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Normal Eyte - Wednesday, January 20, 1909 (Volume 19, Number 15)

Headline Page Type
Official 225 News /ni/1908/00000225.jpg
Miss Katherine Oliver; friend of Normal professor again welcomed in Cedar Falls; "Confessions of a Literary Pilgrim" 226 News /ni/1908/00000226.jpg
Among orators and debaters; gossip of the oratorical association and debating league; proposed constitutional revision 226 News /ni/1908/00000226.jpg
Dr. Goode lectures; University of Chicago professor discourses on irrigation of arid land 227 News /ni/1908/00000227.jpg
Association of contributors to Iowa education 228 News /ni/1908/00000228.jpg
Neo public session program 229 News /ni/1908/00000229.jpg
Professional, elements of liberal education as found in travel 230 Column /ni/1908/00000230.jpg
Athletics; Normal loses to Iowa in fast game at Iowa City; score is 28-12 232 News /ni/1908/00000232.jpg
Grinnell wins game; fast hard fight lost to scarlet and black Friday afternoon 233 News /ni/1908/00000233.jpg
Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. 234 News /ni/1908/00000234.jpg
The annual alumni banquet 235 News /ni/1908/00000235.jpg
W. H. Harwood 235 News /ni/1908/00000235.jpg
The Cedar Falls record 235 News /ni/1908/00000235.jpg
Roxy M. Peterson 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Anna Hinkson 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Florence H. Packard 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Bird Bundy 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Worthington, Minnesota 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Beulah Wetzel 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Miss Elizabeth Jones 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Mrs. Henry A. Garrison 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
F. R. Willis 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
E. N. Gibson 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Emelie Kreig 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
The second primary school 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
J. Franklin Pierce 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
M. Gwynne Ward 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Edna M. Poor 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
The drawing and writing at Grinnell 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Guy Lowman 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
At Bayard 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Grace Railsback 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Charles Arthur Fields 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Good reports 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Frank A. Bronson 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Edith Elizabeth Gillen 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
At Portland 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Mary Bechly 236 News /ni/1908/00000236.jpg
Cliff S. Dunham 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg
Professor Arthur Malcolm Bean 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg
Edward Gepson 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg
At Marshfield, Oregon 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg
Miss Emma Secor 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg
Lewis Carrel 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg
Miss Cora Hughell 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg
B. D. Atchley 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg
George A. Glenny 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg
D. B. McIlravy 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg
Miss Florence Cady 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg
Frances E. Smith 237 News /ni/1908/00000237.jpg


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