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151 In defense of Nodarse method
Northern Iowan 65:21, p.2
11/19/1968 Student finds Nodarse method effective; challenges Professor Chabert to take a closer look.
152 'Come to drill sessions'
Knievel--Michael J.
Northern Iowan 65:19, p.2
11/12/1968 Outlines needs for students to attend French drill sessions.
153 'Nodarse method unsubstantiated'
Chabert--Henri L. (Modern Language Faculty)
Northern Iowan 65:18, p.4
11/8/1968 Questions effectiveness of language learning method.
154 Fifty-five to participate in Summer Institute
Northern Iowan 65:15, p.5
10/29/1968 Thirty-nine French teachers will take part in the "Summer Institute in France" program sponsored by UNI June 16 to August 14 next year.
155 Nodarse initiates new language approach
Northern Iowan 65:12, p.17
10/18/1968 Description of the psycho-generative approach to teaching foreign languages, developed by Professor Samuel Nodarse and being used in UNI Spanish classes.
156 Italian course to be offered
Northern Iowan 65:9, p.4
10/8/1968 Germana Nijim will teach a community class in elementary Italian beginning October 9, 1968.
157 UNI sponsors Spanish class for community
Northern Iowan 65:6, p.12
9/27/1968 Community class in elementary Spanish began September 25, 1968, and is one of six such courses to be offered this fall.
158 Norwegian, French class to be open to community
Northern Iowan 65:5, p.3
9/24/1968 Classes will be offered this fall by the Extension Division in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Languages.
159 Parker commended for contribution to classical league
Northern Iowan 64:62, p.4
7/19/1968 Makes presentation on psycho-generative approach to teaching Latin.
160 Foreign language proficiency exams given tomorrow
Northern Iowan 64:55, p.12
161 Foreign language exams scheduled for May 11
Northern Iowan 64:49, p.8
162 Consider UNI for German service center
Northern Iowan 64:29, p.4
2/2/1968 Professor Odwarka reports.
163 Elementary Spanish course offered for spring
Northern Iowan 64:29, p.8
2/2/1968 Community course to be offered.
164 Norwegian class to be continued
Northern Iowan 64:29, p.5
2/2/1968 Community class in elementary Norwegian.
165 Another kind of cheating
Chabert--Henri L. (Modern Language Faculty)
Northern Iowan 64:18, p.2
11/10/1967 Suggests that there may be cheating involved in modern language testing.
166 Proficiency exams to be given Dec. 9
Northern Iowan 64:17, p.4
11/7/1967 Exams will cover foreign languages.
167 Norwegian class to begin Thursday
Northern Iowan 64:8, p.4
10/6/1967 Professor Koenig will teach non-credit course.
168 Montas: does SCI's language program meet goals?
Montas--Jacques Louis (Language Faculty)
College Eye 59:33, p.2
4/16/1965 Concentration on quality will lead to quantity later.
169 Montas lists audio-lingual foreign language objectives
Montas--Jacques Louis (Language Faculty)
College Eye 59:32, p.2
4/13/1965 Audio-lingual method teaches skills/habits, not just words and expressions.
170 Sign up for January 16 language exam
College Eye 59:12, p.6
171 Language test set for Aug. 1
College Eye 58:34, p.3
172 Proficiency in language to be tested
College Eye 58:28, p.7
5/8/1964 Foreign language test will be given.
173 Language exam final sign-up set April 29
College Eye 58:25, p.6
4/17/1964 Exams will be given for those who must pass reading requirement.
174 Price Lab school opens remodeled language lab
College Eye 58:23, p.4
3/27/1964 New lab replaces older lab.
175 Hushagen blasts English 'rules'
Hushagen--John P.
College Eye 58:11, p.2
12/6/1963 Argues that the English department at SCI acts as though they own the language itself.
176 Proficiency tests in languages scheduled
College Eye 57:27, p.5
177 Foreign language to be required in social science
College Eye 56:21, p.4
3/2/1962 Non-teaching social science majors will need to show foreign language proficiency.
178 English major competency exam to be Nov. 9
College Eye 56:8, p.4
11/3/1961 Must take foreign language competency exam.
179 SCI students partake in European study tour
Public Relations News Release 1960:535, p.1
7/24/1961 A group of State College of Iowa students embark on the first portion of their European study tour, where they learn the basics of English slang.
180 Tentative approval given for curriculum changes
College Eye 52:28, p.1
4/28/1961 New non-teaching BA degree approved; does not include foreign language requirement
181 Language study unnecessary
Saunders--T. Frank (Education Faculty)
College Eye 52:19, p.6
2/17/1961 Feels students should not be required to learn a second language.
182 Advocates definition of issue
College Eye 52:18, p.8
2/10/1961 Asks for clarification on the issue of compulsory foreign language learning.
183 Language study defended
Backstrom--Donna (Class of 1962)
College Eye 52:18, p.3
2/10/1961 Feels students can better themselves by learning a foreign language.
184 Things we see around ISTC
College Eye 52:18, p.8
2/10/1961 Depicts a student who wants to hear the foreign language debate.
185 To debate languages
College Eye 52:18, p.4
2/10/1961 Student-faculty teams will debate value of learning other languages.
186 Foreign student views language study
Ekecrants--Ingeborg (Student--1960-1961)
College Eye 52:17, p.6
1/27/1961 Feels students in the United States should learn foreign languages.
187 Commends foreign language study
Kupcek--Joseph R. (Language Faculty)
College Eye 52:16, p.6
1/20/1961 Dr. Kupcek believes students should learn foreign languages to communicate with other people.
188 Foreign student defends Fox
College Eye 52:16, p.6
1/20/1961 Jagdish Goyal believes that the study of other languages should be encouraged, but not required.
189 Against universal language requirement
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 52:15, p.6
1/13/1961 Professor Fox believes it is important to learn languages in addition to one's own, but that it should not be required of everyone.
190 ISTC moves with trend; introduces Russian program
College Eye 52:2, p.4
9/23/1960 Joseph Kupcek introduces the study of Russian at ISTC
191 Russian added to college language program
Alumnus 45:3, p.9
9/1/1960 Minor in Russian now possible; makes fifth language offered.
192 Teachers College Spanish students study languages through letters
Fish--Iris Elaine (Student--1946)
College Eye 38:6, p.5
10/18/1946 Students use letters from pen pals who write in Spanish.
193 Frenchman records conversation for use of French classes
College Eye 37:41, p.4
8/2/1946 Professor Schaefer will use them in class.
194 Nine year olds study French in class at Campus School
College Eye 37:26, p.5
3/29/1946 A look at the class taught by Miss Struble.
195 French students make high norm in council test
College Eye 28:10, p.5
11/13/1936 ISTC students take national French test.
196 Dr. Merchant answers critics charges that Latin is 'useless'; language is attacked by Chicago superintendent of schools
College Eye 26:44, p.133
5/24/1935 Professor Merchant states that understanding Latin is very important for other aspects of learning.
197 Students obtaining free language help
College Eye 26:19, p.1
11/2/1934 Clara Mathis will tutor in French and Spanish.
198 Extension division teaches Spanish to Iowan in Ecuador
College Eye 25:43, p.1
5/18/1934 Ruth Popejoy is teaching in Quito; taking Spanish via mail.
199 Schoolteacher studies Spanish by correspondence with the extension division of the college.
Public Relations News Release 1934:475, p.1
5/11/1934 Ruth Popejoy is a schoolteacher who is now employed in a mission school in Quito, Ecuador. She is farther away than anyone now enrolled.
200 Latin-Greek-German
Old Gold 0:0, p.26
6/1/1933 History of the department; photos.


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