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1 U. S. oil shouldn't depend on Alaskan reserve
Meinecke--Heather (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 102:45, p.7
3/24/2006 Offers argument against drilling for oil in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
2 President Koob heads out on the highway; while looking for adventure, Koob finds Alaska
Vande Zandschulp--Jessica (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 101:11, p.14
10/5/2004 President Koob enjoys his summer motorcycle outings; photo.
3 Reader argues against drilling in Alaska
Richard--Nicole J. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:44, p.6
3/14/2003 Claims that oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will disrupt and destroy the ecosystem.
4 Environmental impact of drilling for oil in Alaska
Public Relations News Release 1990:78, p.1
10/1/1990 Americans looking to Alaska for oil. Environmentalists are concerned about detrimental effects on wildlife. Glendon Brunk to speak at UNI.
5 Wildlife biologist to give presentation on Arctic National Wildlife Refuge at University of Northern Iowa September 26
Public Relations News Release 1990:51, p.1
9/13/1990 Multi-media slide show will present the wildlife and wilderness values of the Arctic refuge
6 Oil spills confronted by local environmentalist
Northern Iowan 86:53, p.5
4/17/1990 Glendon Brunk will make presentation on Alaska.
7 Alaskan research may lead to economic gain
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 84:4, p.10
9/4/1987 James Walters talks about his research; photo.
8 Local students, teachers to explore terrain of Alaska, Western Canada on 45-day UNI adventure
Public Relations News Release 1986:445, p.1
5/27/1986 A group of seventeen Iowa science teachers, UNI students and other interested adults will study the wildlife, geology, and wilderness areas June 9-July 25; group led by Walters who has spent the last ten summers in Alaska.
9 Alaskan landforms shown
Northern Iowan 80:32, p.7
1/31/1984 Jim Walters talks about his work in Alaska.
10 Slides of Alaska to be shown
Northern Iowan 76:37, p.7
2/22/1980 Jody Hines will show slides from her backpacking trip to Alaska.
11 Call of the wild lures UNI grad to Alaska
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:62, p.5
7/14/1978 Bonnie Bless talks about her experiences of teaching in Alaska; photo.
12 Seminar
Northern Iowan 74:5, p.7
9/16/1977 Professor Walters will speak about Alaska.
13 Geo-Forum
Northern Iowan 73:37, p.12
2/11/1977 Professor Walters will speak on Alaska.
14 Museum
Northern Iowan 72:54, p.4
4/30/1976 Russell and Dann Schultz will talk about bicycling on the Alcan Highway.
15 Museum program
Northern Iowan 72:26, p.4
12/5/1975 Professor MacMillan will speak on Alaska.
16 UNI Museum
Northern Iowan 70:5, p.9
9/28/1973 Gus Hanuske will present photos from Alaskan trip.
17 Alaskan's two escapades: trips to Arctic Circle, south
Tonne--Kathryn (Student--1964)
College Eye 59:9, p.6
11/6/1964 Profile of Eric Thompson, who is from Alaska; photo.
18 Return from Alaskan trip
College Eye 45:40, p.3
8/6/1954 John Charles talks about trip to Alaska.
19 Alumnus to give talk on Alaska
College Eye 42:29, p.6
5/4/1951 Dorothy Tostlebe Thompson will speak.
20 Brindley Scholarship winner plays tennis, likes to travel
College Eye 42:4, p.2
10/6/1950 Profile of Dick Wischmeier; photo.
21 No chicken for Alaska Sunday dinner
Alumnus 34:2, p.28
4/1/1950 Alumna recounts experiences of living in Alaska.
22 April Alumnus features letter from Alaska
College Eye 41:24, p.6
3/31/1950 Loretta McCurnin describes her life in Alaska as a teacher.
23 Survey of Campus Opinion
Lukens--Bonnie (Student--1948)
College Eye 40:14, p.2
1/7/1949 Students asked what they think of statehood for Alaska and Hawaii.
24 Gold mining provides adventurous, profitable experience for Wischmeier
Jordan--Charles Millard (Student--1948)
College Eye 40:1, p.2
9/17/1948 Dick Wischmeier talks about his experiences in Alaska.
25 Mary Ellen Sprole
Alumnus 31:2, p.20
4/1/1947 Married Pearse Walsh on August 24, 1946, in Nome, Alaska. They will reside in Nome where Pearse is employed by Pan-American Airways. Prior to her marriage, she was an instructor in the Territorial High School in Nome.
26 Teaches school in Alaska
Sprole--Mary Ellen (Class of 1942)
Alumnus 30:2, p.17
4/1/1946 Mary Ellen Sprole recounts experiences of living in Nome.
