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1 Diplomat discusses dichotomy of Turkey
Braumann--Kari Sue (Student--2009)
Northern Iowan 107:42, p.2
3/8/2011 Faith Yildiz, consul general to the Turkish Consulate in Chicago, spoke about the progress Turkey has made with its economy, now the sixth largest in Europe.
2 UNI College of Education Awards Celebration recognizes faculty with awards
Public Relations News Release 2009:438, p.1
4/29/2010 Faculty awarded: Leigh Zeitz, Deborah Tidwell, Audrey Rule, and Leigh Martin. William P. Callahan, dean of the College of Education, presented the Dean's Award for Multicultural Initiatives in Teaching to Kim Knesting.
3 University of Northern Iowa inducts hundreds into the teacher education program.
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
5/13/2005 Two hundred forty-four students inducted into teacher education program; list included.
4 Gifts from the heart
Public Relations News Release 2002:313, p.1
2/10/2003 Claims that homemade gifts sometimes mean more.
5 Breaking the news about Santa Claus
Public Relations News Release 2002:261, p.1
12/23/2002 Advice will be offered for telling children the truth about Santa Claus.
6 Halloween can be harmful
Public Relations News Release 2002:153, p.1
10/28/2002 Children's scare tolerance and Halloween will be explored by Radhi Al-Mabuk.
7 Communicate with Your Kids Month
Public Relations News Release 2003:102, p.1
9/30/2002 How to talk to your children.
8 The right kind of discipline
Public Relations News Release 2002:9, p.1
7/15/2002 Age-appropriate advise is given to parents on how to discipline their children.
9 Spring fever
Public Relations News Release 2001:460, p.1
4/29/2002 Tips to keeping kids focused towards the end of the year will be discussed.
10 Is 13 too young to date?
Public Relations News Release 2001:340, p.1
3/11/2002 The rules of dating will be discussed.
11 Spilling the beans about Santa
Public Relations News Release 0:247, p.1
12/24/2001 How and when to tell children that Santa Claus doesn't exist.
12 Christmas is about giving . . . but don't give too much
Public Relations News Release 2001:239, p.1
12/17/2001 Radhi Al-Mabuk will talk about how much is too much to give for Christmas.
13 Just say "no" to spanking
Public Relations News Release 2000:391, p.1
4/30/2001 Radhi Al-Mabuk will talk about alternative punishments to spanking children.
14 When to stop the Santa stories
Public Relations News Release 2000:173, p.1
12/11/2000 Radhi Al-Mabuk explains when it is the right time to tell children about Santa and also how to do it.
15 Breaking the news about Santa Claus
Public Relations News Release 1999:165, p.1
12/20/1999 Professor Radhi Al-Mabuk will give parents tips on how to let their child know the Santa Claus secret.
16 How much is too much?
Public Relations News Release 1999:165, p.1
12/20/1999 Professor Radhi Al-Mabuk will offer advice for setting a good financial example.
17 Recently/soon to be published: Donna Schumacher
Campus News Network 8:7, p.Insert 1
11/10/1997 Donna Schumacher edited book and Penny Beed, Vicki Oleson, Jennifer Cameron Paulson, Margaret Ishler, Radhi Al-Mabuk, and Charles Dedrick contributed articles.
18 We're sorry, Virginia
Public Relations News Release 1995:168, p.1
12/25/1995 Children will figure out the meaning of Santa Claus by themselves, especially if they have older siblings.
19 The ACG factor
Public Relations News Release 1995:166, p.1
12/18/1995 UNI professor states that average cost per gift should be considered at Xmas time. Ten small gifts might equal the value of two larger gifts the following year.
20 General criteria for parents to keep in mind when looking for babysitter
Public Relations News Release 1994:430, p.1
5/1/1995 Quality of care, safety and reliability are key qualities to look for in a babysitter.
21 Recently/soon to be published: Ann Vernon, and Radhi Al-Mabuk
Campus News Network 5:16, p.Insert 1
4/24/1995 Ann Vernon and Radhi Al-Mabuk co-authored "What Growing Up is All About: A parent's guide to Child and Adolescent Development."
22 Finding the better babysitter
Public Relations News Release 1994:384, p.1
4/17/1995 Parents need to check references when interviewing potential baby sitters for their children.
23 Long distance vacation survival
Public Relations News Release 0:593, p.1
5/23/1994 Tips are provided for surviving long car trips with children.
24 Warning: Not to be taken internally.
Public Relations News Release 1993:272, p.1
12/20/1993 Radhi Al-Mabuk warns of the dangers of toys for children not meeting safety standards.
25 Keeping a clunker-free Christmas.
Public Relations News Release 1993:256, p.1
12/13/1993 Radhi Al-Mabuk says the myriad of toys during the holiday season makes it difficult for parents to determine which ones will hold a child's interest.
