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1 Five tips to survive freshman year
Lauren--Abigail (Student--2022)
Northern Iowan 119:4, p.04
9/8/2022 Abigail Lauren gives freshmen tips on how to get through their first year of college. Some of the tips include utilizing UNI's Counseling Center, setting clear expectations with roommates, and talking one on one with your professors; photo.
2 In-person orientation returns after three years
Springfield--Eboni (Class of 2022), Eaves--Emily (Student--2022)
Northern Iowan 119:3, p.05
9/1/2022 Freshman orientation for incoming Panthers was held in person for the first time since fall of 2020. Transfer student orientation was still held virtually due to the different needs of the group. The orientation team has received a lot of positive feedback about the orientation held this year; photo.
3 A comparative COVID-19 college experience
Koehler--Emma (Student--2021), Debruin--Karla (Northern Iowan Managing Editor)
Northern Iowan 118:3, p.05
9/2/2021 Freshman and Sophomore students discuss the changes in COVID-19 procedure between the 2020 and 2021 school year; photo.
4 Nook recovers from surgery
Roundtree--Diamond (Student--2021), Christensen--Caroline (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 118:3, p.01
9/2/2021 President Nook discussed the beginning of the 2021 school year after recovering from back surgery; photo.
5 What I've learned during my freshman year
Bennethum--Abigail (Class of 2021)
Northern Iowan 115:44, p.03
3/28/2019 Bennethum discusses lessons learned as a freshman, including dorm life, friendship, area of study, and making the moments count.
6 15 Tips for Freshmen
Ritondale--Sarah (Class of 2020)
Northern Iowan 115:1, p.01
8/23/2018 This infographic lists 15 tips for those entering UNI as freshmen; photo.
7 Predatory recruiting is harmful
Wolfe--Brenna (Student--2017)
Northern Iowan 115:1, p.05
8/23/2018 The author argues that ethnical recruitment tactics are important for student organizations and how predatory ones can be harmful; photos.
8 The freshman college experience checklist
Wagner--Amanda (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 112:2, p.3
8/31/2015 Student Amanda Wagner shares her "To-do" checklist for freshman year. Those things include watching her diet, studying hard, campaniling, and being careful about drinking.
9 UNI Now kicks off school year
Jamtgaard--Katherine A (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 112:1, p.9
8/27/2015 A new program called "UNI Now" aims to help incoming freshmen feel more welcome and adjusted to the college life.
10 Experience college on your own
Beard--Renae (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 111:8, p.3
9/25/2014 Senior Renae Beard gives her advice to the freshmen at UNI.
11 Recruiting new panthers
Baldus--Rachel (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 111:1, p.9
8/28/2014 A sea of purple flooded the McLeod Center as incoming freshmen and transfer students got a taste of what it means to be a Panther at the first annual Panther Kick-Off; photo.
12 College unpreparedness affects all students
Hebbeln--Laura Katherine (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:41, p.3
3/3/2014 The author points out that many students graduating from high school are not ready for college. To solve this problem high schools need to prepare their students better. First year students who are not prepared for college waste their time and money.
13 Career Fair Guide
Northern Iowan 110:4, p.1
9/10/2013 Tips for students on how to make a great impression at the Career Fair. Includes proper dress and sample questions to ask. There is also a list of the businesses attending the Career Fair.
14 Career Fair Guide
Northern Iowan 109:5, p.supp 1
9/11/2012 Tips for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors attending the Career Fair. Proper dress, preparation, and sample questions for companies provided.
15 Activites planned to welcome UNI students to campus
Public Relations News Release 2012:24, p.1
8/13/2012 Panther Picnic will feature a ferris wheel, music, outdoor games, and free food. A hypnotist will entertain for two shows. Panthers on Main introduces students to downtown Cedar Falls.
16 UNI to expedite application process for new students
Public Relations News Release 2012:5, p.1
7/12/2012 Freshmen applicants will self report their high school course work, test scores, grade point average and class rank. Paper work will be reduced. In this day of instant communication, ease of application is needed.
17 Map-Works program may benefit students
Zidon--Rachel Margaret (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 108:4, p.5
9/9/2011 A fifteen minute survey can aid incoming freshmen to areas that need attention for doing well in college. MAP-Works started last year at the university. Each student gets a report of his or her results.
18 Freshmen should utilize springboard housing
Pearce--Katherine Lea (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 108:2, p.5
8/30/2011 Writer recalls living in springboard housing. This type is available in Bender, Campbell, Dancer, Hagemann, and Noehren Halls. Students are housed with students similar in age and also new to campus. Upperclassmen do not stay in their rooms very much.
19 Bringing in new students with style
Findley--Blake Thurston (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:60, p.3
7/22/2011 Summer Orientation Staff share their passion for UNI, while helping incoming freshmen and transfer students transition into college life. Guiding the students and answering questions fills the day.
20 Freshman rickshaw service to premiere at UNI
Northern Iowan 107:52, p.9
4/22/2011 Satirical look at the possibility of freshman being required to pull rickshaws for upper classman. They would be paid; as state employees, no tipping would be allowed.
21 MAP helps students transition to college
Trampel--Erin Elizabeth (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:6, p.4
9/17/2010 The Measures of Academic Progress survey is a tool to aid students starting their college career. Ten $50 gift certificates to University Book and Supply will awarded to those participating on the first day.
22 UNI fall enrollment increases for fourth straight year
Public Relations News Release 2010:40, p.1
9/8/2010 The official fall 2010 enrollment is 13,201, a 0.9-percent increase over the 13,080 enrolled in fall 2009. Calculated on students enrolled through the end of the second week of class, the count shows an increase of 121 students.
