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1 Custodians: the unsung heroes of campus life
Krob--Nicholas Joseph (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:8, p.6
9/26/2008 Janitorial staff provides the school with sanity and cleanliness day after day.
2 Board of Regents to meet June 13 and 14
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
6/9/2005 Schedule of topics that will be discussed at the meeting.
3 Flowers are blooming
Ryan--Crystal L. (Class of 2006)
Northern Iowan 101:51, p.1
4/15/2005 Yellow tulips on campus; photo.
4 TIMBER! Tree outside Seerley Hall victim of Wednesday afternoon wind gusts
Kirkpatrick--Tashana Nicole (Class of 2005)
Northern Iowan 101:47, p.1
4/1/2005 The fallen tree near Seerley Hall; photo.
5 Board of Regents to meet at University of Iowa Feb. 2 and 3
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
1/26/2005 UNI issues to be discussed.
6 Board of Regents to meet at UNI Nov. 3 and 4
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
10/25/2004 Will discuss enrollment, fiscal report for 2004, Price Laboratory School enrollment, building and remodeling projects, residence report for 2004-2005, and tuition and fees.
7 Campus construction causes headaches for some
Gross--Cindy Marie (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 100:57, p.1
6/18/2004 Although no major walkways have been obstructed, renovations to turn the East Gymnasium into the Innovative Teaching and Technology Center are inconvenient for some students; photo.
8 Board of Regents to meet June 15-16
Public Relations News Release 2003:0, p.1
6/11/2004 UNI-pertinent issues on the agenda to be discussed are provided including the new Business and Community Services Building.
9 Students First?
Weis--Melanie (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 100:10, p.6
10/3/2003 Doesn't like the fence installed by the Quads.
10 Campus should keep its color
Drake--James (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 100:1, p.8
8/29/2003 Student comments on the newly remodeled Union, the green campus, reduction in library hours, and Capstone.
11 Suggestions for more university improvements
Blodgett--Clifford L. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:40, p.7
2/28/2003 Offers advice to administration regarding building improvements on campus, including a dome over campus.
12 Maintenance workers mainly unsung heroes
Collins--Elizabeth L. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:36, p.1
2/14/2003 Terry Sheerer describes the duties of a grounds and landscape crew member.
13 Walk UNI
Campus News Network 11:24, p.2
8/7/2001 The event ran in conjunction with the 125th anniversary and the College Hill Arts Festival.
14 University hosts Walk UNI
Campus News Network 11:22, p.1
6/26/2001 The first ever Walk UNI will give participants a chance to see UNI buildings and their history up close. A schedule of the tours is given.
15 Making it green, and yellow, and pink . . .
Campus News Network 11:1, p.1
7/24/2000 Plant Services is responsible for maintaining landscaping for more than 250 acres for UNI; photo.
16 Battle for natural grass rages
Cremer--Justin A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 96:33, p.1
2/1/2000 SEAC and Go Green UNI ask UNI to drastically cut the amount of herbicides used on campus.
17 Enviro-Lawn services comparable to competitors
Northern Iowan 96:30, p.7
1/21/2000 In response to November 9 article, founder and owner of Enviro-Lawn company states the cost of their services are comparable to other companies.
18 Water main break causes problems
Northern Iowan 96:21, p.2
11/9/1999 Art 2, Psychology I, Greenhouse, Baker Hall, Wright Hall, Sabin Hall, Seerley, and part of Maucker Union were without water Monday as result of water main break.
19 UNI campus is a work of art
Freeman--Michael S. (Class of 2002)
Northern Iowan 96:20, p.8
11/5/1999 Student feels the "cow paths" are not a problem compared to the overall condition of other campuses.
20 Physical Plant helps with tight construction deadlines
Campus News Network 9:8, p.2
11/23/1998 Physical Plant workers have completed or assisted in construction jobs on campus recently.
21 Custodians not 'maids' to clean up after 13,000 students
Kirk--Amanda J.
Northern Iowan 94:37, p.7
2/17/1998 Student asks other students to put their trash where it belongs.
22 Clearing the white stuff
Campus News Network 8:8, p.1
11/24/1997 Campus snow removal process will be changed and second shift will remain from last year.
23 Summer cleaning all the hard to reach places
Ha--Kyung-Jun (Class of 1998)
Northern Iowan 93:59, p.2
7/11/1997 Mark Steiger cleaning third story window of Physics Building; photo.
24 Scott Hall: the new Fine Arts Building
Scott--Nicholas L. (Class of 1998)
Northern Iowan 93:56, p.3
6/13/1997 Comments on the naming of buildings on campus.
25 Putting the rubber to the turf
Campus News Network 7:19, p.2
5/27/1997 Photos of Physical Plant workers placing rubber pellets on practice football field; photo.
