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1 Things that annoy me
Krob--Nicholas Joseph (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:22, p.4
11/14/2008 Slow walkers, musicals, wet food trays, bikers, and going through drive throughs are a few things that upset some people.
2 Campanile time stands still
Northern Iowan 96:36, p.1
2/11/2000 History of Campanile; awaiting motor repair to start clocks again.
3 Time marches on for students, except in Lang Hall; can't someone find 20 minutes to fix a few clocks?
Northern Iowan 91:36, p.5
2/7/1995 Complains about inconsistent clock settings in Lang Hall.
4 The building that time forgot
Northern Iowan 91:23, p.1
11/11/1994 Photo essay about lack of coordination of clocks in Lang Hall; photo.
5 Student wants accurate time from Campanile
Northern Iowan 90:36, p.7
2/11/1994 Wants clock set correctly.
6 UNI clocks out of whack; students, faculty, and staff unhappy¿
Hyer--Shawn R. (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 88:37, p.4
2/14/1992 Some students and faculty find incorrect time disconcerting; plant services finds it difficult to get clocks set.
7 Construction leads to power, clock troubles
Northern Iowan 84:5, p.1
9/11/1987 Power line disconnected during demolition of Anthropology Lab; interruptions cause problems in some buildings.
8 New financial aid director urges students to fight tuition increase
Covington--Anthony M. (Class of 1993)
Northern Iowan 84:5, p.8
9/11/1987 UNISA also considers bookstore referendum, inoperative clocks, and Senate vacancies.
9 What time is it? Does anyone know?
Northern Iowan 73:13, p.3
10/15/1976 Talks about problems with correct settings on clocks throughout campus.
10 Ombudsman
Northern Iowan 65:62, p.2
6/27/1969 Questions on tuition and the Campanile clock.
11 Ombudsman
Northern Iowan 65:44, p.3
3/14/1969 Questions about synchronization of campus clocks; Greeks; and the Campanile.
12 Untitled
College Eye 60:25, p.4
12/10/1965 The Campanile's clocks read different times; photo.
13 Campanile steam pipes are refitted
College Eye 60:18, p.4
11/12/1965 Clock should now operate more accurately.
14 From me to you: Shortest skirts reveal ugliest knees
Knapp--Terry J. (Speech Faculty)
College Eye 60:16, p.3
11/5/1965 Wonders why the clocks on campus all read different times when only one of them can be correct.
15 Mass confusion reigns at SCI--clocks are off
College Eye 59:14, p.4
12/17/1964 Master clock has been repaired.
16 Does anyone know the correct time?
Springer--Janice (Student--1964)
College Eye 59:10, p.2
11/13/1964 Clocks on campus read different times.
17 Now is the hour, or the delight of daylight
College Eye 58:26, p.2
4/24/1964 Discusses Daylight Saving Time, and how for one moment, all clocks on campus will read the same time.
18 SCI chooses 'Fast Time'
College Eye 58:25, p.1
4/17/1964 Clocks will be set ahead for Daylight Saving Time.
19 Thanks to the physical plant
College Eye 56:2, p.2
9/22/1961 Thanks the physical plant for making many improvements around the SCI campus.
20 Giant evergreens?
College Eye 51:9, p.1
11/13/1959 Two of the clocks on the Campanile are showing the same time; photo.
21 Sticks and Stones . . .
Lakin--Robert (Class of 1958)
College Eye 48:12, p.2
12/14/1956 Comments on the broken Campanile clock, the decorations in the College Eye office, and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.
22 Sticks and Stones . . .
Lakin--Robert (Class of 1958)
College Eye 48:5, p.2
10/12/1956 Discusses the crowded confines of the KYTC station, the jammed Campanile clock, and food service at Commons.
23 Campus Rash
College Eye 48:2, p.2
9/21/1956 Quick look around campus; Campanile clock problems; no one is playing the chimes.
24 Campanile clock confuses campus
College Eye 47:22, p.5
3/16/1956 Clock hands are locked on south face of Campanile.
