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Normal Eyte - Saturday, October 6, 1894 (Volume 4, Number 4)

Headline Page Type
Those of our readers 53 News /ni/1894/00000053.jpg
The Normal Book Room 53 News /ni/1894/00000053.jpg
During the summer 53 Editorial /ni/1894/00000053.jpg
Parody 54 Creative /ni/1894/00000054.jpg
There is a study never catalogued 54 Editorial /ni/1894/00000054.jpg
Y. W. & Y. M. C. A. 55 News /ni/1894/00000055.jpg
W. E. Albertson 55 News /ni/1894/00000055.jpg
Miss Blanche Fort 55 News /ni/1894/00000055.jpg
Miss Carrie Rule 55 News /ni/1894/00000055.jpg
E. D. Y. Culbertson 55 News /ni/1894/00000055.jpg
We are always pleased to record the success 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
E. E. Crane 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
County Superintendent H. A. Welty 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
M. C. Cunningham 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
Volga City 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
The Morrison board 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
Miss Sara Riggs 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
At Wapello 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
Paul Peterson 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
Glenn J. Haven 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
Mr. Benj. McKeen 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
Mr. Gates Underwood 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
Miss Alice Shoemaker 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
Misses Poor and Gillett 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
For the latest, best, and cheapest fountain pen 56 Advertisement /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
We notice a clipping 56 News /ni/1894/00000056.jpg
Miss Leora Parker 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Among the many who went home 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Among those who have missed a few recitations 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Mrs. J. A. Finlayson 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Miss Edith Wolf 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Messrs. C. A. Mackey and R. O. Langdon 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Miss Meda Goodspeed 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
We commend the wisdom and judgment 57 Editorial /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Miss Wallbank 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Mr. Chas. Ridley 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Last Wednesday 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Miss May Brown 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Miss Lillie L. Bridgeford 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Excavating for the new building 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Miss Stena Hansen 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Mr. G. W. Randlett 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Miss Ella Younker 57 News /ni/1894/00000058.jpg
Miss Matie Steimel 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Clio Hall 57 News /ni/1894/00000058.jpg
Mr. C. A. Frederick 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Mr. G. H. Scobey 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Last Thursday 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
Mrs. Loughridge's health has improved 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg
The president of the Athletic Association 57 News /ni/1894/00000057.jpg


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