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College Eye - Friday, September 19, 1941 (Volume 33, Number 2)

Headline Page Type
Marching, Concert Bands need musicians, twirlers 1 News /ni/1941/00000007.jpg
Kurtz calls first orchestra practice 1 News /ni/1941/00000007.jpg
'Don't hide your light' campus leaders warn 1 News /ni/1941/00000007.jpg
Students organize new Hamilton Club 1 News /ni/1941/00000007.jpg
Specialist in teaching English added to faculty this fall 1 News /ni/1941/00000007.jpg
Art League plans publication of student sketches in book 1 News /ni/1941/00000007.jpg
Six departments, library get new members 1 News /ni/1941/00000007.jpg
Announce Homecoming thrill drama 1 News /ni/1941/00000007.jpg
Some claws for the Panthers! 1 Photo /ni/1941/00000007.jpg
Announce faculty's new committee 1 News /ni/1941/00000007.jpg
Committee helps you know your school's traditions 2 News /ni/1941/00000008.jpg
The Line 2 Column /ni/1941/00000008.jpg
From the editor's point of view 2 Column /ni/1941/00000008.jpg
Watching the World 2 Column /ni/1941/00000008.jpg
Homecoming only four weeks away 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Church clubs have meeting 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Executive Board of Men's Union discuss policies 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Commercial Club picnic Wednesday 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Rainbow Girls will have meeting 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
'Pep jamboree' tonight initiates social season 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Women's League honor new faculty women and wives 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Advice to freshmen 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Fashion gleanings for the clothes-wise co-ed 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Sororities have pledging services 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Blue Key members make social plans 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
4-H Girls Club meets for picnic 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Panther Preview starts next week 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Alpha Phi Omega sponsors fifth annual jaunt day 3 News /ni/1941/00000009.jpg
Seven men want to fly--register for pilot training 4 News /ni/1941/00000010.jpg
Dinner honors Student Council 4 News /ni/1941/00000010.jpg
You're wanted by the College Eye 4 News /ni/1941/00000010.jpg
1,462 register for fall quarter 4 News /ni/1941/00000010.jpg
Speakers advise good study habits 4 News /ni/1941/00000010.jpg
New pictorial folder publicizes our campus 4 News /ni/1941/00000010.jpg
Men cancel play day 4 News /ni/1941/00000010.jpg
Feed animals better than Iowa children 4 News /ni/1941/00000010.jpg
Cheerleading jobs open to freshmen 4 News /ni/1941/00000010.jpg
Freshmen discover new interest fields 4 News /ni/1941/00000010.jpg
October 'Alumnus' leaves presses 5 News /ni/1941/00000011.jpg
Reorganize home economics classes 5 News /ni/1941/00000011.jpg
Women crowd roll of honor students 5 News /ni/1941/00000011.jpg
Curricular changes are announced 5 News /ni/1941/00000011.jpg
Meet Miss Blinky of Lawther Hall 5 News /ni/1941/00000011.jpg
Skar regales players with his 'philosophy' 5 News /ni/1941/00000011.jpg
Study labor unions as debating topic 5 News /ni/1941/00000011.jpg
Methodist student leader to deliver address here 5 News /ni/1941/00000011.jpg
Sport shorts gals and dashes 6 News /ni/1941/00000012.jpg
Little Tutors card eight grid opponents 6 News /ni/1941/00000012.jpg
South Dakota State line ace 6 Photo /ni/1941/00000012.jpg
Clark appointed to Teachers High staff 6 News /ni/1941/00000012.jpg


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