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1 Institutional growth; transfer of governance to the State Board of Education (1906 through June, 1909)
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 1:0, p.255
7/1/1990 Organization of the school into formal departments; Dean of Women Walker develops guidelines for rooming houses; photo.
2 Organization of Extension Service, 1913
Hart--Irving Harlow (Extension Faculty and Archivist)
First 75 Years 0:0, p.125
7/1/1951 President Seerley announces organization of extension work at a meeting of teachers and superintendents in October 1913; Study Centers arranged; Professor Colegrove organizes the effort.
3 Mrs. Emma Colegrove Dies
Alumnus 34:1, p.27
1/1/1950 The former Emma Ridley died on October 27, in Pasadena, California.
4 Hart to go on emeritus status July 1
College Eye 39:25, p.1
4/2/1948 Has been Director of Extension Service for thirty-three years; Mr. Hart talks about his experiences; appointed archivist and historian by President Latham in 1936; Elmer Ritter will succeed him in Extension.
5 Dr. Paul Colegrove
Alumnus 32:1, p.28
1/1/1948 Died on September 19, 1947, in Oberlin, Ohio.
6 Frank M. Phillips
Alumnus 23:2, p.22
4/1/1939 Is now serving as actuary and statistician with the U. S. Employees Compensation Commission. He received his Ph. D. degree from George Washington University, and he resides in Washington.
7 Mrs. William Griffen
Alumnus 22:4, p.21
10/1/1938 The former Kizzie Bell Gambs has retired from teaching; gave a contribution for the Seerley Foundation Loan Fund.
8 Dr. Colegrove, first Education head at Teachers College, dies
Alumnus 20:3, p.10
7/1/1936 Obituary of Chauncey P. Colegrove, who died June 7, 1936.
9 Dr. C. Colegrove, former faculty member dies
College Eye 27:3, p.1
6/12/1936 Died June 7, 1936, in California.
10 Southern Californians eat turkey, honor author
Alumnus 19:3, p.7
7/1/1935 California alumni hold banquet; honor Bess Streeter Aldrich; roster of those who attended.
11 Extension Division
Old Gold 0:0, p.38
6/1/1933 History and description of activities; photos.
12 Dr. Kenneth Colegrove to edit Paris magazine
College Eye 20:23, p.1
3/7/1929 Will take leave of absence from Northwestern University.
13 Mrs. C. P. Colegrove
College Eye 18:13, p.3
10/6/1926 Visiting I. D. Corning in Cedar Falls.
14 Departments
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Fifty Years at the Teachers College 0:0, p.193
7/1/1926 Brief history of Instructional department organization.
15 Growth and expansion
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Fifty Years at the Teachers College 0:0, p.129
7/1/1926 Description of the steady growth in enrollment and the ways in which the Normal School met the needs of the state; growth of the campus and its facilities.
16 Religious enterprises
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Fifty Years at the Teachers College 0:0, p.158
7/1/1926 Detailed account of campus religious organizations and practices during the first fifty years; the religious education curriculum
17 School extension
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Fifty Years at the Teachers College 0:0, p.229
7/1/1926 Brief history of Extension Service.
18 Emma Ridley Colegrove
Old Gold 0:0, p.241
6/1/1925 Emma Ridley Colegrove; brief history; photo.
19 Colegrove speaks at Waterloo
College Eye 16:29, p.7
4/8/1925 C. P. Colegrove speaks at the Northeastern Iowa Teachers Convention in Waterloo.
20 M. E. Church buys property on the hill; to open temporary student center at once
College Eye 15:20, p.1
1/30/1924 Purchase old Colegrove house at 25th and College as well as adjacent property; will eventually build large new building.
21 There were nine study centers
College Eye 15:5, p.8
10/3/1923 Instructors and the locations of the centers.
22 Marian Emma Colegrove
Alumni News Letter 6:3, p.Supplement
7/1/1922 The daughter of Professor C. P. Colegrove is wed to V. D. Farrand on June 1, 1922.
23 Dr. F. C. Ensign
Alumni News Letter 6:2, p.4
4/1/1922 Professor Forest C. Ensign is appointed Chairman of the Ethics Committee by the Iowa State Teachers Association. Professor Ensign is to replace Professor C. P. Colegrove.
24 Colegrove speaks in chapel
College Eye 13:3, p.1
9/14/1921 Professor Colegrove showed his customary pep and enthusiasm.
