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1 More developments that transformed University of Northern Iowa during its 125-year history
Northern Iowa Today 85:1, p.10
1/1/2001 Faculty and administrators comment on the historical growth of UNI; photo.
2 Institutional growth and program expansion to 1890
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 1:0, p.107
7/1/1990 Enrollment grows; the Board outlines its authority more clearly; difficulties with the Boarding Department and physical facilities; photo.
3 The Boarding Department
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Fifty Years at the Teachers College 0:0, p.62
7/1/1926 Professor Wright discusses the administration of student boarding in the early years of the Normal School.
4 Death of Alexander Martz
Normal Eyte 11:32, p.784
5/18/1901 Tribute to Alexander Martz, who died in Pasadena, California.
5 Official; beginnings of the Iowa State Normal School; the first steward
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Normal Eyte 11:29, p.710
4/27/1901 Profile of Steward William Pattee; photo.
6 Official: Beginnings of the Iowa State Normal School; getting ready
Normal Eyte 11:25, p.602
3/30/1901 Professor Wright writes about getting the campus ready for students in 1876.
7 Five years of rapid growth
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.567
6/19/1895 Good look at development of College Hill after Boarding Department closed; development of housing and other improvements including Seerley Park.
8 Our school
Normal Eyte 4:3, p.37
9/29/1894 A look at the progress of the school; growth in enrollment, facilities, revenue, facilities, and reputation.
9 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Miller
Normal Eyte 2:36, p.273
6/10/1893 Have served as head of Boarding Department and later custodian for seven years; will move to Warsaw, Indiana.
10 When closing a term's work
Normal Eyte 2:14, p.107
12/13/1892 A look at the achievements and improvements on campus.
11 The Board of Directors held their meeting
Normal Eyte 2:2, p.17
9/20/1892 Work has been especially hard for Resident Director Fields, who has been busy overseeing the recent changes in buildings and departments.
12 Some changes
Normal Eyte 2:1, p.9
9/13/1892 Changes come from closing of boarding department; three levels of Central Hall remodeled; North Hall remodeled into home for Custodian; smokestack torn down and replaced by new one.
13 At the meeting of the Board of Directors
Normal Eyte 1:12, p.94
4/5/1892 Boarding Department will be discontinued and Central Hall fitted for classrooms; prep course to begin for those not ready for Normal classes; model school to start in North Hall; third level bridge may be built between Central and Old Gilchrist Halls.
14 The state legislature has at last settled
Normal Eyte 1:11, p.86
3/29/1892 Grants $18,700 endowment; appropriates $5000 for Central Hall repairs and remodeling; Boarding Department will be abolished; I. J. McDuffie and E. R. Moore appointed to Board.
15 Shall the Normal have a new building this year?
Normal Eyte 1:10, p.73
3/15/1892 Prospects for new building dim; Boarding Department will probably close and be converted to classroom space; Normal Hill real estate will boom as entrepreneurs build boarding houses.
16 A precursor
Normal Eyte 1:7, p.53
2/23/1892 Tribute to life in North Hall dormitory.
17 All Normalites
Students' Offering 6:22, p.6
2/1/1882 Appreciates service of waiter in dining room.
18 Our new silver knives
Students' Offering 6:20, p.6
11/1/1881 Can cut the toughest beef.
19 We clip the following item
Students' Offering 6:20, p.6
11/1/1881 Description of men's dormitory in Chapel building.
20 On making beds
Nichols--John W.
Students' Offering 5:14, p.2
11/1/1880 A look at making beds, especially at the Normal School.
21 During vacation
Students' Offering 3:9, p.7
12/1/1879 Recitation room made by talking a portion of the sleeping quarters; new piano added.
22 The present year opens
Students' Offering 3:9, p.4
12/1/1879 Largest enrollment so far; Boarding Department overflowing with students taking rooms downtown; some now teaching winter schools.
23 Boarding students
Students' Offering 2:8, p.11
6/1/1879 Have ice cream on picnic in grove.
24 Spring term
Students' Offering 2:6, p.7
3/1/1879 Beginning of term; boarding reduced to $2.75 per week.
25 The term has opened
Students' Offering 2:5, p.4
2/1/1879 152 have enrolled; board reduced to $3 per week to meet competition from boarding houses in town.

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