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801 Museum and Field Laboratory
Old Gold 0:0, p.57
6/1/1919 Description of the museum and laboratory; photo.
802 The Teachers College Valhalla
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Old Gold 0:0, p.187
6/1/1919 President Seerley outlines plans to expand the historical and memorial museum, located in the Library, to include tributes to those who rendered service during World War I; photo.
803 Rare money samples presented to museum; T. B. Carpenter donor of money used in fifties and sixties
College Eye 10:24, p.1
4/23/1919 Presented currency and banknotes.
804 Official
College Eye 9:10, p.2
11/28/1917 Dr. F. N. Mead will spend some time hunting for big game to add to the Museum collection.
805 Museum
College Eye 9:3, p.3
10/3/1917 Description of gifts given to the Museum.
806 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.112
6/1/1914 Candid photos of freshmen class.
807 Official Notes
College Eye 1:8, p.8
11/1/1911 Portrait of Professor Parish presented in chapel; news of Des Moines schools controversy.
808 Official Notes
College Eye 1:3, p.2
9/27/1911 New typewriters purchased; considering purchase of organ for Auditorium; Museum collection placed in new Library building
809 Changes and plans for the coming year
College Eye 1:12, p.4
6/15/1911 News about changes for past and present faculty; ISTC students will assist in domestic science in Cedar Falls schools; excavation for Training School may begin soon; may also build a "detention hospital; will let $10,000 contract for pipe organ..
810 Natural Science Department
Old Gold 0:0, p.43
6/1/1911 Describes the benefits of moving the department to a new building; photo.
811 Arey made curator
College Eye 1:11, p.189
5/31/1911 Professor Melvin Arey is the new curator of I. S. T. C. museum collections; will have reduced teaching responsibilities until the collection is moved to the new Library building.
812 Library nearing completion; finest building at the State Teachers College soon to be thrown open to the public
College Eye 1:6, p.100
4/26/1911 The new library, which will house 25,000 volumes and cost $185,000 to build, will open to the public on May 1; description of the facilities.
813 New displays for chemistry museum
College Eye 1:3, p.49
4/5/1911 The Department of Chemistry has received new items for display in their museum.
814 Prof. Walters lectures; addresses Science Club on "Our Iowa Birds" and gives report of museum collections
Normal Eyte 20:21, p.345
2/16/1910 Summary of Professor Walters' lecture; brief history of Museum collection of mounted animals; inventory of mounted specimens.
815 Effort is being made
Normal Eyte 20:13, p.225
12/8/1909 Faculty want part of a meteor that fell near Manchester a week ago.
816 All those interested in the zoology
Normal Eyte 20:11, p.195
11/17/1909 Professor Arey has received new specimens from India via Professor Loughridge.
817 John McPherson
Normal Eyte 19:9, p.139
11/4/1908 Sent dogs to Professor Walters for Museum.
818 Normal trustees in sessions
Normal Eyte 18:29, p.453
5/6/1908 Trustees consider sidewalks, change in railroad tracks, location of President's House, late registration fees, school seal, museum collection expansion, library instruction, and college hospital.
819 Library and museum
Normal Eyte 18:15, p.233
1/15/1908 Photo of what the library will look like upon completion.
820 Official
Normal Eyte 18:6, p.84
10/16/1907 Library and Museum basements will be completed this year; work on Laboratory Building continues; news of staff; football suspended for a year; new curriculum and longer classes; teacher certification under examination.
821 George Wallace
Normal Eyte 18:5, p.78
10/9/1907 Brought thirty pressed plants from Arizona for the museum.
822 Official
Normal Eyte 18:5, p.72
10/9/1907 George Affleck and George Wallace doing well; Professor Loughridge found that classical scholars are opposed to simplified spelling; Museum collection is strong; teaching meetings will be held across the state.
823 Official
Normal Eyte 18:2, p.21
9/18/1907 Will organize Department of Commercial Education; Laboratory Building open; Geography work will be in new building; Museum collection expanding; Mary Townsend off to good start; summer session enrollment strong.
824 J. H. Phelps
Normal Eyte 17:33, p.524
5/22/1907 Sent currency from the Philippine Islands to organ fund.
