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1 Fall fishing affected by changing weather conditions, according to University of Northern Iowa professor.
Public Relations News Release 1989:155, p.1
10/11/1989 Walt DeKock says one important factor to consider when fishing is temperature, A fish is a cold blooded animal, so the colder the water, the less active they are. As water warms, the fish become more active.
2 Are the fish biting? It may depend on the weather.
Public Relations News Release 1989:91, p.1
9/25/1989 Walter DeKock says you can find where the fish are hiding by some simple weather observations. Knowing the habits of the fish you're trying to catch, combined with temperature and wind direction can increase the number of fish that make it to your table.
3 What do we do when the weather turns ugly -- Spring storms.
Public Relations News Release 1988:366, p.1
3/27/1989 Walter DeKock says 32 people were killed last year as a result of tornadoes in the U.S. Having a plan of attack for when the weather turns bad could save your life.
4 University of Northern Iowa presents earth science conference for teachers at UNI museum April 7.
Public Relations News Release 1988:361, p.1
3/20/1989 Robert McKay will speak on "Early Tetrapods and Paleoenviroment of St. Louis Formation." Raymond Anderson will speak on "The Manson Impact Structure in North Central Iowa and Its Role in a Global Environmental Crisis 66 Million Years Ago."
5 Iowa's long hot summer has intensified air pollution problems.
Public Relations News Release 1988:21, p.1
9/5/1988 Studies show it may be too late to fix problems such as acid rain and depletion of the ozone layer.
6 Earth science update conference for secondary teachers held April 18 at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1986:381, p.1
4/22/1986 Forty-two teachers came to UNI for the conference to hear presentations on a variety of topics, conducted by UNI earth science professors; UNI hopes to obtain a grant to continue the program.
7 Earth Science attracts new majors
Old Gold 0:0, p.36
6/1/1982 The Department of Earth Science tries to recruit talented freshman into the program; photo.
8 Dr. Walter D. DeKock
Alumnus 65:3, p.31
9/1/1980 Died June 29, 1980.
9 Recognition Breakfast Planned to Honor Retiring, Resigning UNI Staff
Public Relations News Release 1971:593, p.1
5/3/1971 The 13th annual event will be held May 15th in the Commons.
10 Bash for Charity; Easter Seal
Northern Iowan 65:53, p.8
4/25/1969 Faculty help by volunteering for pie throw and dunk tank.
11 Eighteen faculty members to study India in seminars
College Eye 64:5, p.3
9/26/1967 List of those who will take part in Faculty Development Seminar.
12 Faculty plans to travel, research for the summer
College Eye 60:60, p.3
7/1/1966 Survey of faculty plans for the summer.
13 Regents approves leaves for 12 SCI faculty
College Eye 60:50, p.1
4/26/1966 List of faculty who will be receiving PDLs and their proposed topics of research.
14 Perspective: Ten judgmental criteria will improve admissions system
DeKock--Walter D. (Education Faculty)
College Eye 60:43, p.2
3/22/1966 Suggests the use of the Miller Analogies Test and other examinations to screen the students attending the university.
15 Colombian visitor at SSCI provides cultural exchange
College Eye 60:29, p.6
1/14/1966 Oswaldo Diaz visited.
16 On glaciers, mountains, riverbanks eight staff members pursue rocks
College Eye 59:15, p.3
1/8/1965 Professors talk about the hobby of collecting and polishing rocks and minerals.
17 Construction begins for new SCI library
College Eye 57:5, p.1
10/12/1962 Mr. Rod speaks at length about the new facility; photo.
18 Record 79% of full-time undergrads vote, but honor system defeated 1,436-1,062
College Eye 56:25, p.1
3/30/1962 Breakdown of vote by dorm and by class.
19 Procedure method ready for Regents
College Eye 56:20, p.1
2/23/1962 Professor DeKock talks about the proposal for an honor system.
20 Honor system under study by students, faculty
Alumnus 47:1, p.9
2/1/1962 Students would assume full responsibility for academic honesty.
21 Constitution proposed by honor system committee
College Eye 56:17, p.1
1/26/1962 Professor DeKock talks about the proposed system.
22 President urges students to attend honors meeting
College Eye 56:4, p.1
10/6/1961 Students from St. Olaf College will talk about their honor system.
23 Promotions for faculty announced
College Eye 52:36, p.1
6/30/1961 Roster of those receiving promotions.
24 ISTC faculty promotions announced
Public Relations News Release 1960:472, p.1
6/23/1961 President J. W. Maucker announces faculty promotions after their approval by the board of Regents. Among those promoted are faculty from the departments of social science, education and psychology, mathematics, science, business education, and art.
25 ISTC to show Soviet film
Public Relations News Release 1960:220, p.1
2/16/1961 An English translation of a Soviet documentary on the ten-year school system is shown by the Student Iowa State Education Association. Professor Walter D. DeKock acts as faculty representative of the Education Association.
