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701 A meeting of the Athletic Association
Normal Eyte 4:27, p.428
4/13/1895 Will organize baseball team; hope to develop a track; urges students to get ready for field events.
702 All Fool's Day
Normal Eyte 4:26, p.410
4/6/1895 Snow brought sledding rather than tennis and baseball to mind.
703 The constitutional committee
Normal Eyte 4:26, p.408
4/6/1895 Athletic Association studying constitutions of other colleges; seeking to offer tennis shoes to members at reduced prices; hoping to organize baseball team.
704 The base ball team
Normal Eyte 4:21, p.332
2/23/1895 Should be practicing indoors to prepare for season.
705 The man who does not use his mind
Normal Eyte 4:19, p.299
2/9/1895 Gymnasium open to members of Athletic Association; fencing equipment available; baseball team organizing.
706 Mr. Chas. Johnson
Normal Eyte 4:3, p.43
9/29/1894 Breaks collar bone playing baseball.
707 Athletic
Normal Eyte 4:1, p.12
9/15/1894 ISNS will take part in intercollegiate field meet; urges students to participate in and support athletics; believes school should organize and field a football team.
708 Athletics
Normal Eyte 3:36, p.318
6/23/1894 History of Athletic Association organized March 11, 1892; list of current record holders in various track and field events; history of sports and athletic facilities on campus; football team organized in fall 1893.
709 Our fifth year
Normal Eyte 3:36, p.297
6/23/1894 Cartoon of a fielder catching a ball.
710 Untitled
Normal Eyte 3:36, p.323
6/23/1894 Baseball team; photo.
711 I. S. N. S. 10--Independence 19
Normal Eyte 3:35, p.274
6/2/1894 Account of baseball game.
712 O. M. Harvey
Normal Eyte 3:35, p.278
6/2/1894 Hurts arm playing baseball.
713 The base ball game
Normal Eyte 3:35, p.279
6/2/1894 Attracted considerable attention; about seventy from Independence attended as well as local townspeople.
714 Waterloo 18, ISNS 9
Normal Eyte 3:33, p.260
5/19/1894 Detailed description of baseball game.
715 A day at Independence
Normal Eyte 3:32, p.251
5/11/1894 Account of baseball game; train with sixty people makes the trip; Independence was ahead of ISNS, 8-3, when the rains came; impressions of a visit to the mental institution; enjoyable trip.
716 IV Years 13, II Years 8
Normal Eyte 3:31, p.246
5/5/1894 Brief description of baseball game.
717 The base ball team
Normal Eyte 3:30, p.237
4/28/1894 Practicing; uniforms ordered.
718 Base ball benefit
Normal Eyte 3:29, p.226
4/21/1894 Detailed description of program.
719 In behalf of the base ball team
Normal Eyte 3:29, p.229
4/21/1894 Thanks those who participated in benefit performance.
720 IV years 11, III years 9
Normal Eyte 3:29, p.229
4/21/1894 Detailed account of baseball game.
721 The regular spring meeting
Normal Eyte 3:29, p.229
4/21/1894 Term dues will be expended for gymnasium equipment; Field Day set; baseball and football teams placed under supervision of executive committee of Association.
722 Base Ball benefit
Normal Eyte 3:27, p.213
4/7/1894 Program for performance which will attempt to raise money for baseball equipment.
723 If you possess any college spirit
Normal Eyte 3:27, p.214
4/7/1894 Urges support for baseball benefit.
724 Athletic
Normal Eyte 3:26, p.208
3/31/1894 Limit Field Day entries to four events per man; forty new members elected; consider admission to Intercollegiate Association
725 A very entertaining program
Normal Eyte 3:23, p.182
3/3/1894 Will hold benefit for baseball team.
726 The gymnasium
Normal Eyte 3:21, p.162
2/17/1894 Athletic Association gathers subscriptions from students to equip a small gymnasium in the armory; good place for students to get in shape for spring sports or just to keep in good health during the winter.
727 Base ball
Normal Eyte 3:9, p.67
11/4/1893 Account of game played against the Waterloo team; ISNS was ahead, 15-4, when rain stopped the contest.
728 The base ball game
Normal Eyte 3:9, p.71
11/4/1893 Few people attended the game because of the rain; some watched from the bridge windows; ISNS defeated Waterloo, 15-4.
729 Athletic Association meeting
Normal Eyte 3:1, p.8
9/9/1893 Football and baseball teams will be organized.
730 The interest in baseball
Normal Eyte 2:34, p.266
5/27/1893 Game played between pick-up teams; still need practice but there may be a prospect for playing other colleges someday.
731 Why? Why not?
Andrews--Lewis H.
Normal Eyte 2:28, p.215
4/15/1893 Lewis Andrews outlines purposes of Athletic Association; urges men who wish to compete or use equipment to join.
732 The Athletic Association
Normal Eyte 2:26, p.210
4/8/1893 Held regular meeting; officers and managers elected.
733 Our athletic association
Normal Eyte 2:11, p.83
11/22/1892 Has been active; baseball has attracted the most attention.
734 The national game
Normal Eyte 2:7, p.57
10/25/1892 The Aristos play the Philos in a baseball game; description of the game; Aristos win, 19-5.
735 Base ball
Normal Eyte 2:6, p.47
10/18/1892 Game between Aristos and Philos rained out.
736 Base ball
Normal Eyte 2:5, p.41
10/11/1892 Second game played by Spinners and Sprinters; Frank Perkins' team won, 20-7; Philos may play Aristos; suggests school select best players and field a college team.
737 The tennis season is opening wider
Normal Eyte 2:5, p.39
10/11/1892 Students should participate in tennis and baseball.
738 Athletics
Normal Eyte 2:3, p.20
9/27/1892 Athletic Association buys equipment to be stored in Central Hall; western part of campus devoted to athletics; urges men to join and compete.
739 Base Ball
Normal Eyte 2:2, p.18
9/20/1892 Detailed account of campus ball game between the Spinners and the Sprinters.
740 Base Ball
Normal Eyte 1:20, p.160
5/31/1892 Detailed account of baseball game between Fourth Year and Second Year students; seniors won, 18-11.
741 The Second Years
Normal Eyte 1:19, p.150
5/24/1892 Challenge Fourth Years to baseball game.
742 Those lofty breezes
Normal Eyte 1:19, p.150
5/24/1892 Winds blew down baseball backstop.
743 The ball game
Normal Eyte 1:17, p.132
5/10/1892 Detailed account of game won by Seniors over Juniors, 9-5; game slow to start because of lost ball; bicyclist goes to town to buy one.
744 The ball game at the Normal
Normal Eyte 1:17, p.131
5/10/1892 Poetic account of the Aristo-Philo game.
745 Baseball was in order last Friday
Normal Eyte 1:16, p.122
5/3/1892 Detailed description of game against Cedar Falls team which defeated the Normal, 19-11.
746 Friday evening
Normal Eyte 1:16, p.126
5/3/1892 Bets settled after Cedar Falls-Normal baseball game.
747 The abbreviated demi-train
Normal Eyte 1:16, p.126
5/3/1892 Last week's baseball score corrected; Cedar Falls beat the Normal, 19-5.
748 A challenge
Normal Eyte 1:15, p.119
4/26/1892 Fourth Year class challenges Third Year and High School classes to a baseball game.
749 Now that the Philos have been victorious
Normal Eyte 1:15, p.119
4/26/1892 Philos won debate; Aristos won ballgame; a tie-breaker is needed; will it be croquet, track, mathematics, baseball?
750 The boys
Normal Eyte 1:15, p.119
4/26/1892 Have built a baseball backstop; field needs leveling and filling.


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