825 Normal trustees adjourn
Normal Eyte 17:31, p.496
5/8/1907 Board approves foundation of $175,000 Library and Museum building to be put in this year; plans for new President's House to be submitted.
826 Luella Rigby
Normal Eyte 17:22, p.348
2/27/1907 Luella Rigby continues her furlough from missionary work in Burma; presents museum with several artistic and cultural objects.
827 Prof. M. F. Arey
Normal Eyte 17:12, p.186
12/6/1906 Mrs. W. W. Weston, the former Emma Evans, sent a collection of botanical specimens from the Philippine Islands to Professor Arey; former students, including George N. Briggs, are doing well there.
828 Help us
Normal Eyte 17:5, p.74
10/10/1906 Professor Walters solicits contributions of specimens for the Museum.
829 A corner in the Museum
Pedagog 0:0, p.142
6/1/1906 Specimens in cases; photo.
830 Prof. Loughridge
Normal Eyte 16:34, p.547
5/30/1906 Will send curios from California; school has purchased the Hoffman Cabinet from Oskaloosa; will make fine additions to Museum.
831 The Museum
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.64
6/1/1905 Hundreds of specimens are on display from Iowa and around the world; photo.
832 The Normal museum
Normal Eyte 14:25, p.399
3/19/1904 Bert Callison loaned a mastodon hip bone to the Museum.
833 Misses Williams, Coughtry, Colborn and Ohler
Normal Eyte 12:33, p.520
5/24/1902 Visited Museum.
834 By the action of both houses of the General Assembly
Normal Eyte 12:27, p.417
4/12/1902 General Assembly enacts millage tax; ISNS will receive one tenth of a mill of real estate tax beginning in 1903 and continuing through 1908; will use money to erect buildings.
835 Recently the museum
Normal Eyte 12:24, p.376
3/22/1902 Lulu Bovee donated a large collection of minerals and fossils from Montana.
836 We are glad the acknowledge
Newton--George W. (Classes of 1981--1882--and 1987
Normal Eyte 12:8, p.119
11/2/1901 Professors Newton and Arey acknowledge gift of insects from Luella Rigby, who is a missionary in Burma.
837 W. B. Bell
Normal Eyte 12:6, p.89
10/19/1901 Studied at Wood's Hole laboratory; sent home specimens for Museum.
838 A fine specimen of the Canada lynx
Normal Eyte 11:30, p.739
5/4/1901 Donated to Museum by Rodney Arey.
839 There is an interesting group of animals
Normal Eyte 10:21, p.512
2/23/1901 Taxidermists prepare Museum display.
840 Herman Mueller
Normal Eyte 10:16, p.380
1/19/1901 Donated fossils to Museum.
841 One of the late contributions
Normal Eyte 10:16, p.381
1/19/1901 The Reverend Charles Stinson donated a red fox to the Museum.
842 Two complete skeletons
Normal Eyte 10:16, p.381
1/19/1901 Skeleton of snake and perch as well as other specimens added to Museum.
843 A valuable specimen of hawk
Normal Eyte 10:13, p.311
12/15/1900 Contributed to Museum.
844 Harry E. Fields
Normal Eyte 10:12, p.283
12/8/1900 Brief profile of assistant taxidermist; photo.
845 Hans Christensen
Normal Eyte 10:8, p.191
11/3/1900 Contributed natural history specimens to Museum.
846 High up in the Museum
Normal Eyte 10:3, p.59
9/29/1900 J. O. Johnson brought an alligator gar to the Museum.
847 Official
Normal Eyte 10:3, p.54
9/29/1900 Will continue with Museum collections; Athletic Association granted instructor with director to follow; Auditorium Building work continues; extensive grading on northeast corner of campus in connection with extension of street railway onto campus.
848 The Taxidermy Department
Normal Eyte 10:3, p.59
9/29/1900 Seeking good specimens from anyone willing to donate them.
849 The museum has received a large number of plants
Normal Eyte 8:16, p.221
1/14/1899 Has received plants from the American West from Kirk Whited, who was an orphan in the Orphans Home.
850 Our school is constantly pushing out in new directions
Normal Eyte 8:15, p.204
12/17/1898 Praise for work in taxidermy offered by Professor Walters; solicits specimens for the Museum.


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