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1 'VertigoMini' a disturbing delight
Mitchell--Cecilia (Class of 2022), Fortmann--Toni (Class of 2022)
Northern Iowan 115:53, p.04
4/29/2019 Mitchell gives "VertigoMini: A Night of 'In-Case' Performance Art" held April 25 in the Kamerick Art Building a favorable review; photos.
2 Exhibition review: student works: depth with a sense of humor
Funcke--Jill A. (Class of 1990)
Public Relations News Release 86:40, p.8
2/23/1990 A look at student work on display in Union; photo.
3 'The Montana Connection'; Exhibition Review
Funcke--Jill A. (Class of 1990)
Northern Iowan 86:16, p.11
10/27/1989 Work by David Johnson, Andrew Saftel, and Pam Longobardi on display; photo.
4 Nakian and de Creeft a perfectly 'artful' pair
Finder--Sally (Student--1983)
Northern Iowan 80:14, p.12
10/18/1983 Exhibit review; photo.
5 Art "corral" in Union
Northern Iowan 80:5, p.22
9/13/1983 Nina Ward's work on display in Royal Oak Room.
6 A 'masterful' showing at UNI Gallery of Art
Finder--Sally (Student--1983)
Northern Iowan 80:4, p.15
9/9/1983 A look at the current print display; photo.
7 UNI Art Gallery exhibit reviewed
Hantula--Tim (Class of 1985)
Northern Iowan 79:59, p.7
7/8/1983 Pottery art exhibit reviewed.
8 'Abstract' view of the world
Northern Iowan 79:49, p.7
4/15/1983 Review of Kimble Bromley's art exhibit; photo.
9 Art show "for everyone"
Northern Iowan 79:13, p.15
10/12/1982 Author enjoys the Alumni Invitational Exhibition.
10 SAA raffle prize is a student's work of art
Tharp--Gretchen M. (Class of 1983)
Northern Iowan 79:11, p.8
10/5/1982 Review of Student Art Association show.
11 Student show opens
Tharp--Gretchen M. (Class of 1983)
Northern Iowan 79:8, p.13
9/24/1982 Author reviews the works of two graduate students which are on display in Latham Gallery room 217.
12 Show combines abstract, classical
Northern Iowan 79:7, p.17
9/21/1982 Author gives a description of the work of Yaun Yen-Sheng.
13 Art exhibition opens
Northern Iowan 79:4, p.13
9/10/1982 Author comments on current exhibit featuring the works of Dan Powell, Mary Ann Kelly, and Leonard Baskin.
14 Stained glass highlights faculty art exhibit
Tharp--Gretchen M. (Class of 1983)
Northern Iowan 78:51, p.8
4/23/1982 Review of the UNI Art Department Faculty Show.
15 Exhibit features sculpture
Northern Iowan 78:43, p.13
3/26/1982 A review of artwork on display at the UNI Gallery of Art.
16 In Review, Gallery exhibit is 'alive'
Oakes--William D. (Class of 1983)
Northern Iowan 78:37, p.12
2/23/1982 Review of the Student Art Club Gallery Show; photo.
17 Metals show focuses on idea
Tharp--Gretchen M. (Class of 1983)
Northern Iowan 78:35, p.9
2/16/1982 Review of the 'Contemporary Metals' art display at the UNI Gallery of Art.
18 'Please touch' art displayed
Holley--Charles E. (Class of 1984)
Northern Iowan 78:31, p.7
2/2/1982 A review of the art work on display by the UNI Art Club; photo.
19 In Review, Landau evokes emotions
Northern Iowan 78:23, p.9
11/24/1981 A review of the work by Jacob Landau on display at the UNI Gallery of Art.
20 Feminist art work honors great women of history
Wagner--JoAnne Zoller
Northern Iowan 78:16, p.14
10/30/1981 A review of a feminist-themed art exhibition in Chicago.
21 Cone's work easy to understand
Northern Iowan 78:15, p.14
10/27/1981 A review of the current exhibit featured in UNI's Gallery of Art. The exhibit is entitled " Marvin Cone Retrospective:.
22 'Recent Acquisitions' are worth trip to gallery
Northern Iowan 77:55, p.10
5/12/1981 Review of "Recent Acquisitions" of the UNI Gallery of Art; photo.
23 'The Great West,' where even real is ideal
Northern Iowan 77:14, p.17
10/24/1980 Review of the photograph display, "The Great West, Real/Ideal"; photo.
