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2101 Pan Hellenic "Hard Time" dance
College Eye 16:15, p.5
12/10/1924 Dance held by the college fraternities.
2102 Inter-sorority dance
College Eye 16:14, p.5
12/3/1924 Held in the Gymnasium; music provided by the Imps Orchestra.
2103 Lambda Gamma Nu dance
College Eye 16:14, p.5
12/3/1924 Held a Thanksgiving dance.
2104 Phi Sigma Phi
College Eye 16:14, p.5
12/3/1924 Held annual fall dance; roster of guests from out of town and details of the evening.
2105 Alpha Delta Alpha dance
College Eye 16:12, p.5
11/19/1924 Music provided by the Imps Orchestra.
2106 Catholic Students Association dance
College Eye 16:12, p.5
11/19/1924 Music provided by the Imps Orchestra.
2107 Intersorority dance planned
College Eye 16:12, p.5
11/19/1924 Roster of sororities involved.
2108 Hobo fraternity autumn dance
College Eye 16:11, p.5
11/11/1924 Details about recent dance.
2109 Sigma Tau dance
College Eye 16:11, p.5
11/11/1924 Held at the home of Mrs. R. Rath in honor of Bernice Toms.
2110 V. O. V. Sigma Phi Fall dance
College Eye 16:11, p.5
11/11/1924 Details of the dance and roster of alumni members present.
2111 Alpha Beta Gamma
College Eye 16:10, p.5
11/5/1924 Halloween dance held in honor of the pledges.
2112 Ironical Ike says--; Cynical Sylvia says--
College Eye 16:10, p.4
11/5/1924 Jokes and commentary on campus life.
2113 Phi Omega Pi
College Eye 16:10, p.5
11/5/1924 Held annual Fall dance.
2114 Homecoming program
College Eye 16:7, p.1
10/17/1924 Schedule of activities.
2115 Lambda Gamma Nu
College Eye 16:7, p.5
10/17/1924 Held first party and dance at its house.
2116 All-college dance a success
College Eye 16:6, p.7
10/8/1924 Gym was packed.
2117 The first All-College dance
College Eye 16:5, p.8
10/1/1924 Dance to be held in the Gymnasium.
2118 Xanho dance
College Eye 16:4, p.5
9/24/1924 Members entertained friends at a dance; Dr. and Mrs. C. J. McKinstry chaperoned.
2119 Homecoming Carnival
Old Gold 0:0, p.191
6/1/1924 Photos of Homecoming dance.
2120 Delta Phi Delta dance
College Eye 16:1, p.5
5/28/1924 About thirty couples attended.
2121 Lambda Gamma Nu
College Eye 16:1, p.5
5/28/1924 Held informal spring dance
2122 Phi Omega Pi
College Eye 16:1, p.5
5/28/1924 Held annual spring dance.
2123 All set for May Day; annual May Day festival will be biggest ever held; Day's program is replete with dances, parades, and surprises
College Eye 15:36, p.1
5/21/1924 Long schedule of May Day events.
2124 Wells' orchestra will play for May Day dance
College Eye 15:36, p.7
2125 Alpha Beta Gamma sorority holds annual formal dancing party
College Eye 15:35, p.7
2126 Welfare Committee votes to continue all college dance
College Eye 15:33, p.1
4/30/1924 Student Council will sponsor all future college dances.
2127 Editorially speaking; the Student Welfare Committee--the all-college dance--and, the Student Council
College Eye 15:27, p.4
3/19/1924 Disagrees with Student Welfare Committee's decision for the Student Council to stop holding dances that are not exclusive to students of the college.
2128 Second annual Washington Ball success; elaborate decorations and special dances feature
College Eye 15:24, p.1
2129 T. C. Society
College Eye 15:23, p.5
2/20/1924 Campus social calendar.
2130 Washington Ball Saturday; 2nd annual event in commemoration of Washington; stage set for opening
College Eye 15:23, p.1
2/20/1924 Preview of the dance.
2131 De Molay dance
College Eye 15:22, p.8
2/13/1924 Invited Square and Compass Club to dance.
2132 Annual Washington Ball
College Eye 15:21, p.1
2/6/1924 Upcoming dance.
2133 New regulations approved---large number present
College Eye 15:18, p.1
1/16/1924 Good turn-out of I. S. T. C. students to the dance; regulations restrict attendance by those from outside the college..
2134 College dance regulations will be enforced
College Eye 15:17, p.1
1/9/1924 Only I. S. T. C. college students will be allowed to come to dances.
2135 Editorially speaking; an all college--or a public dance?
College Eye 15:17, p.4
1/9/1924 Believes college dances are not discriminating when they exclude non-college students; wants them to be purely a college function.
2136 T. C. society
College Eye 15:14, p.7
12/5/1923 Campus social calendar.
2137 Many alumni attracted here for Teachers College Homecoming; Wilbur H. Bender delivers Homecoming address before packed auditorium; carnival and dance
College Eye 15:13, p.1
11/28/1923 Review of Homecoming activities.
2138 I. S. T. C. welcomes alumni; teachers Homecoming promises to be big day; extensive program planned for alumni and under-grads.; Wilbur H. Bender, Ames
College Eye 15:12, p.1
11/22/1923 Description of Homecoming activities; will include horse race and burning of the freshman hats.
2139 Hard times dance Friday night; everyone invited to wear old clothes and have good time; affair sponsored by student council
College Eye 15:7, p.1
10/17/1923 Good orchestra will play.
2140 Hobo frat holds dance
College Eye 15:5, p.7
10/3/1923 About twenty-five couples attended.
2141 T. C. Society
College Eye 15:4, p.5
9/26/1923 Campus social calendar.
2142 T. C. will have good band this year; benefit dance to be given Friday night
College Eye 15:4, p.1
9/26/1923 Officers elected; still seeking new members; will perform benefit concert for boosting the football team.
2143 The Philo dance
College Eye 14:50, p.4
7/6/1923 Successful.
2144 Elmer Burch tries to get Mr. and Mrs. Hollingsworth to sponsor the Philo dance
College Eye 14:49, p.3
6/29/1923 But there is no Mrs. Hollingsworth.
2145 Philo dance
College Eye 14:49, p.1
6/29/1923 Will hold dance in Gymnasium.
2146 Washington Ball
Old Gold 0:0, p.232
6/1/1923 Candid photos from the first Washington Ball; photo.
2147 Coronation and dance on the green attract large crowd
College Eye 14:46, p.1
5/23/1923 Dorothy Lumry crowned May Queen; four thousand attend.
2148 Phi Omega Pi
College Eye 14:46, p.5
5/23/1923 Annual dance held.
2149 The dance Monday evening
College Eye 14:46, p.4
5/23/1923 Recent dance was successful.
2150 Student Council announces May Day dance
College Eye 14:45, p.1
5/16/1923 Semi-formal dress required; attendance limited to college students.


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