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1 The women who made UNI
Christensen--Caroline (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 118:40, p.02
3/7/2022 Four women are celebrated for their contributions to UNI in its early years as a kickoff for Women's History Month: Marion McFarland Walker, Annie Turner Wittenmyer, Bertha Martin, and Alison Aitchison; photos.
2 Program, personnel, and other changes
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.50
7/1/1995 President Latham determines the appropriate role for extension and consultant service; alters and strengthens curriculum; considers graduate study; student voice anti-war sentiments; photo.
3 Continuing common experiences
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 1:0, p.436
7/1/1990 The role of the college in regulating behavior; the influence of religion on students and faculty; photo.
4 Institutional growth; transfer of governance to the State Board of Education (1906 through June, 1909)
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 1:0, p.255
7/1/1990 Organization of the school into formal departments; Dean of Women Walker develops guidelines for rooming houses; photo.
5 Dean of Students Holmes to retire after 15 years
Northern Iowan 69:7, p.1
10/6/1972 Profile of Dean Holmes; photo.
6 Dr. Mavis Holmes promoted to dean of students
Northern Iowan 68:1, p.5
9/17/1971 Regents announce other administrative changes as well.
7 Administration changes staff; Bender, Smith to new posts
College Eye 44:1, p.6
9/12/1952 Paul Bender is Dean of Students; Anita P. Smith is Associate Dean of Students; follows retirement of Sadie Campbell.
8 Dean Campbell resigns
College Eye 43:15, p.1
1/25/1952 Has been Dean of Women for 23 years; resignation effective July 1, 1952; photo.
9 Iowa State Teachers College students will begin the Thanksgiving recess tomorrow (Wednesday, Nov. 21) at noon
Public Relations News Release 1951:168, p.1
11/20/1951 Following the Thanksgiving recess, another day of no classes is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 28, when advance registration for the winter quarter will take place. Students living on campus will begin registereing in their dormitories.
10 Student government, 1886-1931
Hart--Irving Harlow (Extension Faculty and Archivist)
First 75 Years 0:0, p.141
7/1/1951 Rules and regulations relating to students under President Seerley; establishment of offices of Dean of Women and Dean of Men; beginnings of student self-government.
11 Dean of Women
Old Gold 0:0, p.15
6/1/1949 Brief description of the dean; photo.
12 Administration in Action
Old Gold 0:0, p.23
6/1/1948 G. Gordon Ellis plays Sir Walter Raleigh to Queen Sadie Campbell during Courtesy week by laying his jacket down of her to walk on as others look on; photo.
13 Dean of Women
Old Gold 0:0, p.19
6/1/1948 Sadie B. Campbell helps the women's of Teachers College make the most of their opportunities both socially and intellectually. Miss Campbell supervises the residence halls for women and housing for off-campus women; photo.
14 Research Bureau
Old Gold 0:0, p.28
6/1/1948 Dr. Paul is the director of this bureau that administers aptitude tests such as placement and vocational preference. It also cooperates with any department in the college in conducting research studies and course exams, and correcting these exams; photo.
15 Student League Board
Old Gold 0:0, p.21
6/1/1948 Organized in 1943, the Student League Board is the chief self-governing body at Teachers College and represents the entire student body with presidents of various student organizations as members; photo.
16 "Briefing" for democracy's greatest mission--teaching
Old Gold 0:0, p.59
6/1/1945 A student recalls her experiences with the facilities of the Teachers College; photo.
17 And how many times . . . we followed the "six steps"
Old Gold 0:0, p.6
6/1/1945 Outlines the six steps and difficulties of the registration process; photo.
18 Sadie B. Campbell, Dean of Women
Old Gold 0:0, p.23
6/1/1945 The duties of the Dean of Women; photo.
19 Deans and officials.
Old Gold 0:0, p.12
6/1/1944 Summary of duties the of deans and administrative officials; photo.
20 The Administration Building
Old Gold 0:0, p.43
6/1/1943 Old Administration Building houses president, deans, registrar, and business office; photo.
21 Timely Tid-Bits
Rickert--Mary E. (Student--1938)
College Eye 30:33, p.3
5/19/1939 News on and around campus.