26 Summer construction shouldn't disrupt campus
Campus News Network 7:19, p.1
5/27/1997 Construction projects on campus will not disrupt normal campus affairs.
27 Spark up NISG elections, find name for generic sounding 'University Museum'
Northern Iowan 93:51, p.5
4/18/1997 Columnist will miss old Lang Hall; UNI Museum needs a name; withdraw one vote per person rule in NISG elections.
28 What's with the roads?
Northern Iowan 93:44, p.7
3/14/1997 UNI should fix the potholes.
29 City recognizes holes
Northern Iowan 93:43, p.4
3/11/1997 More potholes than usual are on Cedar Falls and campus streets.
30 Pothole or death-trap?
Northern Iowan 93:42, p.2
3/7/1997 Large pothole near Biology Resource Center; photo.
31 Campus lighting
Hanson--Leslie J. (Class of 1997)
Northern Iowan 93:33, p.1
2/4/1997 UNI has the lowest crime rate in U. S.; many lights on campus need bulbs replaced or lights installed in dark areas; map.
32 Now it's our turn
Northern Iowan 93:31, p.5
1/28/1997 Many improvements still need to be made on campus.
33 Students: speak up, save your university
Northern Iowan 93:30, p.7
1/24/1997 Former student asks why UNI is building new buildings and not fixing existing ones.
34 Keeping on track
Campus News Network 6:18, p.1
5/28/1996 President Koob and track team members look over blueprints for new outdoor track and field facility; photo.
35 Pardon our progress
Campus News Network 6:18, p.4
5/28/1996 Report on construction projects underway on campus, including razing of two university-owned houses.
36 A banner welcome
Campus News Network 6:16, p.1
4/22/1996 UNI banners have been installed on University Avenue and Hudson Road for UNI's 120th anniversary; photo.
37 Baker Hall construction
Campus News Network 6:16, p.3
4/22/1996 Work is now underway on Baker Hall necessitating fencing off of areas near the building.
38 UNI enrollment projected to peak in 2002
Campus News Network 6:9, p.4
1/16/1996 UNI enrollment is projected to peak at 13, 715 in year 2005; other Regents news includes granting of faculty leaves, report says 51% of UNI employees are women and 11% minorities; and approval of demolishing two houses for parking lots.
39 Regents approve UNI appropriation requests
Campus News Network 6:3, p.5
10/2/1995 Board of Regents approved funding for undergraduate education, technology training, outreach industry, and purchase of Wayne Engineering property, among others.
40 Now you see it, soon you won't
Campus News Network 5:16, p.Insert 1
4/24/1995 UNI receiving bids for removal of bridge between Sabin Hall and Maucker Union; photo.
41 Campus ready for school
Campus News Network 4:23, p.1
8/22/1994 Update on summer construction projects.
42 Recently at the Regents
Campus News Network 4:18, p.2
5/9/1994 Report on faculty workload, approval of increase in room and board rates, approval for purchase of house and lot, and approval of Industrial Technology Research Space project.
43 Recently at the Regents
Campus News Network 4:4, p.1
10/11/1993 Approved budget request, funds for Wellness Center, funds over five years to remodel buildings, and easement for using land for bike trail; reports on energy and flood damage given.
44 "A maze" of problems
Robinson--James B. (Philosophy and Religion Facult
Northern Iowan 87:34, p.2
2/1/1991 Metal fences are " . . . ugly and unsightly. . . ."
45 More cement to be torn up?; "fenced out even longer"
Feuling--John S.
Northern Iowan 87:12, p.1
10/12/1990 Concrete between the Union and Sabin Hall will be replaced soon; photo.
46 A different point of view; accessibility of campus questioned
Hahn--Jessica J. (Class of 1995)
Northern Iowan 87:11, p.9
10/9/1990 Although UNI has made progress in campus accessibility, many handicapped students still find the facilities and sidewalks inaccessible.
47 Back from the future
Fisher--Carrie A. (Classes of 1993 and 1996)
Northern Iowan 87:9, p.7B
10/2/1990 View of UNI campus and College Hill in 1999.
48 UNI keeps pace with needs of the handicapped
Phipps--David (Student--1990)
Northern Iowan 87:7, p.4
9/25/1990 UNI buildings and grounds have been handicapped accessible for the past nine years.
49 New art building on UNI campus named for emeritus president John J. Kamerick
Public Relations News Release 1986:141, p.1
12/19/1986 The Board of Regents approves the naming of the art building after former President John Kamerick. President Curris and Professor Lee Thomson recount the accomplishments of Kamerick, who was responsible for securing funds for the Communication Art Center.
50 Site selected for new classroom/office building on the UNI campus
Public Relations News Release 1987:132, p.1
12/10/1986 Dr. Leland Thomson announces the construction of a 10.2 million dollar classroom and office building north of the power plant. The building consolidates all departments of the School of Business, Academic Computing Services, and economics department.


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