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1 Collecting bulletin board materials a thing of past in teaching curriculum
Public Relations News Release 1995:301, p.1
4/22/1996 Internet allows an "Elementary School Curriculum" course to be taught in a seven-campus consortium.
2 UNI Public Safety investigates arson
Northern Iowan 89:11, p.1
10/6/1992 Officers investigate bulletin board fire.
3 Checking out the competition
Northern Iowan 88:44, p.10
3/10/1992 Student looks at bulletin board; photo.
4 Untitled
Northern Iowan 77:42, p.1
3/17/1981 Residence hall bulletin boards are filled with signs for St. Patrick's Day.
5 Posters should be in authorized place
Chang--James C. (Chemistry Faculty)
Northern Iowan 68:21, p.2
12/3/1971 Professor Chang would like to see posters on appropriate bulletin boards.
6 Bulletin board only evidence of Free U
Northern Iowan 65:7, p.8
10/1/1968 Board on second floor of Old Administration Building is reminder of Free University and can still be used by anyone who wishes to start a free university class.
7 Bulletin boards display pictures, news, humor
Card,William F. (Class of 1971)
Northern Iowan 64:9, p.4
10/10/1967 Walks through two dorms and looks at bulletin boards.
8 Erect new bulletin board in Central
College Eye 57:35, p.4
7/5/1963 Will provide space for student organizations.
9 Rides board guide for transportation
College Eye 57:34, p.4
6/28/1963 Rides board located in Commons.
10 Organizations board erected by Tomahawk
College Eye 57:24, p.8
3/29/1963 Will provide space for news about student organizations.
11 Untitled
College Eye 57:17, p.3
2/8/1963 Students use bulletin board to try to find rides home; photo.
12 'Rides' board will be in Commons southwest hall
College Eye 57:15, p.1
1/18/1963 Procedures for posting notices.
13 Library displays statistics in art
College Eye 41:2, p.4
9/23/1949 Irving Hart has created a bulletin board display of information about ISTC.
14 Students named to committees
College Eye 40:23, p.4
3/25/1949 SLB makes appointments; approves help in shifting books at library; considers bulletin board for off-campus students.
15 Bulletin board policy revised in Bartlett
College Eye 40:17, p.7
1/28/1949 Relating to authority to post on certain boards.
16 National observation of religious book week
College Eye 40:7, p.8
10/29/1948 Theme of library bulletin board.
17 Display features children's books
College Eye 39:32, p.3
5/21/1948 Library science students mount exhibit.
18 Bulletin board display features Latin America
College Eye 39:27, p.6
19 Bulletin board committee suggested
Cram--Fred Danford (Education Faculty)
College Eye 39:19, p.2
2/13/1948 Discusses the possible usefulness of a bulletin board committee that would be in charge of hanging notices in the proper place and removing them when then become outdated.
20 Around the Campus
Blake--Roger O. (Class of 1948)
College Eye 39:18, p.6
2/6/1948 Comments on the bulletin board outside the Placement Bureau, and two hour courses.
21 Untitled
College Eye 38:16, p.8
1/17/1947 Bulletin board for veterans put up; must reinstate life insurance soon.
22 Bulletin board provides laughs a few
College Eye 38:8, p.1
11/1/1946 A quick look at the variety of notes found on the bulletin boards.
23 Scrambled ads
College Eye 32:39, p.4
7/18/1941 Ads from bulletin board.
24 Bored? Read the bulletin boards
College Eye 31:10, p.4
11/17/1939 Quick look at the contents of some campus bulletin boards.
25 Class notes
Olsen--Katherine Muree (Classes of 1935 and 1940)
College Eye 30:40, p.3
7/21/1939 News around the campus.
26 Bulletin board mobbed by homesick students at college
College Eye 28:38, p.1
6/25/1937 Boards feature news about upcoming events and offers for rides home.
27 Modern bulletin
College Eye 28:35, p.5
6/2/1937 Students build new bulletin board for Vocational Building.
28 Modern bulletin
College Eye 28:34, p.3
5/28/1937 New bulletin board in Vocational Building.
29 Poetry, beauty aids on Bartlett bulletins
College Eye 28:20, p.3
2/12/1937 A look at the Bartlett Hall bulletin boards.
30 Advertisement is posted; what results it gets
College Eye 28:14, p.1
12/17/1936 Woman responds to prank bulletin board posting that asked for a date for the Blue Key dance.
31 Chips and Quibs
College Eye 28:12, p.2
12/4/1936 Campus observations.
32 Chips and Quibs
College Eye 27:53, p.2
8/14/1936 Comments on the outdated signs on the bulletin boards, participation of students in campus sings, and the nearness of final exams.
33 Crossroads exhibit will show progress
College Eye 27:53, p.1
8/16/1935 Will feature history of ISTC and some recent progress.
34 Weaving class will display samples at crossroads exhibit
College Eye 27:52, p.1
35 Embroidery work will be shown in crossroad exhibit
College Eye 27:51, p.1
8/2/1935 From collection of Professor Patt.
36 Coming exhibit to show work of publications
College Eye 27:50, p.1
7/26/1935 Board of Control of Student Publications will mount exhibit.
37 Lost and Found
College Eye 27:49, p.3
7/19/1935 Items turned in are not being claimed.
38 Bulletin board parasites
College Eye 27:48, p.2
7/12/1935 Concerned about students tacking up announcements on new bulletin boards.
39 Bulletin board at Crossroads has new role
College Eye 27:44, p.5
6/5/1935 Will feature information from different departments on a rotating basis.
40 New bulletin board installed by League
College Eye 26:40, p.3
4/26/1935 Intended to feature announcements.
41 Student Council minutes
College Eye 26:18, p.2
10/26/1934 Considers election of freshmen representatives and bulletin board.
42 Sign collecting disease invades campus; writer suggests cure
College Eye 26:17, p.2
10/19/1934 Student complains about other students taking posters from publicly displayed areas of campus and keeping them for themselves.
43 Student Council minutes
College Eye 26:16, p.2
10/12/1934 Considers May Day, bulletin boards, and class elections.
44 Ban gives editor a good excuse to abandon editorial writing
College Eye 21:38, p.4
6/27/1930 Banning of editorials is discussed; reward is offered to people who take down expired signs and posters; criminal is compared to a mosquito.
45 The Editors Column
College Eye 21:37, p.4
6/20/1930 Editorial column will be noticed at all costs; complaint about the appearance of certain campus buildings; and people advised to take down signs for events which have already happened.
46 The editor's column
College Eye 21:36, p.4
6/13/1930 Need for someone to remove old poster; the story of losing a hubcap.
47 "Thou shalt not steal."
College Eye 21:18, p.2
2/7/1930 Stop stealing publicity posters.
48 Notice!
College Eye 21:18, p.1
2/7/1930 Trying to implement system to keep posters from being stolen from bulletin boards.
49 Watch the bulletin boards
College Eye 18:48, p.4
7/6/1927 Encourages students to read the bulletin boards posted around campus.
50 The outstanding purpose
Huesselmann--Ramona (Student--1927)
College Eye 18:32, p.4
3/2/1927 Comments on the unnecessary numbers of posters placed around campus during the College Eye elections.


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