26 Handling children's temper tantrums with understanding, patience, firmness and love.
Public Relations News Release 1993:88, p.1
10/11/1993 Radhi Al-Mabuk helps explain temper tantrums in children and suggests how parents should try to cope with these situations.
27 Chores important for teaching children responsibility
Public Relations News Release 1993:32, p.1
9/20/1993 Radhi Al-Mabuk suggests that at age 3, parents start asking their child to pick up their room. This will aid in teaching responsibility.
28 Tempering the tantrum.
Public Relations News Release 1993:51, p.1
9/20/1993 Radhi Al-Mabuk states that no parents are exempt from having to endure a temper tantrum or two during Junior's formative years.
29 Starting salaries.
Public Relations News Release 1993:8, p.1
8/23/1993 A child's allowance can teach responsibility if money management is also taught.
30 Raising responsible rug rats.
Public Relations News Release 1992:780, p.1
8/9/1993 Children should expect to be assigned and complete household chores.
31 Carmen Montecinos and Radhi Al-Mabuk
Campus News Network 3:20, p.4
7/6/1993 Win FINE grant to work on students' achievements.
32 Attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity may come from societal influences
Public Relations News Release 1992:677, p.1
6/1/1993 Stress, diet, and continuous electronic stimulation may be among contributing factors for ADD.
33 Expanding the attention span.
Public Relations News Release 1992:652, p.1
5/17/1993 Radhi Al-Mabuk warns that ADD can impair a child's ability to absorb information in the formative years.
34 From an infant's perspective.
Public Relations News Release 1992:333, p.1
2/8/1993 Radhi Al-Mabuk feels the Family and Medical Leave Act is a move in the right direction.
35 Painful memories.
Public Relations News Release 1992:221, p.1
11/30/1992 Radhi Al-Mabuk sees pros and cons to spanking a child.
36 Children lie for a variety of reasons; parnts need to understand those reasons
Public Relations News Release 1992:34, p.1
9/7/1992 Parents warned to understand the reasons their children lie.
37 For the Michael Milken of your household.
Public Relations News Release 1991:776, p.1
8/17/1992 Rahdi Al-Mabuk says parents need to be certain that anything a child has stolen be returned and punishment issued to the child.
38 Defabricating the young'ns.
Public Relations News Release 1991:724, p.1
7/20/1992 Parents need to be certain their children know that parents know when they are not telling the truth.
39 Professor appears on PBS; forgiveness and mental health topic of TV program
Hyer--Shawn R. (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 88:45, p.3
3/13/1992 Professor Al-Mabuk will appear; photo.
40 Rahdi Al-Mabuk
Campus News Network 2:13, p.2
3/9/1992 Guest on psychology talk show.
41 Some may forgive; none will forget.
Public Relations News Release 1991:435, p.1
3/2/1992 Family of victims of Jeffrey Dahmer need to forgive him for their own mental health according to Radhi Al-Mabuk.
42 Forgiveness and mental health topic of television programs featuring University of Northern Iowa professor
Public Relations News Release 1991:429, p.1
2/24/1992 Radhi Al-Mabuk will be the featured guest on a half-hour psychology talk show dealing with forgiveness and mental health.
43 "Mommy, I'm bored with Barbie and I think she's stifling my creativity."
Public Relations News Release 1991:302, p.1
1/6/1992 Toys like blocks, Legos, and Lincoln Logs get a child's creative juices flowing, according to Radhi Al-Mabuk.
44 Ask some important questions before making a toy purchase says educator
Public Relations News Release 1991:246, p.1
12/2/1991 Radhi Al-Mabuk urges parents to check safety, durability, age range, educational value, and what appeals to children prior to purchasing a toy.
45 Percentage of high school dropouts decreasing in U. S. overall: Higher for some groups
Public Relations News Release 1990:436, p.1
4/1/1991 High school dropout rates deceased from nearly 30% in 1940 to 14 % in 1986.
46 Helping students learn to forgive can ease stress; allow healthier emotional development
Public Relations News Release 1990:377, p.1
3/18/1991 Forgiveness is a major tool in achieving emotional stability.
47 The forgiveness factor--Why it's not always easy to forgive & forget.
Public Relations News Release 1990:362, p.1
2/25/1991 Time is often the best factor for forgiving others.
48 The dropout dilemma--costs us millions every year
Public Relations News Release 1990:352, p.1
2/18/1991 Radhi Al-Mabuk's research shows that getting high school drop-outs to return to school will save money.
49 Summer fellowships announced
Campus News Network 1:11, p.Insert 2
2/11/1991 Roster of winners and their topics.

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