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1 $60,000 needed for automated registration
Northern Iowan 88:43, p.1
2 NISG supports changes in nondiscrimination policy
Northern Iowan 88:35, p.4
2/7/1992 Would include sexual orientation; also hear report on traffic light on University Avenue.
3 Students want "Sentinel" recognition revoked
Dove--Laura C. (Class of 1996)
Northern Iowan 88:24, p.3
11/22/1991 Recounts recent articles in UNI Sentinel; embarrassed that it has UNI recognition.
4 Chung unanimously approved as new NISG vice president
Northern Iowan 88:22, p.1
11/15/1991 Also considers bookstore loan and traffic light.
5 Escalante inspires future teachers to tackle problems
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 87:63, p.2
7/19/1991 Problems with American education.
6 More than 750 high school students, teachers to be on University of Northern Iowa campus Thursday-Saturday (April 14-16) for 24th Annual Model UN
Public Relations News Release 1987:363, p.1
4/12/1988 Nearly eight hundred high school students visit for the twenty-fourth Model United Nations, where they act as delegates representing various U. N. countries. Professors Timothy O'Connor and Richard Newell advise the student delegates throughout the event.
7 UNI does not have 'free press'
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 83:25, p.2
11/21/1986 Feels that the "Northern Iowan" does not qualify as 'free press.'
8 Course justification 'interesting'
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 83:17, p.3
10/24/1986 Believes faculty member's recent statements did not show sensitivity to all religions.
9 A point of clarification
Steinhauser--Larry M. (Disabilities Services Staff)
Northern Iowan 82:55, p.2
5/2/1986 Straightens out matter of funding for Handicapped Awareness Week.
10 EMCEC letter criticized
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 82:50, p.3
4/15/1986 Attempts to refute certain arguments made in recent letter regarding funding for EMCEC.
11 UNISA passes organization budget
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 82:45, p.1
3/28/1986 UNISA senators debate the student organization budget; photo.
12 UNISA hears budget appeals
Northern Iowan 82:43, p.1
3/14/1986 KCRS hopes to change their carrier current system from phone lines to FM cable; photo.
13 UNISA able to do a lot for students
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 82:42, p.2
3/11/1986 Discusses the recent UNISA elections.
14 Computer policy needed
Eller--Donnelle Louise (Class of 1986)
Northern Iowan 82:39, p.3
2/28/1986 Union committee says UNISA needs use policy for computers before they can be made available to student organizations.
15 UNISA president addresses candidates
Northern Iowan 82:37, p.8
2/21/1986 David Chung participates in the UNISA presidential debate; photo.
16 Hager resigns; Dave Chung president
Benning--Linda (Class of 1987)
Northern Iowan 82:35, p.1
2/14/1986 Mike Hager cites Senate bickering; photo.
17 Krushev?
Hill--Jeffrey D. (Class of 1986)
Northern Iowan 82:35, p.2
2/14/1986 Corrects a mistake made by David Chung in his "Anomaly" column in the February 7 Northern Iowan.
18 UNISA coverage questioned
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 82:35, p.2
2/14/1986 Criticizes the Northern Iowan for their poor coverage of the UNISA meeting.
19 USI appoints new director
Northern Iowan 82:35, p.4
2/14/1986 Hires new legislative director.
20 Theater group invited to New York but 'no travel money' interferes
Wheeler--Rebecca (Class of 1987; English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 82:32, p.7
2/4/1986 UNISA hears requests for funding from student organizations.
21 Untitled
Diedrichs--John R. (Class of 1989)
Northern Iowan 82:29, p.2
1/24/1986 Defends humanism.
22 Applause
Northern Iowan 82:22, p.2
11/19/1985 Congratulates David Chung for his column, Anomaly, in the November 12 issue of the Northern Iowan.
23 Untitled
Chaney--Barbara (Education Faculty)
Northern Iowan 82:16, p.2
10/29/1985 Congratulates David Chung for a column he wrote discussing the lack of importance a person's ethnic background should have.
24 Untitled
Northern Iowan 82:15, p.3
10/25/1985 Accuses David R. Chung of being hypocritical in his writings.
25 Untitled
Roberts--Niccole E.
Northern Iowan 82:12, p.3
10/11/1985 Did not like recent criticism of Mike McKinlay.
26 Untitled
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 82:10, p.2
10/4/1985 Discusses Michael McKinlay's behavior during his time as Speaker of the UNISA Senate.
Northern Iowan 81:53, p.6
4/26/1985 Consider move of Department of Economics to School of Business; consider change in general education requirements.
28 Blue Jeans Day stimulates introspection
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 81:36, p.3
2/19/1985 Supports Blue Jeans Day.
29 Intolerance not tolerated gets response
West--Richard L. (Communication Studies Faculty)
Northern Iowan 81:27, p.3
12/14/1984 The instructor of a class that had a panel on same sex relationships responds to a letter; explains reasons for including UNI-GLO panel in his class.
30 Untitled
Northern Iowan 81:27, p.3
12/14/1984 Attempts to get at bases of attitudes toward homosexuality.
31 Untitled
Hardeman--Keith T. (Communication Studies Faculty)
Northern Iowan 81:27, p.3
12/14/1984 Strongly criticizes letter from David Chung.
32 Untitled
McGrew--Mikel D.
Northern Iowan 81:27, p.3
12/14/1984 Believes recent letter demonstrated bigotry against homosexuals.
33 Intolerance not tolerated
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 81:26, p.3
12/11/1984 Believes that some who demand tolerance are not themselves tolerant.
34 Economic disaster--stormed by all
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 79:31, p.2
2/1/1983 David Chung expresses on current economic situation.
35 Club meets some mountains up close and very personal
Finder--Sally (Student--1983)
Northern Iowan 79:30, p.11
1/28/1983 Members of Cedarloo Mountaineers talk about their climbing.
36 More comments on Parker-Chabert
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 78:39, p.3
3/2/1982 Former UNI student sarcastically commends Parker for his professionalism.
37 Disillusionment, disgust
Chung--David R.
Northern Iowan 76:55, p.2
5/6/1980 Feelings toward Larry Brown's farewell letter.

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