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1 Sievertsen heads home before Seattle combine
Sievertsen--Tyler Gustav (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 110:44, p.6
3/13/2014 Tyler Sievertsen speaks about going to his last combine and potentially two pro days.
2 Brad's Sports Blurb Double Feature
Eilers--Bradley David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 106:7, p.10
9/22/2009 Matt McCue, former track and cross country standout from Iowa City Regina, has written a tribute to his high school track coach, entitled "An Honorable Run: The Story of a Coach who Changed a Young Man's Life".
3 Brad's sports blurb
Eilers--Bradley David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 106:6, p.7
9/18/2009 Aplington-Parkersburg coach Ed Thomas remembered following his murder. His motto was faith, family, and football.
4 Dear NFL: take a lesson from Pittsburgh
Lietzow--Andrew Calvin (Class of 2007)
Northern Iowan 102:32, p.12
1/27/2006 Football teams need to hold on to their coaches instead of letting them go after a losing season; photo.
5 Price Lab School Fieldhouse to be named for Ross A. Nielsen Sunday (April 24)
Public Relations News Release 1987:374, p.1
4/18/1988 The Ross A. Nielsen Fieldhouse is dedicated in honor of the retired head of the Department of Teaching and Price Lab School. Over the course of his career, Nielsen has served as a Price Lab mathematics faculty member, and a student teaching supervisor.
6 Mental training improves athletic performance, says UNI sport psychologist
Public Relations News Release 1987:424, p.1
7/9/1987 Professor Sharon Huddleston reviews psychological training techniques used by athletic coaches. She discusses the benefits of stress-management, positive thinking, and motivational skills both on the field, and in life.
7 Variety of workshops offered this summer at Price Lab School
Public Relations News Release 1987:397, p.1
6/11/1987 A series of education courses are held in Price Laboratory School. The courses are designed for football coaches, social studies instructors, elementary level literature teachers, and year book editors.
8 Change made in Iowa coaching requirement
Wilcox--Pamela Anne
Northern Iowan 81:21, p.15
11/16/1984 Although there will be a change in the requirements for coaches, it will not affect the job searches by UNI students.
9 Another season in the "box" winds down
Hillgartner--David K. (Class of 1984)
Northern Iowan 80:20, p.22
11/8/1983 Head coach Darrell Mudra prefers watching the games from the press box; photo.
10 Coaching a multi-faceted job
Ogden--John R. (Student--1979-1981)
Public Relations News Release 77:20, p.10
11/14/1980 UNI coaches talk about the duties of a college coach.
11 Coaching minor instigated
Northern Iowan 71:35, p.8
2/7/1975 Professor McFee offers detailed rationale and description of new minor in the coaching of women's sports.
12 A Sports Column
Paxton--David A. (Class of 1976)
Northern Iowan 71:30, p.7
1/21/1975 The difficulties of coaching.
13 New P. E. minor
Northern Iowan 70:61, p.5
7/26/1974 A new minor teaches coaching women's sports in public schools.
14 "Vital Issues"
Northern Iowan 70:58, p.8
6/28/1974 UNI's Athletic Department will offer the class "Vital Issues in Coaching."
15 Women's coaching
Joachim--Pat (Class of 1976)
Northern Iowan 70:35, p.12
2/22/1974 The women's physical education department announces a coaching minor for women.
16 Clinic termed 'success'
Northern Iowan 70:2, p.12
9/18/1973 UNI's coaching clinic deemed a success; photo.
17 Women's workshop here
Northern Iowan 70:1, p.21
9/14/1973 Women's coaching workshop to be held.
18 Coaching clinic set for fall
Northern Iowan 69:56, p.11
6/15/1973 UNI will host a women's coaching clinic.
19 Other areas as well
Carney--Mrs. Robert R.
Northern Iowan 69:52, p.2
5/4/1973 Appreciates article on coaching qualifications.
20 Commendation and message
Woodcock--Charles C.
Northern Iowan 69:51, p.2
5/1/1973 Adds to information in recent letter about coaching qualifications.
21 The Coaches Corner
Sheriff--Stanley B. (Athletics Staff)
College Eye 51:3, p.5
10/2/1959 Discusses how to improve a player.