26 Program announced for ISTC Prospective Teacher Day
Public Relations News Release 1960:101, p.1
11/1/1960 Professors Howard Knutson, Gordon Rhum, and Willard Reninger speak at the Prospective Teacher Day assembly in recognition of National Education Week. Faculty advisers for the program are Professors Daryl Pendergraft, Walter De Kock, and Betts Ann Roth.
27 Former Cuban citizen to speak at ISTC
Public Relations News Release 1960:85, p.1
10/24/1960 Professor Andrew D. Barrett speaks to the Student Iowa State Education Association on the educational and political environments of Cuba. Evelyn Brockmeyer is president of the student group. Faculty sponsors are Professor Walt De Kock, and Betts Ann Roth.
28 Prospective Teacher Day to be held at ISTC
Public Relations News Release 1960:82, p.1
10/19/1960 The Education Association sponsors Prospective Teacher Day, providing high school students with information on the teaching profession. Professors Daryl Pendergraft and Walter de Kock act as advisers for the Prospective Teacher Day committee.
29 ISEA delegation to conference
College Eye 51:15, p.4
30 The Faculty Pen; faculty opinion polled on quiz show scandals
College Eye 51:8, p.3
11/6/1959 Faculty members discuss the recent controversy on dishonesty in television.
31 Roswell Garst to visit ISTC; speak for ISEA
College Eye 51:5, p.1
10/16/1959 Profile of Roswell Garst.
32 Department of Education Conducts Research Project
Old Gold 0:0, p.102
6/1/1959 Mr. Carpenter produced films to replace Campus School observations, and Dr. Looby and Dr. Lamke did research on the Rapid Learners Research Project; the Elementary Education Conference and the Elementary Leaders Conference were two annual events; photo.
33 Department of Education Conducts Research Project
Old Gold 0:0, p.102
6/1/1959 Department of Education & Psychology did many experiments under the direction of Dr. Clifford Bishop. Mr. Carpenter produced films to serve in place of Campus School observations. Two events; Elementary Education & Leaders Conference; photo
34 Phi Delta Kappa Honors Faculty Members
Old Gold 0:0, p.166
6/1/1959 Phi Delta Kappa is an honorary international fraternity; an individual must be a graduate student with a 3.0 gpa, a faculty member or a nonresident who's been involved in five or more years in successful educational work, and has a Masters Degree; photo.
35 SISEA Largest in the United States
Old Gold 0:0, p.161
6/1/1959 The Student Iowa State Education Association is the largest student education group in the United States; college students get to gain an understanding of the teaching profession and the work local, state, and national education associations do; photo.
36 Thompson, TC Band, faculty participate in ISEA meeting
Alumnus 43:4, p.6
12/1/1958 Presence strong at ISEA convention in Des Moines; photo.
37 Education Strives To Understand Child
Old Gold 0:0, p.102
6/1/1958 Description of the Department of Education and Psychology; photos.
38 Phi Delta Kappa, Newest Honorary
Old Gold 0:0, p.211
6/1/1958 Description of the fraternity that was installed on campus in the Spring of 1957; photo.
39 SISEA Acquires New Name
Old Gold 0:0, p.233
6/1/1958 Goals of the Student Iowa State Education Association, which was previously called Iowa Future Teachers Association; pohto.
40 TC prepares for expert on Russia
College Eye 49:18, p.1
2/7/1958 Schedule of programs on Soviet education.
41 Secondary school workshop planned for next week
College Eye 48:34, p.1
42 Department of Education and Psychology
Old Gold 0:0, p.44
6/1/1957 The Department of Education and Psychology, in cooperation with the Department of Teaching, is workng on motion pictures to replace the many observations normally made at the Campus School; photo.
43 IFTA Becomes Professional
Old Gold 0:0, p.232
6/1/1957 Iowa Future Teachers Association holds a banquet every spring for the old and new cabinet; they also assist at the Prospective Teachers Day, and send two delegates to the state conference in February where state officers are elected; photo.
44 Gifted child is theme for workshop
College Eye 48:24, p.1
4/5/1957 Highlights of Elementary Principals and Supervisors Workshop.
45 IFTA membership drive will close
College Eye 48:15, p.6
1/25/1957 Professor DeKock will speak at meeting.
46 Twenty eight new appointments to faculty
College Eye 48:1, p.3
9/14/1956 Very brief profiles of new faculty.
47 DeKock heads Teacher Day plan group
College Eye 46:22, p.6
48 Classes travel
College Eye 45:40, p.4
8/6/1954 Visit institution at Independence.
49 Visiting teachers added to staff
College Eye 45:36, p.1
7/9/1954 Brief profiles of visiting teachers.
50 Four state education associations will participate in next Saturday's, May 5, Conference on Professional Laboratory Experiences
Public Relations News Release 1950:338, p.1
4/27/1951 Participating organizations include the state department of public instruction, the Iowa Association for Student Teaching, the Iowa Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards, and the Department of Colleges and Universities.

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