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1 Dress codes are an attack on girls
Goedken--Dani (Student--2020)
Northern Iowan 117:17, p.03
10/15/2020 The author writes about her experiences with school uniforms and dress codes and how they disproportionally affect women.
2 Finding women's roles in the Catholic church
Cosgrove--Thaddeus Riley (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:47, p.6
4/3/2014 Journalist Melinda Henneberger spoke of her thoughts regarding the role of women in the Roman Catholic Church. She stressed the importance of Pope Francis to act on women's issues.
3 UNI to host historian of American Catholicism
Public Relations News Release 2009:94, p.1
10/1/2009 "Relics, Statues, Rosaries and Other Objects" will be the topic of a lecture given by Robert Orsi at St. Stephen's Catholic Student Center. Orsi is a noted historian of American Catholicism.
4 Freedom of religion
Cook--Lindsey K. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:48, p.7
4/11/2008 Believes that people must be aware of differences in beliefs and respect those who believe differently.
5 Catholic students find spiritual guidance at St. Stephen's
Manatt--Tim (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 102:45, p.3
3/24/2006 Students and staff talk about the value they find in the programs of the student center; photo.
6 Muhammed cartoons not the largest offense
Connell--Deirdre Stephanie (Class of 2007)
Northern Iowan 102:44, p.6
3/10/2006 Believes that people may be offended by criticism of their religion, but that does not provide an excuse for injuring others or for destructing of property.
7 Some priests missing from sex offender list
Northern Iowan 102:33, p.6
1/31/2006 Daniel Kortenkamp publicly accuses priest that sexually abused him when he was younger.
8 The legacy of purple
Northern Iowa Today 89:2, p.8
7/1/2005 Profile of Nancy Aossey and her work with International Medical Corps; profile of Father William Vit; photo.
9 UNI Physics Department to take part in Science Day at the Lost Island Water Park, Wednesday
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
5/27/2005 Special Science Day for Cedar Valley Catholic middle and high schools will take place on June first.
10 NI year in news
Steffen--Amie R. (Class of 2006)
Northern Iowan 101:55, p.1
4/29/2005 Recap of news stories and photographs from the 2004-2005 school year; photo.
11 Young people see election of pope for first time; election process steeped in history
McCue--Timothy M. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 101:53, p.1
4/22/2005 A panel was held at St. Stephen's Catholic Student Center to discuss the election of Pope Benedict XVI; photo.
12 Monday, April 18
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
4/18/2005 Constance Flanagan will lecture on youth civic development; panel will discuss election of popes.
13 UNI Catholic Student Association to host panel discussion, 'Inside the Conclave'
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
4/14/2005 Panel will discuss the process of electing a new pope.
14 Unifying religions
Northern Iowan 101:48, p.7
4/5/2005 Gives the impacts Pope John Paul II has had on all world religions.
15 Little likelihood Pope John Paul II would ever step down
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
3/7/2005 A pope has never voluntarily stepped down in 2,000 years.
16 Culture to blame, not Catholicism
Koppes--Kevin (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 98:50, p.7
4/16/2002 Examines the recent sex scandal in the Catholic Church.
17 Catholic priest speaks of scandals; Father Haugen discusses recent Catholic church sex controversy with NI
Brown--Evelyn (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 98:49, p.1
4/12/2002 Father John Haugen supports reform in the Catholic Church, and discusses the recent sexual scandals within the Catholic Church.
18 Student voices
Northern Iowan 98:49, p.13
4/12/2002 Students respond to the question: "What do you think the solution is to the issue of the Catholic priest scandal?"; photo.
19 U.S. holds cultural double standards
Koppes--Kevin (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 98:48, p.7
4/9/2002 Comments on the war on terrorism and the recent scandal in the Catholic Church.
20 Catholic reformers spurred by scandals
Brown--Evelyn (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 98:47, p.1
4/5/2002 Allegations of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests has spurred debates about the possible reformation of the Catholic Church.
21 Back and ready to probe sensitive topics
Northern Iowan 98:45, p.7
3/29/2002 Discusses his column, the recent problems in the Catholic Church, and the Academy Awards.
22 Season of sacrifice for Catholics
Northern Iowan 97:42, p.6
3/2/2001 Discusses Catholic participation in Lent.
23 Millions expected to visit the Shroud of Turin
Public Relations News Release 1997:333, p.1
4/30/1998 The Shroud of Turin is on display in Italy for only the fourth time this century.
