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1 English MA's
Northern Iowan 70:15, p.5
11/2/1973 Comprehensive exam scheduled.
2 BA comps eliminated
Northern Iowan 66:1, p.8
9/9/1969 Regents approve discontinuation of BA comprehensive exams; approve addition of Bachelor of Music as well as several new majors, minors, and emphases.
3 Curricular changes finalized
Northern Iowan 65:63, p.1
7/3/1969 Regents agree to drop BA comprehensive exam; authorize majors in earth science, French, home economics education, library science, and sociology at master's level.
4 Comps eliminated
Northern Iowan 65:61, p.1
6/20/1969 Faculty Senate recommends elimination of BA comprehensive examinations; will go to Regents.
5 Faculty drops BA comps
Northern Iowan 65:57, p.1
5/9/1969 Vote was 136-42; 1970 graduates will be first to be exempt.
6 The World of the Sparrow and the Hawk
Northern Iowan 65:15, p.2
10/29/1968 Column protests BA Comps for non-teaching students as unfair, then comments humorously on a wide variety of topics.
7 EPC plans open session
Northern Iowan 65:12, p.19
10/18/1968 Open session October 21 will discuss a variety of topics, including the possibility of pass-fail grading in general education courses.
8 Grad students English exams to be given
Northern Iowan 65:8, p.5
10/4/1968 Graduate Candidacy Examination in English will be given October 29; the Graduate Comprehensive Examination in English will be given November 20 and 21.
9 Senior Comp test to be given on April 18
Northern Iowan 64:46, p.8
10 'Comp' motions sent to committee for more study
Northern Iowan 64:39, p.13
3/8/1968 Curriculum Committee will work on matter.
11 Only physical progress?
Northern Iowan 64:32, p.2
2/13/1968 Impressed by campus construction, but where is the progress on policy and procedure?
12 It just takes time
Northern Iowan 64:31, p.2
2/9/1968 Mildly critical of the way in which proposed changes seem to get bogged down.
13 B. A. comps to be given Friday
Northern Iowan 64:19, p.4
11/14/1967 Successful passage is required for liberal arts graduation.
14 Pinch--the comprehensive test farce
Pinch--Charles (Student--1967)
Northern Iowan 64:14, p.3
10/27/1967 Has tried all channels in protesting what he believes to be a farcical requirement.
15 Students discuss policies at EPC open hearing
College Eye 64:6, p.4
9/29/1967 Topics include grading system, general education, quality of instruction, and comprehensive exams.
16 Comprehensives to be given twice in 67-68
College Eye 64:2, p.16
9/15/1967 To be given in November and April.
17 Previews
College Eye 63:62, p.4
7/28/1967 Meetings and events planned; poetry reading to be held.
18 BA comp exams to be June 29
College Eye 63:53, p.8
19 'Don't always get what you pay for'
Kreitinger--Thomas E. (Student--1967)
College Eye 63:51, p.2
5/2/1967 Feels that the teaching methods of the college are inadequate.
20 Faculty Senate agrees to hear Pinch case
College Eye 63:49, p.1
4/25/1967 Will consider matter relating to comprehensive examination.
21 Senator says academics a concern of SS
Johnson--Karin (Student--1967)
College Eye 63:47, p.2
4/18/1967 Argues that students don't want control over academic requirements, only uniformity.
22 Should discuss comp questions
Davis--Robert (Student--1964)
College Eye 63:37, p.2
3/3/1967 Offers four questions to fuel the exam controversy.
23 Crownfield gives views in campus interview
College Eye 63:36, p.4
2/28/1967 Supports good program of comprehensive examinations.
24 Exam controversy has unwanted guests
Jacobs--John L. (Classes of 1968 and 1974)
College Eye 63:36, p.3
2/28/1967 Believes that people are spending a great deal of time with surrounding issues and not the issue itself.
25 Fox misdrew analogy
Davis--Robert (Student--1964)
College Eye 63:36, p.2
2/28/1967 Questions the validity of statements made in the recent column.