25 Dr. Colegrove
College Eye 13:3, p.6
9/14/1921 Led the devotion in the chapel.
26 Dr. Chauncey P. Colegrove
Alumni News Letter 5:3, p.3
7/1/1921 Professor Chauncey P. Colegrove officially resigns after a leave of absence to care for his widowed mother-in-law in Pasadena, California.
27 Professor and Mrs. C. P. Colegrove
Alumni News Letter 5:3, p.3
7/1/1921 Professor and Mrs. C. P. Colegrove live in Pasadena, California with Mrs. Colegrove's recently widowed mother.
28 Dr. Colegrove gives up job at Upper Iowa
College Eye 12:34, p.3
5/18/1921 Has been recovering health in California; still believes he is not strong enough to take up president's job; will lecture and write.
29 Dr. C. P. Colegrove
Alumni News Letter 5:1, p.4
1/1/1921 Colegrove vacationing with family in California.
30 Untitled
College Eye 12:13, p.4
11/24/1920 Former faculty member C. P. Colegrove has been ill and will go to California to rest.
31 Chauncey P. Colegrove
Alumni News Letter 4:3, p.4
7/1/1920 Chauncey P. Colegrove, President of Upper Iowa University, tendered his resignation to take effect September 15, 1920, so that he can rest and care for Mrs. Colegrove's ill parents. Board refused resignation and gave indefinite leave of absence.
32 President C. P. Colegrove
Alumni News Letter 3:3, p.2
7/1/1919 C. P. Colegrove given honorary degree of Doctor of Law from Cornell College. He is president of Upper Iowa University.
33 Iowa State Teacher's Association
Alumni News Letter 3:1, p.2
1/1/1919 Iowa State Teachers Association met December 26-28, 1919; summary of their meeting.
34 Department of Administration
Old Gold 0:0, p.32
6/1/1917 Profile of Professor Irving H. Hart; photo.
35 Books by members and ex-members of the faculty
College Eye 8:25, p.2
4/18/1917 Bibliography of the work of past and current faculty members.
36 Mr. Campbell meets many alumni
College Eye 8:7, p.8
11/1/1916 Macy Campbell gave a lecture about Child Welfare.
37 Lake View, Iowa
Justesen--Axel E. (Classes of 1912 and 1916)
College Eye 8:2, p.2
9/27/1916 College urged to look into subscriptions for Educational Digest magazine, with many T. C. faculty contributing work.
38 Professor C. P. Colegrove
Quarterly News Letter to the Alumni 0:0, p.1
7/1/1916 Colegrove has accepted the presidency of Upper Iowa University.
39 The Extension Department
Quarterly News Letter to the Alumni 0:0, p.1
7/1/1916 13,992 students were enrolled in Saturday classes in ninety-seven Iowa counties.
40 Colegrove accepts college presidency; noted teacher becomes President of Upper Iowa
College Eye 8:1, p.1
6/14/1916 C. P. Colegrove accepts position as President of Upper Iowa University; photo.
41 Cliosophic
Old Gold 0:0, p.176
6/1/1916 Flower, colors, roll, honorary members, presidents of Cliosophic Literary Society.
42 Heads of departments
Old Gold 0:0, p.13
6/1/1916 Photos.
43 Homerian
Old Gold 0:0, p.208
6/1/1916 Colors, flowers, presidents, members, and honorary members.
44 The Schoolmasters Club
Old Gold 0:0, p.253
6/1/1916 Officers, executive committee, history, charter members, and honorary members.
45 Dr. C. P. Colegrove
College Eye 7:31, p.3
5/24/1916 C. P. Colegrove writes of his experiences at the National Convention of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
46 The Education Club
College Eye 7:23, p.2
3/29/1916 Professor Colegrove discussed the development of study centers in Iowa.
47 Official
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
College Eye 7:22, p.6
3/22/1916 Faculty changes; Professor Colegrove will take a leave of absence; news of other teacher colleges.
48 The Education Club
College Eye 7:17, p.2
2/9/1916 J. C. McGlade addresses group.
49 Rural education
College Eye 7:15, p.5
1/26/1916 Professor Fullerton led singing; Iowa Glee Club performed; Professor Colegrove spoke about efficient teaching.
50 Iowa Club
College Eye 7:14, p.1
1/19/1916 Recap of events at meeting.


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