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1051 Major S. H. M. Byers
Normal Eyte 7:27, p.10
4/9/1898 Presented two volumes to the library.
1052 The winter term report
Normal Eyte 7:26, p.8
4/2/1898 Report on circulation and collections in the library.
1053 Judge Kingman
Normal Eyte 7:18, p.10
1/22/1898 Presents library with magazine.
1054 Biennial period, 1895-1897
Normal Eyte 7:15, p.176
12/18/1897 President Seerley's recommendations for the future of the school including development of programs in kindergarten, manual training, modern languages; the summer session; additional faculty; and the library.
1055 The following exchanges of the Normal Eyte
Normal Eyte 7:13, p.154
12/4/1897 Newspapers from other colleges are placed in the library.
1056 Biennial period, 1895-1897
Normal Eyte 7:12, p.136
11/27/1897 President Seerley's report on the museum, laboratories, the library, faculty organization, and the summer session.
1057 A number of new books
Normal Eyte 7:7, p.81
10/23/1897 Added to library.
1058 A new set of Johnson's encyclopedias
Normal Eyte 7:3, p.33
9/25/1897 Now in library.
1059 Official News and Notes
Normal Eyte 7:2, p.14
9/18/1897 Fall 1897 enrollment highest ever; 114 candidates for graduation in 1898; library improvements successful; museum improving; English faculty working hard to test literary society candidates; E. B. Baldwin will speak.
1060 Official news and notes
Normal Eyte 7:1, p.3
9/11/1897 President Seerley's tribute to James Gilchrist; a look at improvements made on buildings and on campus with the help of a professional landscape planner; library classified; changes in faculty.
1061 The library
Normal Eyte 6:32, p.380
5/28/1897 Will be open Friday and Monday mornings and Saturday afternoon.
1062 A new set of Beacon Lights
Normal Eyte 6:30, p.356
5/15/1897 Added to library.
1063 Miss Anna Baker and Miss Ethel Arey
Normal Eyte 6:24, p.278
4/3/1897 Will continue on library staff.
1064 The Board arranged
Normal Eyte 6:24, p.278
4/3/1897 For janitorial and library staffing for the summer term.
1065 Library report, winter term, '97
Normal Eyte 6:23, p.270
3/27/1897 Report on circulation, additions, and periodicals.
1066 Magazines
Normal Eyte 6:16, p.189
1/23/1897 Sent to bindery.
1067 A new department in the library
Normal Eyte 6:15, p.178
1/16/1897 Eighty-eight children's books will be placed in new section of library; beginning of Youth Collection.
1068 The library will be open
Normal Eyte 6:14, p.164
12/19/1896 Will be open in the afternoon over Christmas break.
1069 Library notes
Normal Eyte 6:13, p.151
12/12/1896 5939 loans made during fall term; quick look at numbers of journals and pamphlets.
1070 On the magazine rack
Normal Eyte 6:13, p.146
12/12/1896 Newspapers from other schools are available in the library.
1071 Several convenient changes
Normal Eyte 6:13, p.153
12/12/1896 New alcove added to library.
1072 One of the highest missions of a school
Normal Eyte 6:6, p.61
10/17/1896 A look at the library; urges students to learn to use the collection.
1073 There has been added to the library
Normal Eyte 6:4, p.39
10/3/1896 Several new newspapers and periodicals added to collection; staff is ready to help students use the library reading room.
1074 After the close of the spring term
Normal Eyte 6:1, p.9
9/12/1896 Anna Baker takes inventory of library; collection now in good order; new books added.
1075 Two fine books on art
Normal Eyte 5:33, p.332
5/30/1896 Library receives new books.
1076 Several new volumes
Normal Eyte 5:27, p.255
4/18/1896 Notes of several new books recently added to library.
1077 The report of Miss Anna M. Baker
Normal Eyte 5:26, p.237
4/11/1896 Report for the library in its first term in its new location in the Administration Building.
1078 A card index
Normal Eyte 5:20, p.184
2/22/1896 Library staff compiling subject index to periodicals.
1079 The old war papers
Normal Eyte 5:17, p.155
2/1/1896 Library acquires newspapers from Civil War era.
1080 In the library
Normal Eyte 5:16, p.146
1/25/1896 Notes that library keeps college newspapers accumulated in exchange for the Normal Eyte.
1081 Of all the things that make the Normal student rejoice
Normal Eyte 5:15, p.134
1/18/1896 Enjoying the library in its new quarters in the new building.
1082 One hundred sixty books
Normal Eyte 5:15, p.133
1/18/1896 Added to library this term.
1083 The buildings have been repaired and cleaned
Normal Eyte 5:15, p.134
1/18/1896 Old library transformed into recitation rooms.
1084 The State Teachers Association
Normal Eyte 5:12, p.102
12/7/1895 Several ISNS faculty will participate in the meeting.
1085 You should examine
Normal Eyte 5:10, p.79
11/23/1895 Recommends new books in library.
1086 Among the many new books
Normal Eyte 5:6, p.47
10/26/1895 Quick look at new books in the library.
1087 The Cedar Falls Daily Globe
Normal Eyte 5:6, p.46
10/26/1895 Available in the library.
1088 In last week's issue
Normal Eyte 5:5, p.39
10/19/1895 It was Fred Woodward who donated a set of books to the library.
1089 It is gratifying to notice
Normal Eyte 5:5, p.33
10/19/1895 Students make regular use of library due to faculty who provide references and library staff who organize the library well.
1090 A number of books
Normal Eyte 5:4, p.29
10/12/1895 Chemistry books added to library.
1091 A set of books
Normal Eyte 5:4, p.29
10/12/1895 Biblical commentary donated to library.
1092 Miss Ethel L. Arey
Normal Eyte 5:4, p.26
10/12/1895 Elected assistant librarian.
1093 Mingled with all the benefits
Normal Eyte 5:3, p.21
10/5/1895 Certain inconveniences, including the closing of the library, have occurred during work around campus.
1094 Our library
Normal Eyte 5:1, p.7
9/21/1895 Acquires three hundred new books and an encyclopedia.
1095 Our readers abroad
Normal Eyte 5:1, p.7
9/21/1895 Plastering on lower floor of Administration Building finished; library may move to new building by end of October.
1096 A new invoice of bound magazines
Normal Eyte 4:26, p.409
4/6/1895 Received in the library.
1097 How queer it seems
Normal Eyte 4:25, p.395
3/30/1895 Library echoes because carpet was removed.
1098 It is the duty of every student
Normal Eyte 4:25, p.395
3/30/1895 Library offers opportunities to students to be informed about the world.
1099 Have you seen the new dictionaries
Normal Eyte 4:24, p.379
3/16/1895 Additions to library.
1100 The number of books in our library
Normal Eyte 4:22, p.346
3/2/1895 Many more added this week.


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