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1 AMRH ends 10 years of existence May 1
College Eye 60:50, p.3
4/26/1966 Men's Union will represent all men's interests on campus.
2 Miss Jeanne Formanek is AMRH's new queen
College Eye 60:19, p.1
11/16/1965 Description of the beauty pageant; photo.
3 AMRH dance in Commons Saturday night
College Eye 60:18, p.5
4 Six finalists will star in AMRH contest
College Eye 60:18, p.1
11/12/1965 Field narrows from original 17 contestants.
5 8:15 p.m. in Auditorium: AMRH Beauty Pageant will be Thursday, Friday
College Eye 60:17, p.1
11/9/1965 Schedule of activities; list of candidates.
6 'Lollipops and Roses' is theme for Beauty Pageant
College Eye 60:14, p.7
10/29/1965 Rules for the AMRH pageant.
7 Men's residence halls elect 9 ROC, 6 UP candidates
College Eye 60:10, p.3
10/15/1965 Election vote tallies.
8 15 positions open: Polls open until 5 today for men's dorm election
College Eye 60:9, p.1
10/12/1965 List of candidates.
9 Individual, not political issue should win AMRH votes
College Eye 60:8, p.2
10/8/1965 Discusses whether or not candidates should have a platform.
10 UP dedicated to students, not politicking
College Eye 60:7, p.2
10/5/1965 The UP dorm presidential candidates state their purpose as a president and share what they plan to accomplish.
11 UP announces candidates for 3 men's dormitories
College Eye 60:6, p.6
10/1/1965 List of candidates.
12 Association for men's residence halls discussed
College Eye 60:5, p.3
9/28/1965 Plan for beauty pageant.
13 AMRH change proves men students worth listening to
College Eye 59:43, p.2
5/21/1965 Re-organization of Associated Men's Residence Halls should be model for other changes on growing SCI campus.
14 Associated Men's Residence Halls accept new constitution
College Eye 59:41, p.1
5/14/1965 AMRH will a coordinating group rather than a direct legislative group.
15 Scholarship applications due Monday
College Eye 59:41, p.4
5/14/1965 For AMRH scholarships.
16 ROC party looks toward future
College Eye 59:37, p.2
17 ROC candidates capture top two AMRH positions
College Eye 59:35, p.1
4/23/1965 Dennis Wadsworth and Darrell Stuedemann elected; list of other winners.
18 AMRH accepts report asking strong separate dorm government
College Eye 59:34, p.1
4/20/1965 Will consider report that would strengthen dorm government.
19 AMRH election offers choice of two campaign philosophies
College Eye 59:33, p.2
4/16/1965 New political party has vague platform but will increase competition in upcoming residence hall elections.
20 Jorgensen likes quality, spirit of UP candidates
College Eye 59:33, p.2
4/16/1965 Hopes this organization is an example of new life in campus politics.
21 Price likes, will vote for ROC's AMRH platform
Price--Richard Lee (Classes of 1967 and 1971)
College Eye 59:33, p.2
4/16/1965 ROC will initiate needed reforms, will work as a team.
22 UP pledges to meet dorm needs
College Eye 59:33, p.2
4/16/1965 Organization's interests are purely those of the men in the dorm system; it is not a political party.
23 UP, new campus party, announces resident hall election candidates
College Eye 59:33, p.1
4/16/1965 New party fields slate of candidates.
24 Wadsworth to start two programs
Wadsworth--Dennis (Student--1965)
College Eye 59:33, p.2
4/16/1965 If elected, Dennis Wadsworth would establish regular office hours for discussion, and try to attend house meetings to hear complaints and suggestions.
25 ROC announces candidates for AMRH positions
College Eye 59:32, p.4
4/13/1965 List of candidates.
26 AMRH papers must be filed by Wednesday
College Eye 59:31, p.6
4/9/1965 Nomination papers due.
27 AMRH discusses political make-up, street drainage
College Eye 59:26, p.4
28 AMRH discusses open houses, parking lots
College Eye 59:18, p.3
29 First AMRH scholarship awarded
College Eye 59:17, p.7
2/5/1965 John Stroupe wins award.
30 Dissatisfaction over Commons' changes
College Eye 59:12, p.2
12/4/1964 Unhappy with shifts in equipment and furnishings; request meeting with Union Policy Board.
31 SLB hears objections to Commons remodeling
College Eye 59:12, p.3
12/4/1964 Unhappy with moves of television and furniture; also unhappy with shift in policy on reservation of the Commons.
32 Queen Joan Carlson reigns at 'Autumn Leaves' dance
College Eye 59:11, p.4
11/30/1964 Profile of queen and her attendants; photo.
33 '64 AMRH Beauty Pageant held tonight in auditorium
College Eye 59:10, p.1
11/13/1964 Description of the dance and pageant.
34 AMRH to provide $100 grant; Daniels named Court Justice
College Eye 59:10, p.6
11/13/1964 Procedures for scholarship application.
35 AMRH beauty candidates announced
College Eye 59:9, p.4
11/6/1964 List of candidates; photo.
36 'Autumn Leaves' theme for '64 beauty pageant
College Eye 59:8, p.1
10/30/1964 Procedures for the AMRH pageant.
37 AMRH 'Spooks Scramble' in Men's Gym
College Eye 59:7, p.5
10/23/1964 Will host dance.
38 'Scrufty' dance in Men's Gym next Saturday
College Eye 59:6, p.6
10/16/1964 AMRH will sponsor dance.
39 Candidates for AMRH pageant selected today
College Eye 59:6, p.4
10/16/1964 Rules for the pageant.
40 'Scrufty Shuffle' from 8 to 12 in the Commons
College Eye 59:2, p.8
9/18/1964 AWS and AMRH will sponsor dance.
41 Picnic supper on Wednesday
College Eye 58:37, p.1
7/31/1964 Evening meal will be served outdoors.
42 AMRH votes for recreation equipment
College Eye 58:30, p.5
5/22/1964 Will purchase toboggans and other equipment.
43 AMRH Senate votes for $150 banquet allotment
College Eye 58:26, p.5
4/24/1964 Hear argument that money could be better spent elsewhere.
44 Jorgensen elected to AMRH post
College Eye 58:25, p.10
4/17/1964 Dan Jorgensen will be head of group.
45 Annual AMRH dance in Union tomorrow
College Eye 58:17, p.5
46 AWS-AMRH delegates examine SCI social life
College Eye 58:17, p.8
2/14/1964 Will attempt to promote more social activities.
47 Disciplinary Committees not really crouching vultures
College Eye 58:16, p.1
2/7/1964 A look at the campus disciplinary system.
48 Regents Hall and addition to be named by AMRH
College Eye 58:15, p.3
1/17/1964 Men's dorm residents will vote on names for Regents Complex units.
49 AMRH to buy jumper cables, flood Prexy's
College Eye 58:13, p.6
50 AMRH-MU consolidation rejected
College Eye 58:12, p.8
12/13/1963 Organizations will continue as separate entities.


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