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1 Field hockey clinic
Northern Iowan 75:51, p.14
4/27/1979 UNI will host a national field hockey coaching clinic July 22-24.
2 What's up
Northern Iowan 75:30, p.1
1/26/1979 Meetings and events planned; rosemaling to be held in Union; planning meeting for generations workshop, 1st floor residents to meet.
3 What's Up?
Northern Iowan 74:49, p.16
4/11/1978 Activities and meetings.
4 Field hockey news
Northern Iowan 73:24, p.6
11/23/1976 Three UNI players and their coach are set to compete at the national level.
5 Field hockey on the road
Fridley--Richard L. (Class of 1978)
Northern Iowan 73:7, p.10
9/24/1976 Women's field hockey team travels to Wisconsin to compete.
6 Athletics
Alumnus 61:3, p.18
9/1/1976 Early athletics; photo.
7 Hockey comes natural to coed
UNI Century 2:1, p.7
1/1/1974 Diane Braun plays in field hockey national competition in Boston.
8 UNI grad named to Midwest hockey team
Northern Iowan 67:20, p.6
11/23/1970 Barbara Darling and Marilee Mateer will play on the Midwest I Field Hockey team; photo.
9 Field Hockey Clinic Saturday
Public Relations News Release 1969:68, p.1
10/10/1969 The clinic is for Iowa high school teachers, college teachers, and college students who are interested in learning to umpire.
10 Previews
Northern Iowan 66:10, p.12
10/10/1969 Activities and meetings.
11 UNI 1968-69
Northern Iowan 65:58, p.8
5/13/1969 The year in review, as told through photos; photo.
12 Sign Language helps foreign hockey teams communicate
College Eye 58:4, p.1
10/11/1963 A look at the Swiss and Argentinean teams; photo.
13 International field hockey teams here
College Eye 58:3, p.5
10/4/1963 Women's field hockey teams from Argentina and Switzerland will play.
14 Departments plan for HC; music, teas, food, for alum's
Wren--Patricia S. (Student--1959)
College Eye 51:6, p.6
10/23/1959 A look at department plans for Homecoming; photo.
15 Activities for women's intramurals are explained
Lee--Sandra J. (Student--1958)
College Eye 50:13, p.7
12/12/1958 Lists the activities, the teams, and the captains.
16 Annual hockey game set
College Eye 50:6, p.12
10/17/1958 The game will be Saturday October 18.
17 Girls' intramurals teams to form
College Eye 50:4, p.6
10/3/1958 Times and locations of events.
18 Girls' hockey team in two wins
College Eye 48:8, p.4
11/2/1956 TC defeated Grinnell, 3-1 and 3-0.
19 Dr. Winsberg attends intramural conference
College Eye 47:9, p.5
11/4/1955 Seniors defeat alumni in field hockey.
20 Women's hockey is played tomorrow
College Eye 47:8, p.3
10/28/1955 The annual hockey game between the senior majors of the Women's Physical Education Department and its alumni will take place.
21 Women Have Well-Rounded Intramural Program
Old Gold 0:0, p.172
6/1/1955 Description of the activities in the women's intramural program; photos.
22 Seniors swamp Junior Club 1-0
College Eye 46:11, p.7
23 They're bully girls
College Eye 46:9, p.5
11/5/1954 Senior field hockey club is pictured on the fifty yard line; photo.
24 Women's recreation program includes hockey, swimming
College Eye 45:2, p.5
9/18/1953 Upcoming events for women interested in recreation activities are listed.
25 Annual hockey game results in 0-0 tie
College Eye 44:9, p.6
26 WRA ends '52 hockey
College Eye 44:9, p.6
27 College Eye Bulletin Board
College Eye 44:3, p.7
9/26/1952 News about Greek organizations, service groups, and dormitories.
28 Women's intramurals planned for future
College Eye 44:2, p.6
9/19/1952 Will hold organizational meeting for field hockey; other sports will follow.
29 Women hockey intramurals planned
College Eye 44:1, p.3
30 Weather halts hockey play day
College Eye 43:8, p.3
11/9/1951 The hockey game is postponed due to weather.
31 Girls' hockey team bows 4-0
College Eye 43:7, p.4
11/2/1951 Panthers hope to add a victory over Iowa State.
32 Grads vs. seniors in girl's hockey
College Eye 43:6, p.4
10/26/1951 Women play their annual field hockey game.
33 Girls' hockey play day set
College Eye 43:4, p.4
10/12/1951 Panther women hope for win against Ames.
34 Women's hockey schedule set
College Eye 43:2, p.4
9/28/1951 Women's intramurals are up and running.
35 Sixty years ago
Alumnus 35:1, p.4
2/1/1951 Women play field hockey around the turn of the century; photo.
36 Hockey team defeats Ames in last game
College Eye 42:11, p.5
12/1/1950 ISTC beats Iowa State, 3-0.
37 Phys Ed students attend tourney
College Eye 42:11, p.2
12/1/1950 List of those who attended field hockey tournament.
38 Hockey players invited to Ames for play day
College Eye 42:9, p.4
39 Hockey practices set for Monday, Thursday
College Eye 42:6, p.4
10/20/1950 For intramural sports.
40 Seniors down alumni in first hockey game
College Eye 42:6, p.4
10/20/1950 Game was part of Homecoming activities.
41 Homecoming festivities begin with Variety Show tonight
College Eye 42:5, p.1
10/13/1950 Schedule of Homecoming events include show, parade, dance, and field hockey contest.
42 Women's intramurals plan hockey for fall
College Eye 42:2, p.4
43 Hawkettes snare field hockey title
College Eye 41:11, p.5
12/2/1949 Wins tournament by defeating the Pantherettes, the Whirlwinds, the Bartlett Bullies, and the Tacklers.
44 Women's hockey team ties Iowa State 1-1
College Eye 41:11, p.5
12/2/1949 This was Iowa State's only game of the season.
45 2 hockey teams go to SUI meet
College Eye 41:7, p.8
10/28/1949 Will attend the Mid-West Hockey Umpiring tournament.
46 Women's hockey teams begin play next week
College Eye 41:4, p.5
10/7/1949 A round robin tournament will be held for the five teams entered.
47 P. E. Doings
College Eye 41:2, p.5
9/23/1949 Physical education news.
48 Wanted: players for theory hockey teams
College Eye 41:2, p.5
9/23/1949 Tournaments will be held later this quarter.
49 Women's intramural hockey teams formed
College Eye 41:1, p.5
9/16/1949 Shin guards and hockey sticks are available at the Women's Gym.
50 Intramural hockey ends for season
College Eye 40:10, p.5
11/19/1948 Hockey and basketball are two highlights of the year for Women's Recreation Association.


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