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101 Instructor sues UNI
Moss--Patty (Student--1984-1986)
Northern Iowan 82:55, p.1
5/2/1986 Barbara Cassino petitions for injunction against the use of the new Art Building until environmental conditions are investigated.
102 Investigations to date of UNI ceramics lab have indentified no specific health hazards
Public Relations News Release 1986:396, p.1
4/29/1986 Thomson said the matter had been referred to litigation so further comments needed to be obtained through lawyers.
103 Investigation continuing in UNI ceramics laboratory
Public Relations News Release 1986:383, p.1
4/22/1986 Thomson requested that any students who have current upper respiratory health problems to report to the Student Health Center; the typical health complaints have been coughs, sore throats, headaches, nasal congestion and burning eyes.
104 UNI ceramics laboratory under study
Public Relations News Release 1986:361, p.1
4/14/1986 It is being investigated for mechanical problems after some reports of illness after working in the laboratory; classes and other activities have been suspended for as long as the investigation takes.
105 Offices ready by May
Mayo--Sandra (Class of 1987)
Northern Iowan 82:47, p.7
4/4/1986 Student services look forward to their upcoming move into Bartlett Hall.
106 Streets reworked in summer
Moss--Patty (Student--1984-1986)
Northern Iowan 82:47, p.7
4/4/1986 Campus and Wisconsin streets will be getting a new look.
107 UNI first to meet accessibility needs of handicapped
Wheeler--Rebecca (Class of 1987; English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 82:45, p.13
3/28/1986 Handicapped students feel that building accessibility is pretty good, but could use a few improvements; Leland Thomson talks about the changes.
108 UNI's Bartlett Hall renovations in keeping with original structure, but highly functional office space for the 80's
Public Relations News Release 1986:319, p.1
3/24/1986 The former women's residence hall, built in 1914, has been converted into office space; the bulk of student services will now be under one roof; parking is being considered; the total cost is slightly under $1 million.
109 Spring fever takes over
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 82:40, p.7
3/4/1986 UNI's planning department hold their first "Premature Summer Clothing Day"; photo.
110 UNI construction projects continue
Moss--Patty (Student--1984-1986)
Northern Iowan 82:39, p.6
2/28/1986 Lee Thomson talks about the various projects underway or planned on campus; VIC should be done in three weeks; UNI Museum project delayed until funds are raised; Gilchrist Hall Board Room remodeled for $42,000.
111 PEC parking lot is 'disservice'
Reicks--Rodney Eugene (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 82:38, p.7
2/25/1986 Discusses the history of the PEC gravel parking lot.
112 Refurbishing project considered
McKinlay--Michael John (Classes of 1986 and 1990;
Northern Iowan 82:38, p.6
2/25/1986 Office of Campus Planning hopes to convince President Curris that Berg's Corner, College and 23rd Streets, needs a new look; gateway from Class of 1913 will be dismantled, moved back, and rebuilt..
113 Groundwork laid for expansion plan
McKinlay--Michael John (Classes of 1986 and 1990;
Northern Iowan 82:32, p.1
2/4/1986 UNI is making an effort to look into the future for campus planning; last master plan implemented in 1968.
114 Untitled
Findlay--Donald Frank (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 82:13, p.3
10/15/1985 Criticizes the administration for spending a lot of money putting up electrical outlets for Christmas lights.
115 Outlets to be removed from trees
Northern Iowan 82:11, p.3
10/8/1985 Electrical boxes will be installed closer to ground level; administrators comment on the reasons for their installation and the responsibility for deciding to do it; photo.
116 Communication Arts Complex completed
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 82:5, p.1
9/17/1985 Portions of Art Building occupied; remainder will be ready by October dedication; William Lew speaks in admiration of the new facility; photo.
117 Highway to replace UNI golf course
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 82:3, p.1
9/10/1985 Highway 58 will cut through golf course given to the University by the Rownd family in 1925; construction may begin within two years; photo.
118 New visitor's center under construction
Northern Iowan 82:1, p.1
8/30/1985 Construction of the $127,000 center began in August and is expected to be finished in November; Leland Thomson describes the center and talks about its purposes; photo.
119 South UNI-Dome Lot Available for Parking, Will Shorten Distance for Fine Arts Patrons
Public Relations News Release 1985:9, p.1
8/23/1985 The new lot south of the UNI-Dome will make a shorter walk to the Fine Arts Buildings.
120 Deli in Union, offices in Bartlett summer construction projects
Reyes--Alma P. (Classes of 1985 and 1988)
Northern Iowan 81:57, p.1
6/14/1985 Work underway to turn portion of Bartlett Hall into student services offices; Hardee's will build deli.
121 New Art Building to open this fall
Northern Iowan 81:55, p.1
5/3/1985 Description of the new facility; Leland Thomson emphasizes the efforts to make it a safe building.
122 Modifications reduce barriers
Kraft--Julie Ann
Northern Iowan 81:48, p.3
4/9/1985 Handicapped students still find problems with accessibility despite considerable UNI efforts over the years.