22 Department of Physical Education for Men
Old Gold 0:0, p.51
6/1/1957 Men students can participate in physical activities such as intramural and intercollegiate athletics; varsity teams, the "I" club, TC Relays, and a wrestling tournament were sponsored; a coaching clinic for high school/college coaches was held; photo.
23 Fifth Panther grid clinic to be Aug. 16
College Eye 43:40, p.1
8/8/1952 The clinic will be a coaches clinic for alumni.
24 Send 60 invitations for coaching clinic
College Eye 41:38, p.4
8/4/1950 The 3rd annual coaching clinic will be August 16.
25 Beginning coaches rate good chances for jobs this year
College Eye 40:39, p.4
8/5/1949 E. W. Goetch talks about job prospects.
26 Football coaching clinic held here
College Eye 40:39, p.4
8/5/1949 Coach Starbeck will meet with ISTC alumni coaches.
27 Starbeck and Dickinson to attend coaching school at Spirit Lake
College Eye 37:43, p.4
28 12 theory coaches will choose squads
College Eye 31:15, p.4
1/12/1940 Twelve student coaches are using theory to put a basketball team together.
29 Need coaches for girls' basketball
College Eye 30:42, p.4
8/11/1939 Believes that women's high school basketball has grown to the point that it needs coaches trained specifically for that sport.
30 Sixteen of 1935 coaching grads placed to date; more get jobs this year than graduated in 1926-28
College Eye 27:12, p.4
9/9/1935 Report on the success of coaches in finding jobs; list of placements.
31 More 1935 coaching graduates have already been place in jobs
Public Relations News Release 1934:1154, p.1
8/25/1935 Sixteen of this years twenty-four coaching graduates have been selected by school boards; photo.
32 Sixteen obtain coaching posts; two-thirds of coaching graduates of 1935 are placed
College Eye 27:53, p.4
8/23/1935 List of those who have found jobs.
33 Iowa schools hire all but three of 1934 coaching majors
Alumnus 18:4, p.14
10/1/1934 Sixteen of nineteen 1934 graduates are coaching this year; survey of success in locating jobs in this field in recent years.
34 Sixteen grads of 1934 earn coaching jobs; eight graduates of former years also going to new positions
College Eye 26:10, p.4
8/10/1934 Roster of those who have found jobs.
35 Eight graduates of former years are going to new positions in the fall
Public Relations News Release 1934:577, p.2
8/6/1934 Sixteen graduates from the past year also have coaching jobs for the coming school year.
36 Of the nineteen graduates, sixteen already have coaching positions this fall
Public Relations News Release 1934:572, p.1
8/5/1934 The remaining three graduates have contracts under consideration.
37 Alfred Ogland is one graduate who has a coaching position lined up for the fall
Public Relations News Release 1934:552, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
38 Carlton Lytle is one of this year's graduates who have coaching positions for next fall
Public Relations News Release 1934:555, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
39 Claire Kraft has accepted a position as teacher and coach next year
Public Relations News Release 1934:563, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
40 Clarence Bain has accepted coaching position
Public Relations News Release 1934:559, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
41 David Irvine and Paul Lambert have accepted positions as teachers and athletic coaches next year
Public Relations News Release 1934:561, p.1
7/1/1934 Profiles
42 David Irvine is one of the graduates who has a coaching position in an Iowa school this fall
Public Relations News Release 1934:549, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
43 Don Klotz accepted a teaching and coaching position for next year
Public Relations News Release 1934:565, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
44 Francis Flanagan accepted teaching and coaching job
Public Relations News Release 1934:564, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
45 Harlan Rigby has accepted a teaching and coaching job for the fall
Public Relations News Release 1934:558, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
46 Harry Kruchten has accepted a teaching a coaching position for next fall
Public Relations News Release 1934:568, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
47 Harry Mayer is one graduate from the college coaching course who has a coaching position this fall
Public Relations News Release 1934:550, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
48 Kenneth Allbee is one of twenty-three graduates who have coaching positions this fall
Public Relations News Release 1934:568, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
49 Mahlon Hintzman accepted teaching and coaching position
Public Relations News Release 1934:569, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile
50 Maynard Harman has accepted a teaching and coaching position
Public Relations News Release 1934:555, p.1
7/1/1934 Profile


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