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1 Sun Day explores energy
Northern Iowan 77:52, p.5
5/1/1981 Description of program.
2 City Council approves stricter housing codes
Meek--Lori L. (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 77:25, p.1
12/9/1980 Cedar Falls adopts Uniform Housing Code; rents may rise, but conditions should improve.
3 Senate Scene
Northern Iowan 77:24, p.5
12/5/1980 UNISA voted to send Senator Mike Moore to the Cedar Falls City Council committee to represent the Senate's support of a stringent building code.
4 Students treated unfairly
Northern Iowan 77:24, p.2
12/5/1980 Feels Cedar Falls has treated five students who live together unfairly.
5 UNISA president proposes cutting salaries of paid officers
Northern Iowan 76:53, p.1
4/29/1980 UNISA president Chris Gammack is proposing a 20% salary reduction for the seven paid UNISA officer positions.
6 Anti-ROTC talk today
Northern Iowan 76:3, p.1
9/11/1979 Proposal to bring an ROTC program to UNI under consideration.
7 Homecoming Concert Set
Northern Iowan 76:1, p.1
8/31/1979 Pure Prairie League, Jay Ferguson, and Marshall Chapman to perform for Homecoming concert.
8 Anti-ROTC demonstration held Tues.; debate cancelled; rally attracts 40 students
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 75:53, p.8
5/4/1979 The anti-ROTC demonstration held Tuesday attracted forty students and two faculty members. The demonstration was led by former UNI student Doyle Crom; photo.
9 "Get both sides of story before you decide"; more ROTC reactions
Northern Iowan 75:51, p.3
4/27/1979 Roland Caldwell urges his fellow students to get the whole story before making a decision.
10 Summary of 1978-79 UNISA senate action
Northern Iowan 75:50, p.1
4/24/1979 Executive members of the UNISA sum up the past year's administration.
11 Caldwell: the man for the job
Northern Iowan 75:48, p.2
4/10/1979 The Northern Iowan lends its support to UNISA candidate Roland Caldwell.
12 Caldwell explains platform
Northern Iowan 75:47, p.3
4/6/1979 Roland Caldwell, UNISA candidate, explains his platform.
13 Candidates debate ROTC, SIIF, and other student issues
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 75:47, p.12
4/6/1979 Candidates state views; photo.
14 IaPIRG: administration fixing check-off system
Northern Iowan 75:46, p.1
4/3/1979 Allegations that negative check-off cards will not be included in registration packets.
15 Caldwell: "We should air UNISA's problems"
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 75:44, p.12
3/27/1979 Roland Caldwell states views; photo.
16 Two students announce candidacy; third elections to be April 10; UNISA presidential race begins
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 75:44, p.12
3/27/1979 Roland Caldwell and Craig Fenton will run.
17 Herrick chosen UNISA president
Cahill--Mary E. (Class of 1981)
Northern Iowan 75:42, p.3
3/9/1979 Herrick defeats Caldwell, 323-255.
18 Students to vote again
Witzenburg--Donna K. (Student--1978)
Northern Iowan 75:41, p.7
3/6/1979 Roland Caldwell and Roger Herrick will face each other in a run-off election.
19 UNISA election results indecisive--presidential reelection to be held next week
Northern Iowan 75:40, p.1
3/2/1979 Vote tallies for presidential candidates: Caldwell 618, Herrick, 468, Dautremont 357; Caldwell and Herrick will meet in run-off; 15% of students voted.
20 Former editor expresses support for Caldwell
Northern Iowan 75:37, p.3
2/20/1979 Former Northern Iowan editor supports Roland Caldwell for student body president.
21 IaPIRG funding through negative check-off system may be halted
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 75:37, p.9
2/20/1979 Similar collection system halted at ISU.
22 Caldwell announces bid for UNISA presidency
Northern Iowan 75:33, p.1
2/6/1979 Putting together slate of candidates and platform.
23 Caldwell challenges decision; Davies seeks constitutional interpretation
Meek--Lori L. (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 75:31, p.1
1/30/1979 Court rules that Caldwell cannot be both senator and speaker.
24 Resolve it in the proper way
Northern Iowan 75:31, p.2
1/30/1979 Believes court acted improperly in Caldwell decision.
25 IaPIRG invites students to learn about nuclear dangers
Northern Iowan 75:25, p.3
12/5/1978 IaPIRG recently held a peaceful assembly to protest the nuclear plant in Palo.