123 Why not pave the lot?
Northern Iowan 81:42, p.12
3/12/1985 Unpaved Dome lot causes trouble; has remained unpaved because it has been a potential site for PEC expansion.
124 Regents approve purchase
Northern Iowan 81:37, p.5
2/22/1985 UNI purchases Olympic Gym and Spa on Hudson Road; may become site for Museum.
125 University purchases land
Northern Iowa Today 13:1, p.5
12/1/1984 UNI purchases seventeen acres on northwest corner of University and Hudson Roads; had been owned by Spring Valley Apartments.
126 Complex almost complete
Barnes--Ann (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 81:15, p.1
10/26/1984 Final phase of CAC should be complete by August 1985; most of the remaining work will be in the Art Building; photo.
127 Regents vote 'no': The Old Ad's been had
Smith--Paul A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 80:63, p.1
7/20/1984 University will salvage valuable items; wrecking contract let for $47,432; photo.
128 Planning report recommends distinctive changes
UNI Century 12:3, p.1
6/1/1984 SCUP makes recommendations based on survey results; President Curris reacts to recommendations.
129 CAC nearing completion
Brown--Molly (Student--1983-1984)
Northern Iowan 80:48, p.1
4/3/1984 Leland Thomson talks about the new art facilities; photo.
130 Generic street names lack romance, spirit
Alumnus 68:1, p.20
4/1/1984 Humorous lament over bland campus street names.
131 Gilchrist space revisions underway
Northern Iowan 80:43, p.1
3/9/1984 Leland Thomson talks about the renovations that will affect the Scheduling Office, the Registrar, and the President's Office.
132 Future of golf course "doomed"
Northern Iowan 80:40, p.9
2/28/1984 Highway will be built through course.
133 Survey to be distributed
Northern Iowan 80:32, p.8
1/31/1984 SCUP will distribute survey soon.
134 Demolition of Old Ad postponed six months
Robst--Elizabeth L. (Class of 1984)
Northern Iowan 80:30, p.5
1/24/1984 Considering plans for renovation of building; sketch of floor plans.
135 Opinions vary on Old Ad renovation vs. demolition
Barnes--David T. (Class of 1984)
Northern Iowan 80:26, p.1
12/6/1983 Campus officials express opinions on value and potential uses of building; photo.
136 Stinchfield plans for UNI's future
UNI Century 12:1, p.1
12/1/1983 Richard Stinchfield is new Director of Planning and Policy Management; organizes committee (SCUP) to gather information about UNI; outlines aims; biographical sketch; photo.
137 Fire inspections report to be issued
Northern Iowan 80:19, p.5
11/4/1983 1979 inspection found 500 citations; 1981 inspection noted 150 citations.
138 Students learn fire safety
Murray--Kenneth M. (Class of 1985)
Northern Iowan 80:14, p.7
10/18/1983 Leland Thomson offers safety tips; photo.
139 Happenings in the Hemisphere
Northern Iowan 80:13, p.11
10/11/1983 Leland Thomson will talk about fire safety; Larry Steinhauser will speak on handicapped services.
140 UNI-Dome to host industrial education exposition
Northern Iowan 79:54, p.9
5/3/1983 Detailed description of upcoming exposition.
141 A victim of time
Alumnus 67:1, p.19
4/1/1983 Old Administration Building to be razed; claims that building is too badly deteriorated to be restored; local opposition to destruction plans; photo.
142 Senate votes for demolition
Bramblette--Denis M. (Classes of 1984 and 1985)
Northern Iowan 79:45, p.3
4/1/1983 Faculty Senate votes to allow razing of Old Administration proceed, despite request of Department of Earth Science to use the building; also consider potential difficulties in presidential search.
143 Committee votes for building demolition
Ratekin--Jack G. (Class of 1984)
Northern Iowan 79:42, p.3
3/11/1983 Campus Planning Advisory Committee endorses demolition.
144 Plans awaiting Regents' approval
Northern Iowan 79:40, p.6
3/4/1983 A look at plans for the new art building; photo.
145 Old Administration building doomed
Riedesel--Miles E. (Class of 1983)
Northern Iowan 79:29, p.1
1/25/1983 Brief history of the construction and uses of the structure; now in poor shape; scheduled for destruction in summer of 1983; photo.
146 Plans being drawn for CAC completion
Northern Iowan 79:28, p.8
1/21/1983 UNI officials consult with architects.
147 Administrators tour facilities, begin planning building
Northern Iowan 79:27, p.4
1/18/1983 Leland Thomson talks about his tour of art facilities.
148 New art building to focus on safety
Northern Iowan 79:25, p.4
12/7/1982 Lee Thomson attends conference and explains what he learned about building a safe facility.
149 UNI officials unconcerned over future of golf course
Ratekin--Jack G. (Class of 1984)
Northern Iowan 78:59, p.2
7/2/1982 Lee Thomson offers views on recent decision to put highway corridor through golf course.
150 Alumni Service Award recipients
Alumnus 66:4, p.6
12/1/1981 Winners for 1981; photo.


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