23 Life in the Northern Iowa kingdom
Krob--Nicholas Joseph (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 106:6, p.3
9/18/2009 Freshmen are subjected to a great deal of advice from upper classmen. Much of the information is incorrect. A student needs to go to class. Many professors are fantastic resources. Sincere offers to help an underclassman are welcome.
24 Top ten freshman pitfalls
Uhlenkamp--Jessica Ann (Student--2009)
Northern Iowan 106:5, p.9
9/15/2009 Urges freshmen to write everything down in their planners, study, read, freshman 15, dress appropriately for winter and class. The goal is not to stand out, look, or act like a freshman.
25 From our archives
Northern Iowan 105:51, p.8
4/21/2009 Square dancing photo from the September 18, 1959 issue of the College Eye. Other news covered in the issue included freshman events, improvements to Bartlett Hall, and wage increases for on-campus student jobs.
26 Putting money in the garbage disposal
Krob--Nicholas Joseph (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:33, p.8
2/6/2009 Asks why only freshmen are required to purchase a 14 meal per week plan and why students should be billed for meals that they do not eat.
27 An update from the Freshman Student Council
Jenkins--Amy Catherine (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:29, p.3
1/23/2009 Stated goal of the group is to help the community. The first fund raising event resulted in a $320 donation to Toys for Tots. Speed dating will be held in January with the funds going to the Make a Wish Foundation.
28 Same story, different scene
Krob--Nicholas Joseph (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:2, p.7
9/5/2008 College adjustments are difficult. Finding your identity and new friends take time and patience.
29 UNI summer orientation staff welcomes new students and parents
Public Relations News Release 2007:721, p.1
6/11/2008 Sixteen students are spending a portion of their summer welcoming entering freshmen, transfer students and their parents to Summer Orientation sessions. Staff were selected based on interpersonal strengths, achievements, and activities.
30 A student's guide to college life
Abbott--Tristan E. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:1, p.7
8/24/2007 Suggestions for incoming freshmen; adjusting to college life; things to avoid and consider when living on or off campus.
31 UNI welcomes entering freshmen
Public Relations News Release 2007:81, p.1
8/1/2007 Several students attended First-Year Orientation June 28-29; list of students.
32 UNI welcomes entering freshmen
Public Relations News Release 2007:74, p.1
7/26/2007 Several incoming freshmen attended First-Year Orientation June 25-26; list of students.
33 UNI welcomes entering freshmen
Public Relations News Release 2007:58, p.1
7/11/2007 Several incoming freshmen attended First-Year Orientation and Registration June 18-19 and 21-22; list of students.
34 UNI welcomes entering freshmen
Public Relations News Release 2007:50, p.1
7/9/2007 Several incoming freshmen attended First-Year Orientation and Registration June 11-12 and June 14-15; list of students.
35 UNI welcomes entering freshmen
Public Relations News Release 2007:45, p.1
7/3/2007 Several incoming freshmen attended First-Year Orientation June 4-5 and 7-8; list of students.
36 Full force freshmen recruitment
Hawthorne--Morgan L. A. (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 103:59, p.1
6/29/2007 Freshmen orientation welcomes new students and parents to campus; photo.
37 UNI awards SBS scholarships to incoming freshmen
Public Relations News Release 2007:15, p.1
6/13/2007 The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences has awarded eleven scholarships to incoming freshmen.
38 Preparation can prevent stress
Carton--Rebecca R. (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 103:27, p.9
12/5/2006 Getting started on studying for final examinations ahead of time can reduce stress during finals week; photo.
39 UNI Enrollment Services staff to help local students with scholarship, finacial aid process
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
10/12/2006 Incoming University of Northern Iowa freshmen who are applying for scholarships can get help by attending a UNI Scholarship Application Night.
40 UNI announces Purple & Gold Scholarship recipients for fall 2006
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
9/26/2006 Several non-resident incoming students received the Purple & Gold Scholarship; list of recipients.
41 Why attempt today what can wait 'til later'?
Dzick--Dana M. (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 103:7, p.5
9/19/2006 Procrastination is examined from the point of view of a college freshman.
42 Fall enrollment at University of Northern Iowa shows more freshmen; decline in transfer students
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
9/6/2006 The fall enrollment of freshmen increased while the enrollment of transfer students decreased, resulting in an overall enrollment of 12,260.
43 Incoming UNI freshmen awarded Helen E. Stoner Scholarsips
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
8/29/2006 Four incoming freshmen have received Helen E. Stoner Scholarships.
44 Just a freshman
Randall--Whitney Rae (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 103:1, p.8
8/25/2006 Distinctions between freshmen and older classmates examined.
45 Student voices
Etten--Nathan J. (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 103:1, p.11
8/25/2006 Students answer the question; "What's the best piece of advice you'd give your incoming freshman?"
46 Incoming UNI freshmen awarded Vermazen Scholarships
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
8/23/2006 Three incoming freshmen have received the John & Be Vermazen Scholarships.
47 UNI to host 'Panthers In The Park' in West Des Moines
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
8/7/2006 Event will welcome new students to UNI.
48 UNI to host 'Panthers In The Park' in Marion
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
8/1/2006 Event will take place on August third.
49 UNI welcomes entering freshmen
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
7/19/2006 Over 140 people attended orientation session on July 6 and 7; list.
50 UNI welcomes entering freshmen
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
7/13/2006 More than 300 people took part in two recent orientation sessions to prepare for the upcoming school year; list.


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