24 Don't take Tillman so seriously
Northern Iowan 92:44, p.7
3/15/1996 Wants readers to lighten up and enjoy Tillman's column.
25 Tillman's column on Catholicism based on negative stereotypes
Rastrelli--Thomas P.
Northern Iowan 92:44, p.7
3/15/1996 Upset by recent column.
26 Not everyone shares Tillman's opinions on being raised Catholic
Farrell--John M.
Northern Iowan 92:42, p.8
3/8/1996 Enjoyed Tillman's column, but believes more serious issues are involved.
27 Tillman's Catholic column announced ignorance to public
Frankl--Sara A.
Northern Iowan 92:42, p.9
3/8/1996 Has found value and strength in her Catholic experience.
28 Reaping the many benefits of growing up Catholic
Northern Iowan 92:39, p.9
2/27/1996 Enjoyed the experiences of being Catholic.
29 Times change, but faith does not need to change too
Northern Iowan 91:54, p.8
4/18/1995 Responds to recent column critical of Pope John Paul II's encyclical.
30 Women always active in church; Pope's call for increased women activeness needless
Northern Iowan 91:51, p.7
4/7/1995 Critical of recent papal encyclical.
31 'Haunted by God' coming to St. Stephen's Student Center
Northern Edition 2:27, p.6
11/9/1994 Play about Catholic Worker Movement will be presented.
32 St. Stephens to celebrate 90 years at UNI
Nielsen--Kathleen A.
Northern Edition 2:4, p.2
2/9/1994 History of Catholic student group on campus; plans for celebration.
33 Catholic Student Center wins building award
Northern Iowan 88:25, p.6
11/26/1991 The Reverend Donald Klein talks about the new facility.
34 Pro-lifers not cowardly
Northern Iowan 86:44, p.2
3/9/1990 Believes Mr. Bealles does not understand Catholicism.
35 Catholic Church not to be condemned
Blume--Debora (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 86:4, p.3
9/15/1989 Believes writer was misinformed about Catholic beliefs on marriage, abortion, and other matters.
36 Untitled
Osborne--Ann Marie (Class of 1991)
Northern Iowan 86:3, p.2
9/12/1989 Considers reaction to recent column on abortion and Catholicism.
37 Church interferes in abortion issue
Osborne--Ann Marie (Class of 1991)
Northern Iowan 86:2, p.3
9/8/1989 Recounts questions aroused after attending Catholic wedding.
38 Untitled
Herrick--Roger L. (Class of 1977)
Northern Iowan 81:2, p.2
9/7/1984 Offended by the choice of "Immaculate Perception" as column title.
39 Religious groups discuss similarities, differences in doctrines
Northern Iowan 80:31, p.4
1/27/1984 Catholics and Lutherans hold discussion; photo.
40 Klein conducts Catholic forum
Cashman--Teresa K. (Class of 1986)
Northern Iowan 80:21, p.4
11/11/1983 Father Klein leads discussion of Catholic faith.
41 Untitled
Nicholas--Randal R.
Northern Iowan 79:47, p.2
4/8/1983 Student responds to letter concerning priests and marriage.
42 Why aren't priests allowed to marry?
Hute--Mary (Student--1983)
Northern Iowan 79:46, p.2
4/5/1983 Student asks, " Is a deacon less devoted to God than a priest"?
43 Comments on election, Catholicism
Northern Iowan 78:43, p.3
3/26/1982 Gerald Baker explains the Catholic opposition to tyranny.
44 Former catholic conference director to speak on El Salvador
Public Relations News Release 1980:533, p.1
4/23/1981 A former reverend will come to speak as part of the two-day teach-in on El Salvador and other countries.
45 Catholic sisters take up text books, forego teaching duties for summer
Safley--Karen (Student--1965)
College Eye 59:49, p.2
7/16/1965 Profile of Roman Catholic nuns who are studying on campus; photo.
46 Catholic, Protestant discuss attitudes among religions
College Eye 59:22, p.4
2/26/1965 Excerpts from discussion.
47 Parochial school aid possible
College Eye 52:30, p.6
5/12/1961 Excerpts from discussion by Protestant and Catholic officials.
48 Catholic, Protestant to speak
College Eye 52:29, p.2
5/5/1961 James Spalding and the Reverend Robert Welch will speak.
49 Catholic-Protestant dialogue Monday
College Eye 52:28, p.1
50 Catholicism cannot and will not divide America
College Eye 51:23, p.2
3/18/1960 Analyzes the article, printed in the Eye, concerning Catholicism and education.


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