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401 Society
Normal Eyte 16:34, p.541
5/30/1906 The Alphas submitted a poem about their picnic, the Shakes also had a picnic to report.
402 Society
Normal Eyte 16:32, p.507
5/16/1906 The Shakes have a newly decorated hall, and the Neos held a miscellaneous program.
403 The Shakespearean girls
Normal Eyte 16:32, p.511
5/16/1906 Enjoyed moonlight picnic.
404 Society
Normal Eyte 16:18, p.279
1/31/1906 The Neos submitted a story entitled The House Party; the Shakes held a recital.
405 Society
Normal Eyte 16:17, p.265
1/24/1906 All of the societies express sadness over I. G. Long's death; Philos hold annual banquet in honor of Alphas.
406 Friday evening
Normal Eyte 16:16, p.253
1/17/1906 Shakes went for sleigh ride.
407 Society
Normal Eyte 16:11, p.168
11/22/1905 Neos gave a miscellaneous program; Zeta had a public session; the Aristos held a program with poetry; Shakes went on a trip to Germany.
408 Saturday evening
Normal Eyte 16:5, p.76
10/11/1905 Shakes and Aristos enjoyed initiation banquet.
409 Shakes
Normal Eyte 16:3, p.40
9/27/1905 Enjoyed variety program; welcomed new members.
410 The Shake-Aristo banquet
Normal Eyte 15:34, p.543
6/3/1905 Had a good time in Waterloo.
411 Annual Commencement society parade
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.48
6/1/1905 Photo of the women in their society gowns; society parade began in 1902; description of the gowns.
412 The Shakespearean Society
Thompson--Florence (Class of 1906)
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.32
6/1/1905 Discusses group history since its beginning in 1884; photo.
413 Shakes
Normal Eyte 15:27, p.428
4/12/1905 Provides a detailed description of three recent programs.
414 The Shake girls
Normal Eyte 15:27, p.430
4/12/1905 Hosted a farewell party for Lura Snyder.
415 Shakes
Normal Eyte 15:25, p.396
3/29/1905 At the recent Shake program, a two act play was performed.
416 Shakes
Normal Eyte 15:24, p.380
3/22/1905 An Irish program was presented at the recent meeting.
417 Contest a success; first annual oratorical contest of women's societies very strong and spirited; Gladys Kaye, Alpha, first; Gladys Kiefer, Shake, Sec
Normal Eyte 15:23, p.353
3/8/1905 The first women's oratorical contest was a success; results of the contest.
418 Shakes
Normal Eyte 15:23, p.365
3/8/1905 Provides an account of the recent meeting.
419 Shakes
Normal Eyte 15:21, p.332
2/22/1905 Presented Marine program.
420 Shakes
Normal Eyte 15:19, p.300
2/8/1905 Presented program on their favorite heroines.
421 Shake-Aristo Hall
Normal Eyte 15:17, p.260
1/25/1905 Shakespearean and Aristo Hall; photo.
422 Shakes
Normal Eyte 15:15, p.236
1/10/1905 The Shakespearians held their first preliminary oratorical contest. The winner will be announced in a couple of weeks.
423 Aristo
Normal Eyte 15:12, p.188
11/23/1904 Describes the events of the Shake-Aristo meeting.
424 Shakes
Normal Eyte 15:9, p.142
11/5/1904 Presented Ladies Home Journal program.
425 The open session season
Normal Eyte 15:9, p.144
11/5/1904 Philos entertain Shakes.
426 The Shakes and Aristos
Normal Eyte 15:7, p.111
10/22/1904 New members give St. Louis program.
427 Shake
Normal Eyte 15:5, p.77
10/8/1904 Describes the presentations of the recent Shake society meeting.
428 On Sept. 17th
Normal Eyte 15:3, p.47
9/24/1904 Shakes hold entertainment at Mabel Parish's home.
429 Shake
Normal Eyte 15:3, p.45
9/24/1904 The Shakespearean Literary Society held a meeting at which Mary Simmons gave advice.
430 On Tuesday evening
Normal Eyte 14:35, p.565
6/4/1904 Aristos and Shakes have a party in Waterloo.
431 Shakes
Normal Eyte 14:29, p.456
4/16/1904 Presented children's program.
432 Shakes
Normal Eyte 14:25, p.394
3/19/1904 Presented miscellaneous program.
433 Last Saturday evening
Normal Eyte 14:23, p.367
2/27/1904 Shakes escort Aristos to Leap Year party.
434 Shakes
Normal Eyte 14:23, p.361
2/27/1904 Shakes gave a Shakespearean program.
435 Shakes
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.330
2/13/1904 Enjoyed a pillow shower.
436 Shakes
Normal Eyte 14:19, p.297
1/30/1904 The Shakes gave a Japanese program.
437 Shakes
Normal Eyte 14:17, p.267
1/16/1904 The Shakes Christmas program.
438 Shake
Normal Eyte 14:15, p.234
12/19/1903 A temperance program was given by the Shakespeareans.
439 Shake
Normal Eyte 14:9, p.138
10/30/1903 Shakes present a short program.
440 The Shakes and the Aristos
Normal Eyte 14:8, p.126
10/24/1903 The Shakes and Aristos initiate new members.
441 Shake
Normal Eyte 14:7, p.106
10/17/1903 The Shakes enjoy a program on Egypt.
442 Shake
Normal Eyte 14:5, p.74
10/3/1903 The Shakes present a program on the Philippines.
443 Shake
Normal Eyte 14:4, p.58
9/26/1903 The Shakes are highly admired.
444 Shake
Normal Eyte 14:3, p.43
9/19/1903 The Shakes met for the first time this term last Friday.
445 Society
Normal Eyte 13:35, p.547
6/10/1903 Zetas enjoy presentations and debate; Philos present music and debate; Aristos present patriotic program; Orios feature debate; Shakes present teachers convention.
446 Last week
Normal Eyte 13:34, p.538
5/30/1903 Aristos won baseball game.
447 Society
Normal Eyte 13:33, p.522
5/23/1903 Philos enjoy music and papers; Aristos hear papers; Chrestos enjoy Scotch program; Shakes hear Shakespearean program; Orios presented mail program.
448 Society
Normal Eyte 13:32, p.502
5/16/1903 Aristos offer music and papers; Neos program hampered by rain; Orios hold debate; Shakes have musical program; Philos hold debate.
449 A very pleasing and in every way enjoyable
Normal Eyte 13:31, p.491
5/9/1903 Aristos entertain Shakes.
450 Society
Normal Eyte 13:31, p.487
5/9/1903 Alphas hold photograph program; Philos enjoy variety program; Ossolis celebrate May Day; Neos hold French program; Chrestos give African-American program; Aristos hold field meet program.


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