26 General education proposal: a "compromise program"?
Beckman--Scott R. (Class of 1978)
Northern Iowan 75:11, p.2
10/6/1978 Students believe the proposed general education program does not contain enough variety.
27 New IaPIRG interim board to rewrite constitution, run office
Northern Iowan 75:5, p.1
9/15/1978 Roland Caldwell talks about plans.
28 McDowell's case a valid one
Northern Iowan 74:58, p.2
6/16/1978 Feels that Professor McDowell should be granted another year of probation.
29 UNISA vice-presidents resign their offices
Northern Iowan 74:46, p.5
3/31/1978 Roland Caldwell and Scott Beckman resign; voice frustrations.
30 Naber wins run-off
Northern Iowan 74:43, p.1
3/3/1978 Naber defeats Caldwell, 995-603; vote tallies by polling place.
31 Carlson relinquishes support to Caldwell
Northern Iowan 74:42, p.1
2/28/1978 Carlson urges his supporters to vote for Roland Caldwell.
32 Former candidate Carlson throws support to Caldwell
Northern Iowan 74:42, p.3
2/28/1978 Believes Roland Caldwell has leadership capability.
33 More views on Robinson memo
Robinson--George William (Class of 1978)
Northern Iowan 74:42, p.2
2/28/1978 George Robinson believes he was within his rights to express his views.
34 "Campaign letter" from RHA member criticized by leaders
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:41, p.1
2/24/1978 Bender Hall president urges residents not to vote for Roland Caldwell.
35 Bender resident offended by it
Northern Iowan 74:41, p.2
2/24/1978 George Robinson urged students not to vote for Roland Caldwell.
36 Hippert demands public apology
Hippert--Scott Louis (Class of 1980)
Northern Iowan 74:41, p.2
2/24/1978 Critical of George Robinson's letter urging students not to vote for Roland Caldwell.
37 Run-off election needed
Northern Iowan 74:41, p.1
2/24/1978 Naber comes out ahead of Caldwell and Carlson, 821-496-395, but is short of necessary 50% of votes; will need run-off; other vote tallies from recent election.
38 Biographies of UNISA candidates
Northern Iowan 74:40, p.5
2/21/1978 The biographies of the candidates for all of the UNISA positions; photo.
39 Students write in support of UNISA presidential candidates: Roland Caldwell
Northern Iowan 74:40, p.2
2/21/1978 Two letters state their support for Roland Caldwell.
40 The best candidate . . . .
Northern Iowan 74:40, p.2
2/21/1978 Weighs strong points of each candidate; favors Caldwell.
41 UNISA presidential candidates present their views
Northern Iowan 74:40, p.1
2/21/1978 Angela Naber, Don Carlson, and Roland Caldwell state their positions.
42 RHA reaffirms its rejection of unification
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:34, p.1
1/31/1978 After questions about validity of recent meeting, RHA meets again in open session and re-affirms its vote against immediate merging with UNISA.
43 V.P. responds to criticism
Northern Iowan 74:34, p.2
1/31/1978 Believes RHA did have sufficient time to make a decision.
44 RHA rejects student unification plan: UNISA not pleased by decision
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:32, p.1
1/24/1978 The plan to unify student government was rejected Sunday night by the Residence Hall Association.
45 UNISA executives pleased by the faculty's response to "action" plan
Northern Iowan 74:31, p.1
1/20/1978 Faculty listens to student plans for being more deeply involved in decision making.
46 UNISA still flexible
Northern Iowan 74:31, p.9
1/20/1978 Roland Caldwell talks about the proposal to unify student government.
47 Scheduling problems? See Peer Advising
Reth--Mona J. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:23, p.6
11/18/1977 Service staffed by volunteers has been busy; photo.
48 UNISA explores housing info centers
Northern Iowan 74:23, p.1
11/18/1977 Roland Caldwell looks at housing programs in Iowa City and believes that some of those programs might work at UNI.
49 KCRS requests funds for amplifiers
Cahill--Mary E. (Class of 1981)
Northern Iowan 74:16, p.1
10/25/1977 UNISA also recognizes several organizations and considers Mayor Crews' request to assist in funding sidewalk to College Square.
50 Mixture of new and old on UNISA V-P's
Northern Iowan 73:54, p.1
4/29/1977 Roland Caldwell will be administrative vice president; Scott Beckman will be academic vice president.

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