 Intramural athletics are underway. Chi Pi's beat the Lambda Gamma Nu's, 5-4. Alpha Delta Alpha beat Alpha Chi's, 16-12. Phi Sig's beat Xanho's, 12-6.
528 Oscar Johnson appointed student manager of intramural basketball
Public Relations News Release 1932:244, p.1
2/15/1933 Oscar Johnson was appointed student manager of intramural basketball by L. L. Mendenhall.
529 Women's athletics entry list grows
College Eye 23:38, p.4
4/15/1932 Recent entries in women's spring intramurals are listed.
530 Waterloo club signs Weyant, former Tutor
College Eye 23:11, p.2
8/14/1931 In Mississippi Valley League.
531 Faculty meets students in baseball at picnic
College Eye 22:31, p.1
5/15/1931 Annual spring picnic of Social Science Club.
532 Intramural program planned for spring
College Eye 22:27, p.4
4/17/1931 Dave McCuskey and Melvin Fritzel are in charge of intramural baseball and track, respectively.
533 Untitled
College Eye 22:27, p.4
4/17/1931 Coach McCuskey calls IM baseball managers for meeting.
534 Women's intramurals are in full swing
College Eye 22:25, p.8
4/3/1931 Women practicing indoors.
535 Women are urged to sign up for spring intramurals
College Eye 22:22, p.6
3/9/1931 Will offer baseball, tennis, golf, and archery.
536 Girls' baseball
College Eye 21:41, p.3
8/1/1930 Contest results.
537 Batter up!
College Eye 21:40, p.4
7/25/1930 Baseball scores.
538 Teams
College Eye 21:39, p.6
7/18/1930 Captains named for women's baseball squads.
539 Summer athletics are going modernistic
College Eye 21:37, p.7
6/20/1930 Recreational periods will be set up; seasons will end with tournaments.
540 Tuesday will be homerun night
College Eye 21:37, p.2
6/20/1930 Baseball included in summer recreational activities.
541 "Dave" McCuskey, and Melvin Fritzel, leaders in sports
Public Relations News Release 1929:531, p.1
5/29/1930 McCuskey is slated to be assist Coach Munn Whitford in varsity football, wrestling, and baseball; Fritzel will be coach freshman football and basketball and be assistant coach in Track.
542 Spring sports which lead in the men's intramural athletic program
Public Relations News Release 1929:462, p.1
4/30/1930 Student organizations form intramural tennis, baseball, and tennis teams.
543 Nine teams enter intramural B. B. league
College Eye 21:28, p.6
4/18/1930 Baseball replaces kittenball in this year's intramurals.
544 The beginning of baseball
College Eye 21:26, p.4
4/4/1930 Myth about the story of baseball.
545 Intramural baseball; intra-mural standing
College Eye 20:45, p.4
8/8/1929 Athletics still rank highest; followed by Yanks, Cubs, and Pirates.
546 Intramural baseball
College Eye 20:44, p.4
8/1/1929 Team statistics; Athletics leading, followed by Yanks, Cubs, and Pirates.
547 Announcement; Bayside Cubs to play at Cedar Falls
College Eye 20:43, p.1
548 Intramural baseball for 2nd half
College Eye 20:43, p.4
7/25/1929 Second half of "season" consists of four teams; line-ups given.
549 No intramural baseball games this week
College Eye 20:42, p.4
7/18/1929 Play will resume next week, after reorganization of teams.
550 Intramural baseball changed; Xanhos win first series
College Eye 20:41, p.4
7/11/1929 Xanhos win, 16-4, over Lambda Chi; encourages student support of intramurals.


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