26 Maucker evaluates comps as requested by Regents
College Eye 63:36, p.4
2/28/1967 Outlines plans for review.
27 Plan for comprehensives
Davis--Robert (Student--1964)
College Eye 63:35, p.2
2/24/1967 Gives suggestions for improving the examinations.
28 Reid: SS will reconsider action for equal comps
College Eye 63:35, p.6
2/24/1967 Not necessarily against the concept of comprehensive examinations, but does have objections to the way that they are administered at SCI.
29 Charges several 'errors'
Gelb--Edward A. (Psychology Faculty)
College Eye 63:34, p.3
2/21/1967 Notes several errors in a recent editorial.
30 Correction in order
Davis--Robert (Student--1964)
College Eye 63:34, p.2
2/21/1967 Apologizes for a mistake made in previous editorial.
31 Lang, Anderson give views on comprehensive exams
College Eye 63:34, p.1
2/21/1967 Interviews with Deans Lang and Anderson.
32 These students feel comps worthwhile, necessary
Beach--Lynn (Student--1967)
College Eye 63:34, p.4
2/21/1967 Students express opinions on comprehensive examinations.
33 Comprehensive failure reasons given by Reed
College Eye 63:33, p.8
2/17/1967 Talks about examination taken by student.
34 Crownfield has questions
Crownfield--David R. (Philosophy and Religion Facu
College Eye 63:33, p.3
2/17/1967 Scolds the paper and the Student Senate for the way they both have dealt with the comprehensive examinations.
35 Regents have responsibility
College Eye 63:33, p.2
2/17/1967 Declares that the Regents do have the power to be involved in the examination issue.
36 SS remiss
College Eye 63:33, p.2
2/17/1967 Declares that the Student Senate has had far too little involvement in the examination issue.
37 Test situation a mess
College Eye 63:33, p.2
2/17/1967 Gives suggestions for improving comprehensive examinations.
38 Administration to study--resident hall requirement of eating in food centers
College Eye 63:32, p.1
2/14/1967 Will install phones in each room of all except one men's and one women's dorm; defer action on buying trailers for faculty offices and on comprehensive exams; approve contract with campus planners.
39 Comprehensive questioned--then action taken by SS
College Eye 63:32, p.4
2/14/1967 Vote to oppose comprehensive examinations.
40 What gives with Fox?
Davis--Robert (Student--1964)
College Eye 63:32, p.2
2/14/1967 Asserts that the original goal of comprehensive BA exams has been distorted and is now abused.
41 'What gives with the Regents?'
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 63:31, p.2
2/10/1967 Defends the use of comprehensive undergraduate degree exams.
42 BA exams for spring will be April 21
College Eye 63:29, p.12
43 Believes comps not feasible
Chang--James C. (Chemistry Faculty)
College Eye 63:29, p.2
2/3/1967 Contends that comprehensive four year examinations may be a waist of time and money.
44 Fox supports comprehensive exams
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 63:29, p.3
2/3/1967 Believes that the exams perform a meaningful educational function.
45 Senator opposes comps
Dumond--Charlotte W. (Student--1966)
College Eye 63:29, p.3
2/3/1967 Contends for the elimination of comprehensive BA finals.
46 BA exams for summer given today
College Eye 60:59, p.3
47 Joint meeting of Senates Monday in Faculty Room
College Eye 60:49, p.1
4/22/1966 Will discuss spring break, comprehensive examinations, and faculty evaluation; Faculty also discusses intent and content of Master of Arts in Teaching degree.
48 SS requests joint meeting with the Faculty Senate
College Eye 60:40, p.4
3/11/1966 Wish to discuss comprehensive exams and faculty evaluation.
49 B. A. exams for English April 14-15
College Eye 60:38, p.1
50 Campaign must examine social reg, comprehensives
College Eye 60:37, p.2
3/1/1966 Claims that student campaigns should address the issues of comprehensive finals and social regulations.


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