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1 Caps & gowns: Not just a funny outfit
Northern Iowan 96:55, p.13
4/28/2000 The wearing of caps and gowns at graduation is long tradition; cut and color of gown have meaning; photo.
2 Chain, mace traditions symbolic of UNI's past
Northern Iowan 96:55, p.13
4/28/2000 UNI graduation traditions include the wearing of the chain by the President and the carrying of the mace by the Commencement marshal; photo.
3 Grads order gowns
Northern Iowan 70:57, p.3
4 Academic attire for grads should be ordered now
Northern Iowan 68:58, p.3
5 Come see gowns, hoods, colors
Ingraham--Larry H. (Class of 1964)
College Eye 59:2, p.2
9/18/1964 Encourages people to come to convocation.
6 Let's be coolly inspired
College Eye 56:3, p.2
9/29/1961 Discusses the benefits of getting rid of graduation gowns.
7 Grads to order
College Eye 52:22, p.3
3/10/1961 Time to order graduation gowns.
8 Rehearsal
College Eye 39:32, p.1
5/21/1948 Corrine Hamilton and Nancy McGaw inspect a graduation cap and gown; photo.
9 Caps and gowns carry traditions
College Eye 38:43, p.1
8/15/1947 History of academic regalia and commencement customs.
10 2 yr. graduates don caps, gowns
College Eye 38:38, p.1
7/11/1947 First time that two-year students will wear academic regalia.
11 Academic gowns, caps are symbols
College Eye 36:33, p.3
5/18/1945 Explanation of academic regalia.
12 Notice
College Eye 29:43, p.1
8/5/1938 Seniors should get academic regalia.
13 Seniors
Pritchard--J. Wesley (Student--1938)
College Eye 29:32, p.1
5/13/1938 Must be measured for caps and gowns.
14 Caps and gowns
College Eye 38:0, p.1
7/30/1937 Candidates for graduation should rent academic regalia.
15 Graduates notice
College Eye 27:11, p.3
8/7/1936 Should be measured for academic regalia.
16 May
Old Gold 0:0, p.212
6/1/1936 Photo of graduates.
17 Graduates will measured be measured for caps
College Eye 24:31, p.1
18 Winter graduates will meet tomorrow
College Eye 24:17, p.1
1/27/1933 To make arrangements for academic regalia.
19 Professors don gay colors, but pretty silks mean high degrees
College Eye 21:23, p.1
3/14/1930 The meaning behind the gowns and hoods that professors wear during Commencement day.
College Eye 19:35, p.5
5/16/1928 Reminder for Commencement preparations; cap and gown fittings.
21 Senior chapel Friday
College Eye 19:25, p.5
3/7/1928 Should attend in cap and gown.
22 Fall graduates!
College Eye 19:12, p.1
11/23/1927 Should order caps and gowns.
23 August B. A. graduates
College Eye 18:52, p.1
8/3/1927 Should order cap and gown.
24 June B. A. graduates
College Eye 18:41, p.5
5/4/1927 Announcement for ordering gaps and gowns.
25 Notice
College Eye 17:45, p.1
5/19/1926 Seniors should get caps and gowns.
26 Seniors don caps and gowns
College Eye 16:33, p.8
5/6/1925 Members of the senior class to wear caps and gowns and march as a body to chapel services.
27 Editorially speaking; how about senior caps and gowns?
College Eye 15:11, p.4
11/14/1923 Wants college to buy caps and gowns to reuse every year.
28 Herbert Cook chosen to head senior class
College Eye 13:29, p.1
4/5/1922 Roster of officers; considering wearing caps and gowns on Fridays during spring term.
29 Caps and gowns are donned; seniors appear in chapel Friday morning in full regalia
College Eye 4:10, p.8
11/12/1914 Gives brief history of the wearing of caps and gowns at graduation ceremonies.
30 1913
Hendrickson--H. E. (Student--1916)
Old Gold 0:0, p.17
6/1/1913 Commencement cap.
31 Editorial
Normal Eyte 20:18, p.295
1/26/1910 Football season was financial and athletic success; Bachelor of Arts graduates will be the only ones to wear cap and gown; subscribe to this year's Old Gold.
32 Seniors to entertain; Class of 1910 meets; committee for winter social even is appointed
Normal Eyte 20:17, p.282
1/19/1910 Considering who will be allowed to wear caps and gowns at Commencement.
33 Commencement plans; seniors decide upon matters relative to graduation--orators chosen
Normal Eyte 19:25, p.385
4/14/1909 Lenore Shanewise, Helen Katz, and James P. Murphy will speak; seniors will wear caps and gowns.
34 A product of imagination
Normal Eyte 3:36, p.285
6/23/1894 Fanciful drawing of a senior in cap and gown.
35 The Fourth Years
Normal Eyte 3:34, p.271
5/26/1894 Wearing tennis outfits rather than caps and gowns.
36 An exchange tells us
Normal Eyte 3:23, p.183
3/3/1894 Humorous look at caps and gowns.
37 We do not know
Normal Eyte 3:19, p.147
2/3/1894 Satire on caps and gowns.
38 The Omaha Christian Advocate
Normal Eyte 3:15, p.116
1/6/1894 Praise for the work of Olin B. Chassell and his wife; Mr. Chassell does not like the class quarrel at the Normal.
39 We prepared an article
Normal Eyte 3:14, p.105
12/9/1893 Maintains that caps and gowns are not an appropriate feature for ISNS Commencement.
40 A Fourth Year claims
Normal Eyte 3:13, p.103
12/2/1893 Humorous suggestion that cap and gown can be worn in fields next summer.
41 A meeting of the Fourth Year Class
Normal Eyte 3:13, p.104
12/2/1893 Decided to wear caps and gowns.
42 Caps and gowns
Normal Eyte 3:13, p.102
12/2/1893 Believes that caps and gowns will have a good effect on class unity.
43 Notice
Normal Eyte 3:13, p.100
12/2/1893 Accepting designs for award for Normal Eyte editor who denounced academic regalia.
44 That awful editor
Normal Eyte 3:13, p.101
12/2/1893 Believes matter of caps and gowns should be properly discussed in class meetings, not in the newspaper.
45 To the editor of the Normal Eyte
Normal Eyte 3:13, p.98
12/2/1893 Believes that seniors should wear academic regalia at Commencement.
46 Training School boy
Normal Eyte 3:13, p.104
12/2/1893 Humorous reference to caps and gowns.
47 Words are the servants of thought
Normal Eyte 3:13, p.97
12/2/1893 Claims that a misspelling was intentionally used to make a point.
48 Pretension
Normal Eyte 3:12, p.89
11/25/1893 Belittles idea of wearing caps and gowns.

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