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Cunningham--Edmund P. (Class of 1892)

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1 E. P. Cunningham
Normal Eyte 9:22, p.520
3/10/1900 Received his master's degree.
2 E. P. Cunningham
Normal Eyte 9:20, p.474
2/24/1900 Died April 25, 1896.
3 What the alumni have done for Iowa
Normal Eyte 6:33, p.433
6/12/1897 Number of alumni approaching one thousand; survey of their achievements near home and abroad.
4 The Midland Schools
Normal Eyte 6:21, p.244
2/27/1897 Praises Normalites at Carroll.
5 He is not lost
Normal Eyte 5:34, p.339
6/6/1896 Remembrance of E. P. Cunningham.
6 Clarence Page and W. L. Hearst
Normal Eyte 5:29, p.274
5/2/1896 Came up to attend funeral of E. P. Cunningham.
7 Edmund P. Cunningham
Normal Eyte 5:29, p.269
5/2/1896 Died at Carroll of appendicitis April 25, 1896; tribute and obituary; resolutions of condolence.
8 The Aristotelian Society
Normal Eyte 5:29, p.274
5/2/1896 Attended funeral of E. P. Cunningham.
9 The Iowa City battalion
Normal Eyte 5:29, p.274
5/2/1896 Attended funeral of E. P. Cunningham.
10 The sad news
Normal Eyte 5:29, p.271
5/2/1896 Tributes on death of E. P. Cunningham.
11 According to the latest report
Normal Eyte 5:28, p.264
4/25/1896 E. P. Cunningham recovering health.
12 The latest reports
Normal Eyte 5:27, p.251
4/18/1896 E. P. Cunningham seems to be recovering from his illness.
13 We regret to mention
Normal Eyte 5:26, p.242
4/11/1896 Poor health forces E. P. Cunningham to give up work.
14 Reports from Carroll
Normal Eyte 5:13, p.110
12/14/1895 W. H. Bender, E. P. Cunningham, Adeline Fellingham, and Carl Magee are teaching there.
15 Following are a few of the persons
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.574
6/19/1895 Roster of former students who attended Commencement week activities; news about what those students are doing.
16 E. P. Cunningham
Normal Eyte 4:33, p.522
5/25/1895 Will teach at Carroll; Mr. Bender will have five Normalites on his staff there.
17 Among the chapel visitors
Normal Eyte 4:14, p.219
1/5/1895 List of visitors.
18 Messers. Patterson, Hearst, McAlvin, and Cunningham
Normal Eyte 4:9, p.138
11/10/1894 Came home to vote.
19 E. P. Cunningham, W. R. Patterson and Will S. Hearst
Normal Eyte 4:2, p.24
9/22/1894 Will attend University of Iowa; Rodney Arey and Gregg McAlvin will be there, too.
20 Fourth Years, 1893
Normal Eyte 3:36, p.297
6/23/1894 A quick look back by a member of the Class of 1893.
21 The literary program of the Alumni Association
Normal Eyte 3:36, p.283
6/23/1894 Association places graduates of old elementary course on same footing as graduates of current course; officers elected; speakers listed.
22 E. P. Cunningham
Normal Eyte 3:15, p.116
1/6/1894 Color guard of University of Iowa battalion.
23 E. P. Cunningham
Normal Eyte 3:10, p.79
11/11/1893 Visiting from University of Iowa.
24 The M'Arey Natural History Association
Normal Eyte 3:10, p.79
11/11/1893 Speakers and topics.
25 An important item was omitted last week
Normal Eyte 3:9, p.71
11/4/1893 Roster of speakers and topics at Natural History Association meeting.
26 School Directory
Normal Eyte 3:8, p.63
10/28/1893 Roster of student organizations and their officers.
27 The following students from Cedar Falls
Normal Eyte 3:4, p.27
9/30/1893 Roster of Normalites at the University of Iowa.
28 E. P. Cunningham
Normal Eyte 3:3, p.23
9/23/1893 Visits on way to university.
29 W. W. Wilson, R. W. Patterson, E. P. Cunningham and W. L. Hearst
Normal Eyte 3:3, p.21
9/23/1893 Leave for University of Iowa.
30 School Directory
Normal Eyte 3:1, p.5
9/9/1893 Roster of student organizations and their officers.
31 The following is a partial list
Normal Eyte 3:1, p.8
9/9/1893 Roster of last year's graduating class and their locations.
32 Field Day
Normal Eyte 2:36, p.277
6/10/1893 Three hundred attend second annual Field Day; detailed tally of winners and their times or marks.
33 M'Arey Natural History Association
Cunningham--Edmund P. (Class of 1892)
Normal Eyte 2:32, p.246
5/13/1893 Roster of speakers and topics.
34 Prof. Arey left for Iowa City
Normal Eyte 2:31, p.241
5/6/1893 Will join group headed for Bahamas; senior students will take charge of classes.
35 School Directory
Normal Eyte 2:28, p.217
4/15/1893 Roster of student organizations and officers.
36 As previously announced, Prof. Arey will leave us about the first of May
Normal Eyte 2:24, p.192
3/11/1893 In preparation for his Bahamas trip, Prof. Arey's botany classes will meet extra hours, and then senior students will give botany instruction.
37 The Aristo 'Doings"
Normal Eyte 2:24, p.187
3/11/1893 Description of the Aristo meeting in which society members played the roles of political figures and discussed political issues.
38 Glimpses of Italian history
Cunningham--Edmund P. (Class of 1892)
Normal Eyte 2:16, p.125
1/14/1893 Essay.
39 School Directory
Normal Eyte 2:15, p.121
1/7/1893 Roster of school organizations and their officers.
40 Meeting of M'Arey Society of Natural History
Normal Eyte 2:14, p.110
12/13/1892 Hear reports on snails, clams, ciliated cells, and petrified man.
41 The appointment for captain in Company C
Normal Eyte 2:12, p.94
11/29/1892 Given to F. G. Miller, not E. P. Cunningham.
42 The S. N. S. Battalion has now completed its organization
Normal Eyte 2:11, p.84
11/22/1892 Hours for indoor drills; roster of commissioned and non-commissioned officers.
43 Wednesday afternoon at the appointed hour
Normal Eyte 2:9, p.72
11/8/1892 Men take three-hour examination to determine student battalion officers.
44 The Third Year Class of 1892
Normal Eyte 2:2, p.15
9/20/1892 Whereabouts and occupations of class members.
45 The Normal Eyte
Normal Eyte 2:1, p.3
9/13/1892 Staff roster.
46 A military record reviewed
Cunningham--Edmund P. (Class of 1892)
Normal Eyte 1:21, p.166
6/7/1892 Commencement oration.
47 E. P. Cunningham and Miss Byrde Hill
Normal Eyte 1:20, p.158
5/31/1892 Appointed to editorial staff of Normal Eyte.
48 Major Dinwiddie has made the following appointments
Normal Eyte 1:15, p.119
4/26/1892 Roster of officers.
49 Resolutions of condolence
Normal Eyte 1:13, p.103
4/12/1892 Members of third and fourth year class extend condolences to Bridgie and E. P. Cunningham on death of their mother.
50 E. P. and Bridgie Cunningham
Normal Eyte 1:12, p.93
4/5/1892 Called home due to mother's death.


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