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College Eye - Thursday, September 27, 1928 (Volume 20, Number 3)

Headline Page Type
Free instrumental class work offered 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Hoover proves lucky man at T. C.; students favor Hoover by 470 majority vote 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Men's glee club personnel reported unusually good 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Asking total $680,000 for 1929-31 biennium 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Rabbi Mannheimer will preach Sunday 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Student Council to function under new organization 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Bureau of Recommendations reports more appointments 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Varsity Band will add pep to games; Ladies' Band organizing for new year 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Girls' notice! 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Intramural sports for women 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Audience appreciated vesper program 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
First lecture course number held Oct. 5 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
President and Mrs. Latham honored at dinner 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Sorority rushing begins September 28 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
F. L. McCreary acted as guest conductor 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Official announcements 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Pres. Latham presents policies to faculty; Training School, a measure of efficiency 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Students directory sale begins Monday 1 News /ni/1928/00000017.jpg
Women's Athletic Association 2 News /ni/1928/00000018.jpg
Shakespearean 2 News /ni/1928/00000018.jpg
Alpha Literary Society 2 News /ni/1928/00000018.jpg
Wesley Foundation News 2 News /ni/1928/00000018.jpg
Catholic Student Association 2 News /ni/1928/00000018.jpg
Neotrophian 2 News /ni/1928/00000018.jpg
Ossoli 2 News /ni/1928/00000018.jpg
lutherans 2 News /ni/1928/00000018.jpg
Westminster Foundation 2 News /ni/1928/00000018.jpg
Neo-Chresto joint meeting 2 News /ni/1928/00000018.jpg
Y. cabinet makes plans for the year 3 News /ni/1928/00000019.jpg
Miss Haight entertains for Bartlett girls 3 News /ni/1928/00000019.jpg
Accompanies band 3 News /ni/1928/00000019.jpg
Literary 3 Creative /ni/1928/00000019.jpg
President's Column 4 Column /ni/1928/00000020.jpg
Editorially speaking 4 Editorial /ni/1928/00000020.jpg
Senior class organize 4 News /ni/1928/00000020.jpg
Wanta' hike? 4 News /ni/1928/00000020.jpg
Westminister Foundation of Iowa meeting 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg
Professor Fagan will speak to Waterloo Women's Club 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg
Reports Enjoyable Vacation 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg
Professor Hugh Buffum 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg
W. B. Fagan 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg
Mrs. Shutt 5 News
Professor and Mrs. Condit 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg
Max Miller working in Chicago 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg
Professor and Mrs. McCreary 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg
Elizabeth Williamson marries 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg
Iva Musbach working in California 5 News
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Archer 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg
President Latham to speak to college men 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg
Irving Wolfe suffers attack of the flu 5 News /ni/1928/00000021.jpg


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