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951 The short sightedness of some people is astonishing
Normal Eyte 14:30, p.467
4/23/1904 Someone, probably a debater, stole a key article from a journal in the library.
952 A number of new racks
Normal Eyte 14:29, p.458
4/16/1904 Have been placed in the library.
953 Miss Alice S. Taylor
Normal Eyte 14:29, p.458
4/16/1904 State official visits library.
954 J. A. Woodruff
Normal Eyte 14:27, p.420
4/2/1904 Principal at Bristow; used ISNS library.
955 Official news
Normal Eyte 14:20, p.320
2/6/1904 More shelves will be purchased for the library; lighting will be installed between the bookshelves.
956 Open shelves; some students abuse their library privileges
Normal Eyte 14:15, p.225
12/19/1903 Students are stealing books from the library; situation is worse at other colleges.
957 The Library
Normal Eyte 14:14, p.222
12/12/1903 The Library has just received the works of Whittier and Longfellow.
958 State Library Association
Normal Eyte 14:7, p.106
10/17/1903 The Iowa State Library Association met in Marshalltown; may have exhibit in St. Louis.
959 Dr. Nims and Mr. Gilkey
Normal Eyte 13:33, p.519
5/23/1903 Visited campus to study steel book stacks.
960 Miss Baker
Normal Eyte 13:26, p.411
4/4/1903 Explains library loan rules.
961 S. A. Potts
Normal Eyte 13:23, p.362
3/4/1903 Presented set of books to library.
962 Among the new books for the library
Normal Eyte 13:19, p.301
2/3/1903 The library has received Woodrow Wilson's five volume history of the US.
963 Every student should read the daily papers
Normal Eyte 13:14, p.209
12/18/1902 Believes students should get an idea of what is going on in the world.
964 Iowa Library Association
Drenning--Clara A.
Normal Eyte 13:10, p.147
11/8/1902 Clara Drenning talks about the recent convention in Grinnell.
965 Miss Baker
Normal Eyte 13:3, p.37
9/20/1902 Giving instruction on use of the library.
966 The library
Normal Eyte 13:2, p.21
9/13/1902 Outline of the Dewey Decimal Classification; description of library aids.
967 Many improvements
Normal Eyte 13:1, p.9
9/6/1902 New chairs in library should make for better studying and writing.
968 Some Normal facts
Normal Eyte 12:35, p.557
6/14/1902 Statistics relating to facilities at ISNS.
969 The Library has been enriched
Normal Eyte 12:35, p.555
6/14/1902 Harper's Encyclopedia added to collection.
970 Pres. Seerley went to Des Moines
Normal Eyte 12:32, p.507
5/17/1902 Met on new rules for teacher certification.
971 General; the relation of the public library to the public school.
Normal Eyte 12:31, p.482
972 General; the relation of the public library to the public school
Normal Eyte 12:30, p.466
973 A new set
Normal Eyte 12:28, p.442
4/19/1902 Poole's Index now in library.
974 Some interesting new books
Normal Eyte 12:25, p.395
3/29/1902 Added to library.
975 Some very interesting books
Normal Eyte 12:18, p.281
2/1/1902 Library adds some new titles.
976 Judge Tolerton
Normal Eyte 12:16, p.250
1/18/1902 Presented books to library.
977 The triangular debaters
Normal Eyte 12:14, p.219
1/4/1902 Worked through the holidays at the library.
978 J. D. Thompson
Normal Eyte 12:13, p.202
12/14/1901 Visited Library.
979 Rena Dan
Normal Eyte 12:13, p.202
12/14/1901 Visited Library.
980 The doors from the library
Normal Eyte 12:13, p.204
12/14/1901 Now easy passage between the Old Administration Building and the new Auditorium Building.
981 Lela Gutches
Normal Eyte 12:10, p.156
11/16/1901 Visited Effie Reed and used library.
982 Miss Rena Dan
Normal Eyte 12:10, p.156
11/16/1901 Visited friends and used the library.
983 Miss Baker
Normal Eyte 12:8, p.121
11/2/1901 Has been giving library instruction weekly.
984 Extracts from Board of Trustees report
Normal Eyte 12:4, p.50
10/4/1901 Report cites rising enrollment and consequent needs including a laboratory building, gymnasium, library, landscaping, and sidewalks
985 Several books have been added
Normal Eyte 12:3, p.41
9/28/1901 Several new geography books added to library; new physical education section started; children's book section under Professor Bender's supervision is growing.
986 Several changes are noticed in the library
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.10
9/14/1901 New volumes added; new bookstacks installed; Clara Drenning's desk has moved.
987 A number of new German books
Normal Eyte 11:33, p.810
5/25/1901 Added to Library.
988 One hundred and twenty-five books
Normal Eyte 11:31, p.764
5/11/1901 Added to library.
989 A six volume set of the American Reference Library
Normal Eyte 11:24, p.584
3/23/1901 Added to Library.
990 Miss Baker
Normal Eyte 11:23, p.561
3/16/1901 Will form bibliographic instruction classes.
991 Some new German books
Normal Eyte 10:17, p.415
1/26/1901 Added to Library.
992 A complete set
Normal Eyte 10:16, p.380
1/19/1901 Works by Holmes, Lowell, and Hawthorne added to Library.
993 Library business
Normal Eyte 10:14, p.330
1/3/1901 Statistics on library circulation and holdings; bibliographic instruction going well.
994 In general; encyclopedias
Normal Eyte 10:11, p.259
11/24/1900 Librarian Anna Baker describes various encyclopedias.
995 Magazines wanted
Normal Eyte 10:11, p.267
11/24/1900 State Library Commission seeking old magazines for libraries.
996 Official
Normal Eyte 10:11, p.258
11/24/1900 List of fall term graduates; ISNS will admit students from Philippines; summer session arranged with special course in library science.
997 There has been addition of about one hundred books
Normal Eyte 10:6, p.130
10/20/1900 To the library.
998 Iowa and libraries
Normal Eyte 10:5, p.103
10/13/1900 Comments on the important library laws passed by the General Assembly.
999 A new set of histories
Normal Eyte 10:4, p.84
10/6/1900 Added to Library.
1000 Miss Baker
Normal Eyte 10:4, p.84
10/6/1900 Giving library use instruction.


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