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Public Relations News Release - Friday, October 8, 1948 (Volume 40, Number 4)

Headline Page Type
Priscilla Ham is Bodein's new assistant 1 News /ni/1948/00000025.jpg
French artist will present concert here 1 News /ni/1948/00000025.jpg
Shaw Chorale program is announced 1 News /ni/1948/00000025.jpg
Registrars will hold convention 1 News /ni/1948/00000025.jpg
Dorm will house 300 upperclass women; new Health Center is planned 1 News /ni/1948/00000025.jpg
Students, faculty will present original numbers 1 News /ni/1948/00000025.jpg
Braack to reign as queen 1 News /ni/1948/00000025.jpg
Health checks 1 News /ni/1948/00000025.jpg
Religion vs. democracy 2 Column /ni/1948/00000026.jpg
The Line 2 Column /ni/1948/00000026.jpg
Musical Notes 2 Column /ni/1948/00000026.jpg
Line crashers 2 Editorial /ni/1948/00000026.jpg
Old Gold pictures 2 News /ni/1948/00000026.jpg
Kim enjoys friendly students, but can't accept some U. S. customs 2 Feature /ni/1948/00000026.jpg
Know your Eye staff: Lukens, McCallum, research editors, conduct survey 2 Column /ni/1948/00000026.jpg
Survey of Campus Opinion 2 Column /ni/1948/00000026.jpg
Wanda Worden recalls Washington position as "a rich experience" 3 News /ni/1948/00000027.jpg
Fox will discuss Progressive Party 3 News /ni/1948/00000027.jpg
Students attend IFTA meeting 3 News /ni/1948/00000027.jpg
575 freshmen take English 3 News /ni/1948/00000027.jpg
Anderson to attend home ec meeting 4 News /ni/1948/00000028.jpg
Instructors will give program at convention 4 News /ni/1948/00000028.jpg
Professors 4 News /ni/1948/00000028.jpg
Ogden to interview Cedar Falls veterans 4 News /ni/1948/00000028.jpg
Classes in progress in temporary buildings 4 News /ni/1948/00000028.jpg
Meditations held in Bartlett Hall 4 News /ni/1948/00000028.jpg
Jackrabbits will be Panther Homecoming opponent 5 News /ni/1948/00000029.jpg
Cross country squad will meet Jackrabbits 5 News /ni/1948/00000029.jpg
P. E. Doings 5 Column /ni/1948/00000029.jpg
Gridders down Bulldog squad 6-0 5 News /ni/1948/00000029.jpg
"B" squad works hard every night 5 News /ni/1948/00000029.jpg
KO's 5 Column /ni/1948/00000029.jpg
Notice 5 News /ni/1948/00000029.jpg
Skillen presents thesis on ISTC 6 News /ni/1948/00000030.jpg
Seventy-seven enroll in driving course 6 News /ni/1948/00000030.jpg
College Players open children's theater 6 News /ni/1948/00000030.jpg
Bahai church leaders to speak on religion 6 News /ni/1948/00000030.jpg
Dean Ellis will teach in North Carolina 6 News /ni/1948/00000030.jpg
Barn dance will be held in Women's Gym 7 News /ni/1948/00000031.jpg
Bartlett Hall has weekly coke tea 7 News /ni/1948/00000031.jpg
Bartlett entertained by pianist and vocalists 7 News /ni/1948/00000031.jpg
Pre-med students 7 News /ni/1948/00000031.jpg
What to wear 7 Column /ni/1948/00000031.jpg
The Greek Rendezvous 7 Column /ni/1948/00000031.jpg
'Eye' staff has picnic at Women's Gym 7 News /ni/1948/00000031.jpg
Bartlett to have open house following game 7 News /ni/1948/00000031.jpg
Lawther Hall will publish two page weekly paper 7 News /ni/1948/00000031.jpg
Debate activities headed by Goble 8 News /ni/1948/00000032.jpg
Douglas is speaker at FBLA meeting 8 News /ni/1948/00000032.jpg
Add audio-visual aids department 8 News /ni/1948/00000032.jpg


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