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1 What is RHA?
Northern Iowan 69:16, p.9
11/7/1972 Goals for new organization formed from AWS and MRA.
2 Changing roles
Northern Iowan 69:4, p.3
9/26/1972 AWS group will look at changing roles of men and women.
3 A misleading editorial
Miller--Dennis D.
Northern Iowan 68:47, p.3
4/18/1972 Addresses errors and ambiguities in recent article.
4 AWS Easter egg hunt
Taylor--George W.
Northern Iowan 68:42, p.8
5 AWS sponsors Easter egg hunt on Saturday
Northern Iowan 68:40, p.7
6 Lack of votes keeps women together
Northern Iowan 68:39, p.6
3/10/1972 Fail to get enough votes to disband.
7 AWS Kids' Day
Northern Iowan 68:38, p.11
3/7/1972 Will host needy kids.
8 AWS sponsors Easter egg hunt
Northern Iowan 68:37, p.7
3/3/1972 Will host children.
9 Referendum tomorrow
Northern Iowan 68:36, p.1
2/29/1972 Will decide fate of AWS.
10 Kid's day is tomorrow
Northern Iowan 68:33, p.12
2/18/1972 Local underprivileged children will visit campus.
11 Women disband?
Northern Iowan 68:33, p.3
12 Dorms drive for visitation reform
Northern Iowan 68:32, p.1
2/15/1972 Results of survey distributed to student leaders: other important issues include calendar reform and combination of AWS and MRA into Residence Hall Association.
13 AWS sponsors 'kid's day'
Northern Iowan 68:31, p.8
2/11/1972 About one hundred children will enjoy day on campus.
14 Women students recommend disbanding
Northern Iowan 68:30, p.1
2/8/1972 AWS votes to disband; believes it no longer serves a purpose.
15 UNI Supreme Court
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.108
1/1/1972 Set up to hear appeals from AWS Judicial Council, Interhall Court of Appeals, and MRH Court.
16 AWS
Northern Iowan 68:9, p.12
10/15/1971 Will present lecturer on rape.
17 Organizational News
Northern Iowan 68:9, p.12
10/15/1971 Activities and meetings.
18 Mother's Weekend: the heart of SUNI
Northern Iowan 67:49, p.1
4/30/1971 Program for Mother's Day Weekend.
19 UNI Group to Sponsor March of Dimes Pledge Walk
Public Relations News Release 1971:534, p.1
4/13/1971 The Associated Women Students at UNI will be organizing a March of Dimes walk.
20 "No hours" proposal approved by AWS
Northern Iowan 67:43, p.13
4/9/1971 Recommendation goes to deans.
21 Inter-Hall Court proposed
Northern Iowan 67:43, p.15
4/9/1971 AWS and MRA attempt to bring equity to justice system.
22 Little Sis weekend
Northern Iowan 67:43, p.16
4/9/1971 AWS sponsors activities for visitors.
23 AWS
UNI Quarterly 2:3, p.9
4/1/1971 Group photo of leaders.
24 AWS candidates
Northern Iowan 67:36, p.6
3/5/1971 Nancy Wing, Nancy Havens, Dianna Reynolds, and Verlee Greer will run for AWS positions; photo.
25 AWS proposals
Havens--Nancy S. (Class of 1972)
Northern Iowan 67:36, p.2
3/5/1971 Platform of candidates running for AWS office.
26 MRA reports on its 1970-'71 activities
Northern Iowan 67:36, p.6
3/5/1971 Among most important is cooperation with AWS.
27 AWS to ski
Northern Iowan 67:26, p.5
1/12/1971 Will sponsor ski trip to Galena.
28 Mrs. Kamerick to Meet with UNI Women Students
Public Relations News Release 1970:169, p.1
11/6/1970 Mrs. Kamerick will be a guest at the Nov. 11 luncheon for women in the UNI Continuing Education for Women Program.
29 Untitled
Taylor--George W.
Northern Iowan 67:12, p.4
10/27/1970 Linda Alloway provided musical entertainment at the AWS Sadie Hawkins Days; photo.
30 "Round him up"
Northern Iowan 67:9, p.7
10/16/1970 Schedule for AWS Sadie Hawkins Days.
31 Internship: a chance for the future
Northern Iowan 67:2, p.3
9/22/1970 Would allow students to get better look at positions in student organizations.
32 Untitled
Northern Iowan 67:2, p.8
9/22/1970 UNI coeds enjoy the AWS fashion show; photo.
33 Untitled
Taylor--George W.
Northern Iowan 67:2, p.4
9/22/1970 AWS presented fall fashions in University Hall; photo.
34 Campus women welcome
Public Relations News Release 67:1, p.2
9/18/1970 AWS president outlines program.
35 Fall fling
Public Relations News Release 67:1, p.21
9/18/1970 AWS and MRA sponsor early mixer.
36 "Relevance" and "Change": key words for AWS
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.22
7/1/1970 A look at the year's projects and activities; list of officers; photo.
37 Women's Weekend
UNI Quarterly 1:4, p.50
7/1/1970 AWS sponsors activities; Leora Geadelmann is Mother of the Year; photo.
38 Coed faces challenge of AWS membership
Loveland--Mary Jo
Northern Iowan 66:50, p.2
4/21/1970 Unhappy with AWS; does not believe that it is up-to-date or responsive.
39 Tipton woman Named UNI "Mother of the Year"
Public Relations News Release 1969:530, p.1
4/21/1970 Patricia Geadelmann's mother has been named UNI's "Mother of the Year" and will reign over Mother's Day activities on campus April 25 and 26.
40 UNI women to be in the spotlight
Northern Iowan 66:50, p.3
4/21/1970 Schedule of end of year activities for Associated Women Students.
41 President Maucker comments: UNI "no hours" policy
Maucker--James William (President of ISTC--SCI--and UNI)
Public Relations News Release 66:49, p.2
4/17/1970 President Maucker addresses new policy to Patricia Geadelmann of AWS.
42 Liberalization of hours for women students at UNI reported to Regents
Public Relations News Release 1969:488, p.1
4/9/1970 Beginning in fall of 1970, women students, regardless of classification, may be given "no hours" privileges if written permission from their parents is submitted to UNI.
43 Two UNI coeds attend IAWS meeting
Northern Iowan 66:46, p.4
4/7/1970 List of those who attended regional meeting.
44 Additional comments on hours regulations
Public Relations News Release 66:43, p.3
3/17/1970 Continues debate on AWS and its association with hours for women.
45 Communication gap causes misconceptions
Public Relations News Release 66:43, p.2
3/17/1970 Believes AWS should take steps to inform students about policies.
46 Critical statements should have proof
Baumgarten--Carole (Class of 1970)
Northern Iowan 66:42, p.2
3/13/1970 Defends role and actions of AWS in recent hours debate.
47 "No hours" policy presented to president
Northern Iowan 66:41, p.4
3/10/1970 Dean Holmes passes on AWS proposal to President Maucker; policy would allow freshman women to waive hours, with parental consent.
48 Reply to criticism of AWS
Geadelmann--Patricia L. (Class of 1970; HPELS Faculty)
Northern Iowan 66:41, p.2
3/10/1970 AWS president Geadelmann explains that AWS does not make rules; points out recent AWS recommendations in favor of liberalizing hours regulations.
49 AWS hours policy should be dropped
Thies--Brian (Class of 1972)
Northern Iowan 66:40, p.2
3/6/1970 Believes freshman hours rules should be eliminated.
50 Freshman hours draw opposition
Northern Iowan 66:40, p.2
3/6/1970 Student outlines arguments against freshman hours.


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