22 Administration
Old Gold 0:0, p.24
6/1/1937 Description of duties of the various administrative officials; photos.
23 A list of summer term honor students has just been released
Public Relations News Release 1934:606, p.2
9/9/1934 Honor students enrolled at Corning are also included.
24 Dean of Women
Alumnus 17:3, p.3
7/1/1933 Brief profile of Dean Sadie B. Campbell and description of the functions of her office; photo.
25 Dean of Women
Old Gold 0:0, p.17
6/1/1933 History and description of services in the office; photos.
26 Sarah M. Sturtevant
Public Relations News Release 1931:83, p.1
10/26/1931 Will speak at a special convocation at ISTC.
27 Columbia head here Tuesday; Sarah M. Sturtevant will address students at assembly
College Eye 23:18, p.1
10/23/1931 Professor Sturtevant has trained many deans of women.
28 Cover picture
Alumnus 15:4, p.17
10/1/1931 Under new organization plan, the Bartlett Hall dormitory will be under the general supervision of the Dean of Women.
29 Dean's report proves teachers co-eds are hard-working women
College Eye 22:20, p.2
2/20/1931 Report shows 234 women have jobs
30 Untitled
College Eye 22:3, p.8
9/26/1930 Big Sisters will meet.
31 Weary co-eds relax in friendly rooms of Dean's apartment
College Eye 22:2, p.3
9/19/1930 Students may relax in Dean of Women's reception room.
32 Freshmen will start fall social activity with reception tonight
College Eye 22:1, p.6
9/8/1930 Campus social calendar.
33 One hundred and eleven women seek positions
College Eye 21:40, p.1
7/25/1930 Many women write seeking student employment.
34 Weary co-eds relax in friendly rooms of dean's apartment
College Eye 21:38, p.5
6/27/1930 Women may drop into Dean of Women's office to relax.
35 Charm and dignity prevail in Dean of Women's office
College Eye 21:35, p.2
6/4/1930 Description of the Dean of Women's office.
36 Dean of Women has new office
College Eye 21:30, p.1
5/2/1930 Six room suite in Old Gilchrist Hall now open.
37 Office and classroom arrangement makes increased efficiency
College Eye 21:11, p.1
11/21/1929 Department locations will be centralized in specific buildings.
38 Increased educational efficiency
Public Relations News Release 1929:66, p.1
11/18/1929 President Latham re-arranges classrooms, offices, and mechanical equipment.
39 Deans approve social regulations of college
College Eye 21:1, p.1
9/9/1929 Women's hours and housing regulations posted.
40 New dean
College Eye 21:1, p.1
9/9/1929 Sadie Campbell succeeds Marion McFarland Walker as Dean of Women; photo.
41 Mrs. Walker resigns as Dean of Women; resignation to take effect fall term, 1929
College Eye 20:40, p.1
7/3/1929 New dean yet to be chosen; brief profile; photo.
42 Girls! leave working hours with Miss Maxwell; used in Employment Bureau report
College Eye 20:2, p.1
9/20/1928 Effort to coordinate student employment experience.
43 Official announcement
College Eye 19:34, p.5
5/9/1928 Mid-term grades are somewhat discouraging.
44 All college organizations
College Eye 19:27, p.1
3/21/1928 Students reminded to report social affairs to Dean of Women prior to the event.
45 Official notice
College Eye 18:45, p.6
6/15/1927 Those who are absent from class must see the Dean of Women or the Dean of Men for excuses.
46 Official notice
College Eye 18:22, p.3
12/8/1926 Women who are looking for work should report to the Dean of Women.
47 New ruling on low scholarship passed by faculty
College Eye 18:19, p.1
11/17/1926 New rules for suspension.
48 Official notice
College Eye 18:10, p.2
9/15/1926 Students must see Dean of Men or Dean of Women for absence excuses; also must attend freshman lectures.
49 Miss Iva E. Smith
College Eye 18:9, p.2
9/8/1926 Iva Smith is Assistant Dean of Women.
50 Dean of Women
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Fifty Years at the Teachers College 0:0, p.222
7/1/1926 Establishment of the office; duties of Marion McFarland Walker; selection of Mr. Reed as Dean of Men..


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