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College Eye - Thursday, October 4, 1928 (Volume 20, Number 4)

Headline Page Type
Official announcements 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
President and Mrs. Latham to entertain for Major Griffith 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Invitation extended to join Y. W. C. A. 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Big pep meeting in auditorium tonight 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Messages received from Rabbi Mannheimer 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Coe-Teachers game dedicates stadium; tune in! hear the games thru WJAM 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Will work with organizations 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Student council to be chosen by popular vote 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Miss Lawther made visit to campus Sat. 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Hear Major Griffith Friday night Oct. 5 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Orchestra and band elect officers 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Homecoming planned for weekend of November 10 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Hoover-Curtis Club formed at I. S. T. C. 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
How and when to get your ballot 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
A musical young America grows in Iowa 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Seniors meet to discuss standard ring proposition 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Men of Y. M. C. A. had fine mix 1 News /ni/1928/00000025.jpg
Startling facts disclosed by Coe frosh tests 2 Feature /ni/1928/00000026.jpg
Catholic Student Association 2 News /ni/1928/00000026.jpg
Westminster notice 2 News /ni/1928/00000026.jpg
Literary 3 Creative /ni/1928/00000027.jpg
Dr. Merchant's address welcoming Lathams to Teachers College 4 News /ni/1928/00000028.jpg
President's Column 4 Column /ni/1928/00000028.jpg
Editorially speaking 4 Editorial /ni/1928/00000028.jpg
College questionnaire shows league interest 4 News /ni/1928/00000028.jpg
Playcraft Club 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Advisory Board entertains for Miss Seay 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Miss Riggs entertains for Miss Childs 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Alpha 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Shakespearean 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Ellen Richards Club 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Irvings 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Biology Club 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Delta Gamma Lambda 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Former Professor weds 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Phi Sigma Phi 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
W. D. Glasgow 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Elizabeth Maxwell 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Phi Omega Pi 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Mrs. Lucille Buck 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Men's Pep Club 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Wayne Truesdale 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Three women visit campus 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Likes work at University of Nebraska 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
Men's Literary Society 5 News /ni/1928/00000029.jpg
This week's Iowa Conference games 6 News /ni/1928/00000030.jpg
T. C. Club meeting postponed until Tues. 6 News /ni/1928/00000030.jpg
Possibility of putting Tutor games on air 6 News /ni/1928/00000030.jpg
Prof. Cable presented with gold football 6 News /ni/1928/00000030.jpg
Pres. Latham speaks to varsity squad 6 News /ni/1928/00000030.jpg


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