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College Eye - Wednesday, November 16, 1921 (Volume 13, Number 12)

Headline Page Type
Committee not responsible for aching sides; second number of entertainment course Nov. 17; Ralph Bingham Thursday 1 News /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Gladys Pratt weds 1 News /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
As president of the Iowa State Teachers College 1 News /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Teacher's fullback 1 Photo /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Students visit Promised Land; Temple Tours company have engaged Prof. Barnes for leader 1 News /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Andersen makes impassioned plea 1 News /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Teachers ended football with victorious game; snow makes bad field for players; Tutors score last quarter 1 News /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Y. W. C. A. recognition service 1 News /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Armistice Day services were feature Friday; vets plan and carry out chapel exercises; Andersen main speaker; ex-service men took seats on platform 1 News /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Special movie given in auditorium Friday 1 News /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Student wins big prize; Mrs. Orth, of Cedar Heights, presented the prize 1 News /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Madam Stanley pleases audience 1 Review /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Tutor's right end 1 Photo /ni/1921/00000093.jpg
Training School News 2 Column /ni/1921/00000094.jpg
Science Department 2 News /ni/1921/00000094.jpg
A country beauty 2 Creative /ni/1921/00000094.jpg
Keep still 2 Feature /ni/1921/00000094.jpg
Dorrell Hall 2 News /ni/1921/00000094.jpg
Are the Sunday evening Y meetings what you want 4 Letter /ni/1921/00000096.jpg
The problem of today 4 Letter /ni/1921/00000096.jpg
Editorially Speaking 4 Editorial /ni/1921/00000096.jpg
Inquiring Reporter 4 Column /ni/1921/00000096.jpg
The Y. meeting 5 News /ni/1921/00000097.jpg
Senior smatterings 5 News /ni/1921/00000097.jpg
The Sociology Club 5 News /ni/1921/00000097.jpg
Second year junior college 6 News /ni/1921/00000098.jpg
Honors for Teachers College graduates 6 News /ni/1921/00000098.jpg
Registrar Charles S. Cory 6 News /ni/1921/00000098.jpg
Professor D. Sands Wright 6 News /ni/1921/00000098.jpg
The Teachers College students and graduates 6 News /ni/1921/00000098.jpg
Mrs. A. H. Huffman 6 News /ni/1921/00000098.jpg
Charles A. Fullerton 6 News /ni/1921/00000098.jpg
Mary E. Haight 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Miss Lillian Stine 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Professor C. Lantz 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Skybo House 8 News /ni/1921/00000100.jpg
Miss Abbie Cole 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Spinster Hall news 8 News /ni/1921/00000100.jpg
Hans Anderson, Pauline Waits, Glen Moon, and Bernice Slifsgard 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Barn(y)ard Hall news 8 News /ni/1921/00000100.jpg
Miss Hattie Iblings 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Achoth House 8 News /ni/1921/00000100.jpg
W. R. Boyd, W. H. Gemmill, and Thomas Lambert 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
I. H. Hart 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Mabel Holliday 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Miller Christensen 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Mrs. Traer 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Mr. Lloyd Lang 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Bertha Campbell 8 News /ni/1921/00000008.jpg
Mr. Gervais Bradley 8 News


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