27 Mrs. Stanley Thompson, (Dorothy Jean Tostlebe)
Alumnus 29:4, p.25
10/1/1945 Resides in Fresno, California. Stanley is in service in Alaska but expects to be discharged soon and plants to teach in the high school in Nome, Alaska. Dorothy will join him there and may also teach in the Nome schools.
28 Mr. and Mrs. W. Morgan Davies, (Audrey Munson)
Alumnus 29:3, p.23
7/1/1945 Live at Anchorage, Alaska. They are the parents of two sons, John and Jim. Morgan is with the Civil Aeronautics Administration in the Aleutian area.
29 Mr. and Mrs. Jasper W. Thompson, (Wilma Freeland)
Alumnus 29:2, p.21
4/1/1945 Are teaching in the schools at Nenana, Alaska.
30 Beryl Frances Michaelson
Alumnus 28:2, p.26
4/1/1944 Teaches at a government school in Selawik, Alaska.
31 Christmas with the Eskimos
Michaelson--Beryl Frances (Class of 1942)
Alumnus 28:2, p.6
4/1/1944 Beryl Michaelson recounts experiences in the North.
32 Marjorie Paulus
Alumnus 27:3, p.24
7/1/1943 Teaches social science and girls' physical education in Ketchikan, Alaska.
33 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Morgan
Alumnus 27:3, p.22
7/1/1943 The former Jessie Storie teaches at an Eskimo school in White Mountain, Alaska.
34 Leigh E. Robinson
Alumnus 27:2, p.28
4/1/1943 Moved to Bellingham, Washington, after living in Alaska for many years.
35 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Morgan
Alumnus 27:2, p.32
4/1/1943 The former Jesse Storie teaches at an Eskimo school in White Mount, Alaska.
36 Rev. G. Scott Porter
Alumnus 27:2, p.31
4/1/1943 Pastor of the Westlawn Presbyterian church in Sioux City, Iowa; went to Alaska for five months.
37 Mahlon (Curly) Hintzman
Alumnus 27:1, p.18
1/1/1943 Foreman of the road construction crew in Fairbanks, Alaska.
38 Margaret Conrardy
Alumnus 26:4, p.24
10/1/1942 Program director of the U. S. O. club in the naval at Anchorage, Alaska.
39 Marguerite Griffen Bradford
Alumnus 26:3, p.15
7/1/1942 Works in the general merchandising and fur trading business in Dillingham, Alaska.
40 Arthur Tessmer
Alumnus 25:3, p.29
7/1/1941 Is an instructor in industrial arts in Ketchikan, Alaska. He said that "It's just like living in the states, except that the pioneer spirit still prevails. People are friendly, and do not have the tendency to put the teacher on a false pedestal."
41 Leigh E. Robinson
Alumnus 25:2, p.9
4/1/1941 Has been transferred from Klawock to Hoonah, Alaska. After a six-year stay at Klawock, the Robinsons have moved to their new location, where they are engaged in the Indian service.
42 Mrs. W. Morgan Davies (Audrey Munson)
Alumnus 24:2, p.28
4/1/1940 Now living in Bethel, Alaska; Morgan is a pilot for Star Air Lines. They are the parents of a son, John Morgan. Before marriage, Audrey taught home economics in the Fairbanks, Alaska, high school.
43 Mrs. Alexander Henry Bradford (Marguerite Griffen)
Alumnus 24:1, p.22
1/1/1940 Resident of Alaska for twenty years; resides in Dillingham, Bristol Bay, Bering Sea. Married J. C. Lowe in 1920, engaged in fur business, died in 1930. Married Bradford in 1931 who was interested in salmon canneries. He died in 1937.
44 E. D. Weyant
Alumnus 23:3, p.26
7/1/1939 And his wife are living at Nondalton, Alaska, where he is a United States government teacher and community worker in the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The work consists of caring for the medical needs of the natives, teaching and making applications.
45 A. D. King
Alumnus 21:2, p.18
4/1/1937 Publishes article on Alaska.
46 Audrey D. Munson
Alumnus 21:1, p.26
1/1/1937 Teaches home economics at the territorial school in Bethel, Alaska.
47 Ruth Sheldon
Alumnus 21:1, p.28
1/1/1937 Married pilot Matt Flensburg on April 14, 1936.
48 Former student is prize cake baker
College Eye 28:5, p.4
10/8/1936 Audrey Munson wins prize in Alaska.
49 Hamilton Club
College Eye 28:2, p.2
9/18/1936 Erwin Gaite elected secretary.
50 Graduate to Alaska
College Eye 27:53, p.3
8/14/1936 Audrey Muson will teach in Bethel, Alaska.


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