25 Strange dilemma of 2:14 bell remains as strange dilemma
Funk--Dean A. (Class of 1958)
College Eye 47:18, p.6
2/10/1956 Humorous look at a class bell that rings at the wrong time.
26 Classroom clock is just like other clocks--almost
Funk--Dean A. (Class of 1958)
College Eye 45:27, p.9
4/23/1954 Watching a clock; photo.
27 Time-worn clocks earn retirement
College Eye 44:22, p.3
3/6/1953 Campus is installing new clocks; old clocks had been in place for forty years; photo.
28 TC students confused by apparent international time
College Eye 43:37, p.4
7/18/1952 Humorous suggestion to solve the problem of conflicting times on campus clocks.
29 The Campanile can't tell time
College Eye 43:31, p.2
5/23/1952 Claims that a certain amount of school spirit is taken away when the Campanile clocks are incorrect.
30 Campanile to get new striking unit
College Eye 42:38, p.1
7/20/1951 Will strike the hours, but not the quarter hours.
31 No conflict in time; Campanile now fixed
College Eye 42:3, p.6
9/29/1950 Clock faces now tell correct time.
32 "Studio to be clock-eyed," Hake
College Eye 37:35, p.3
6/14/1946 Will assure that programming starts and ends on time.
33 Campanile bells weigh 30,000 pounds, total cost of 100 foot tower $100,000
Owen--Robert E. (Classes of 1942 and 1946)
College Eye 37:28, p.6
4/12/1946 History of the Campanile; clocks will soon be synchronized with campus system and will not be run by the Fasoldt mechanism.
34 Don't you fib, say big clock hands
College Eye 35:38, p.3
7/14/1944 Howard Reeder explains the automatic clock system; Campanile clock is not connected to this system.
35 Clock carried by student teacher
College Eye 30:38, p.2
7/7/1939 Gertrude Stratman carries a large clock with her.
36 Campanile caught slipping
College Eye 30:35, p.1
6/16/1939 James Neal fixes the minute hand on the west Campanile clock; photo.
37 Coeds of 1877 were disciplined by signal bells
College Eye 29:43, p.1
8/5/1938 A look at the early class bell system.
38 Say--why don't they
Stephens--Ralph A. (Classes of 1930 and 1939)
College Eye 29:40, p.2
7/15/1938 Quick hints for improving campus.
39 He rings bells . . every day
College Eye 29:11, p.2
11/19/1937 John F. Swope talks about his work with the campus clock system.
40 Chips and Quibs
College Eye 28:20, p.2
2/12/1937 Campus observations.
41 Tape times inter-class travelers; fate of class hour hangs on ribbon; campus electrician explains unique method of bell ringing
College Eye 27:35, p.1
3/20/1936 John Swope talks about the campus clock system.
42 A clock isn't a clock unless it keeps same time as the others
College Eye 26:7, p.2
7/20/1934 Campus needs a standard time.
43 Here's "old-timer" worthy of name!
College Eye 25:31, p.1
2/16/1934 Old clock hangs in Gilchrist chapel.
44 Who stopped the Campanile clock?
College Eye 23:36, p.2
4/1/1932 Humorous questions about why the clock stopped.
45 Clock seems out of step but has a rep.
College Eye 21:7, p.7
10/24/1929 Story of the Campanile clock mechanism.
46 Alarm clocks
College Eye 8:23, p.4
4/4/1917 Marion Rownd describes her disdain for alarm clocks.
47 Official
Normal Eyte 18:4, p.51
10/2/1907 Faculty considering the role of Latin in the curriculum; debaters will receive college credit; physical examinations of students about done; ISNS infrastructure in good shape; band being reorganized; considering recognition of work done at ISNS.
48 Almost perpetual motion; the new automatic electric clocks need no winding and are accurate in the extreme
Normal Eyte 14:2, p.18
9/12/1903 Description of the new clock mechanism.
49 New clock
Normal Eyte 14:2, p.30
9/12/1903 A new clock is in the library.
50 A new electric clock
Normal Eyte 13:31, p.489
5/9/1903 Installed in office.


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