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College Eye - Wednesday, February 5, 1919 (Volume 10, Number 13)

Headline Page Type
"We shall soon see Germany a democracy" says W. C. Schluter; former I. S. T. C. student, member of Army of Occupation, describes conditions 1 News /ni/1918/00000059.jpg
Basket tossers rest during the past week 1 News /ni/1918/00000059.jpg
Former student, a native Armenian, makes direct appeal; Rev. Apelian addresses letter to the late Miss Jennie Sanders, another T. C. student 1 News /ni/1918/00000059.jpg
Student "Y" aim now set at 100% 1 News /ni/1918/00000059.jpg
Lecture by woman physician last week 1 News /ni/1918/00000059.jpg
Coe College in action with Teachers Friday 1 News /ni/1918/00000059.jpg
Constitution adopted for Men's Glee Club 1 News /ni/1918/00000059.jpg
Advanced pupils have musical recital 1 News /ni/1918/00000059.jpg
Five artistic pictures arrive from France; "Crossroads" now an art gallery for likeness of four prominent war characters- also office of Foch 1 News /ni/1918/00000059.jpg
Men's intersociety debate 2 Editorial /ni/1918/00000060.jpg
Nicknames 2 Editorial /ni/1918/00000060.jpg
Agents 2 Editorial /ni/1918/00000060.jpg
Advertising pamphlet proving very popular; four pages of "Opportunities at Iowa State Teachers College" being circulated 3 News /ni/1918/00000061.jpg
Professor Underwood 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Mabel Clauson 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Miss Vivian Gerstenberger 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Professors Meyerholz, Miss Fesenbeck, and Professor Fullerton 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Marie Magroon of North English 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Thelma Wickersheim 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Elizabeth Bell 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Valeria Hines 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Miss Annie Teerink, critic in training 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Corporal Arthur Connery of Waterloo 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Eleanor Kenyon 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Misses Mary Haight and Byrd Snyder 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Edna Mulhern, Primary Education '18 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Tommy Ryan 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
The First Year Rurals met at Green's store 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Bernice Hart 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
One third of the teas 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Harriet Santee 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Mrs. Walker entertained 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Maud Knoop 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Roger Wilson 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Jasper Thompson, ex '16 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Sgt. Arthur Dickinson 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Naomi Mitchell 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Velma Hiatt 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Scrubs quintet plays Waterloo 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Rachel Patten 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Dorothy Cummings 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Registrar Cory and Dr. Merchant 4 News /ni/1918/00000062.jpg
Freshman B. A.'s have mix Friday night in gym 5 News /ni/1918/00000063.jpg
B. A. sophomores enjoy "auto" party Saturday night 5 News /ni/1918/00000063.jpg
Two war veterans plan reentering college 5 News /ni/1918/00000063.jpg
Soldier, sailor and marine enroll 5 News /ni/1918/00000063.jpg
The Lecture Course Committee 5 News /ni/1918/00000063.jpg
"Prof." Palmer back from training station; resumed work on Monday in extension service connected with nature study 6 News /ni/1918/00000064.jpg
Greene falls before T.C. high players; college high school defeats up-the-state team 43-13; Orange defeats them 20-17 next evening 6 News /ni/1918/00000064.jpg
Field artillery band at Regent Theatre 6 News /ni/1918/00000064.jpg


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