24 Drawing exhibition ignores recent trends
Public Relations News Release 77:5, p.6
9/16/1980 A review of the exhibition "Contemporary American Drawings"; photo.
25 Student disagrees with 'Colorado' review
Northern Iowan 76:35, p.3
2/15/1980 Explains that the Colorado Photography exhibit is arranged so that the viewer will look at them and come up with his or her own opinion.
26 Photography exhibit lacks unity, meaning
Northern Iowan 76:33, p.7
2/8/1980 Review of the art exhibit "Colorado Photographers"; photo.
27 'Current Clay Works' interpret color, texture
Northern Iowan 76:26, p.6
12/14/1979 Review of the art display 'Current Clay Works'; photo.
28 Art is fun in Year of the Child exhibit
Northern Iowan 76:18, p.11
11/9/1979 Review of the Year of the Child exhibit; photo.
29 Tobey unafraid to explore art forms
Northern Iowan 76:5, p.8
9/18/1979 A review of the art exhibit "Mark Tobey: Graphics."
30 "Eccentric" art unique, not odd
Northern Iowan 75:54, p.4
5/8/1979 Review of the exhibit "Northwest Eccentric Art."
31 Went to faculty art show
Voss--Elizabeth Mae (Class of 1966)
College Eye 63:41, p.3
3/17/1967 Gives a 'Dawn Zanatta' style impression of the show; uses style of the March 10th review.
32 She laughed
Brush--Judith E. (Student--1967)
College Eye 63:40, p.3
3/14/1967 Pokes fun at the recent faculty art show review.
33 Wants a review
Sonstegard--Kirsten A. (Class of 1968)
College Eye 63:40, p.3
3/14/1967 Asks for an actual review of the faculty art show, instead of just Dawn Zanatta's impressions.
34 Student reviews faculty art show
Zanatta--Dawn M. (Classes of 1970 and 2001)
College Eye 63:39, p.3
3/10/1967 Describes the 'experience' of attending the recent show.
35 Picasso controversial art figure
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 63:25, p.3
12/15/1966 Comments on the abilities of this artist.
36 So-called paintings in A & I
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 63:21, p.2
12/2/1966 Critiques a recent exhibit.
37 Kultur: Faculty show features suicide, tennis
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 60:38, p.2
3/4/1966 Compares the art at the New Faculty Show to a suicide or a tennis match.
38 Kultur: Dale Laun, Mondrian heretic, shows hard-edged exhibit
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 60:2, p.2
9/17/1965 Looks at work of Dale Laun.
39 Exhibit shows photography as fine art
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 59:42, p.2
5/18/1965 According to an essay by Koppler, accompanying a photography exhibition, photography may be the most vital art of this century.
40 Guston's metaphysical portrait mistreated
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 59:40, p.2
5/11/1965 Students often laugh at or ignore the piece of Modern Art.
41 Art Gallery swings into scene with student, faculty works
Speirs--Kent (Class of 1965)
College Eye 59:34, p.1
4/20/1965 Review of the current exhibit.
42 Versatile Finegan discusses art, own show
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 59:32, p.2
4/13/1965 Show is stimulating and complicated; probably best show of the year; photo.
43 Sumi-e painting implies brush mastery
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 59:26, p.2
3/12/1965 Calligraphy should be respected.
44 Art fan soon becomes collector
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 59:19, p.2
2/16/1965 A & I display is too impressive to pass by.
45 Non-majors display 'crazy modern art'
College Eye 59:16, p.2
1/15/1965 Roy Behrens appreciates the display from the Man and Materials class.
46 Photo show cracks campus apathy
Mayes--Jerry Ray (Student--1961-1964)
College Eye 58:32, p.2
6/26/1964 Review of show by Robert Bina, Keith Jacobs, and Jim Dee.
47 Reviewer calls print exhibit 'a Superb Art Show'
College Eye 57:33, p.2
6/21/1963 A review of the "Exhibition of Prize-Winning American Prints."
48 Shahn paints 'Downfall' with distinctive form
Hall--Barbara J. (Student--1954)
College Eye 45:27, p.8
4/23/1954 Critique of work in recent exhibition.
49 Writer-professor gives impressions of Herrold's art
College Eye 44:27, p.2
4/17/1953 Professor Abbott looks at Professor Herrold's work.
50 Reviewer describes variety of paintings exhibited by Turnbull
Wichser--Mary (Student--1942)
College Eye 33:27, p.3

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