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Fullerton--Peter G. (Class of 1890)

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1 Early in January the Alumni Office received a wonderful letter from Judge Fullerton
Alumnus 36:1, p.23
2/1/1952 She remembers General McManus's smile.
2 Peter G. Fullerton
Alumnus 36:1, p.23
2/1/1952 Died on January 10, 1952.
3 Peter G. Fullerton
Alumnus 27:4, p.22
10/1/1943 Serves as a U. S. commissioner for the western district of Oklahoma.
4 Invitation to reunion
Alumnus 23:2, p.10
4/1/1939 Description of activities for reunion associated with spring Commencement; photo.
5 Professor C. A. Fullerton, P. G. Fullerton, Robert Fullerton, A. M. Fullerton, H. J. Fullerton, J. E. Fullerton, and J. K. Fullerton
Alumnus 23:1, p.20
1/1/1939 Seven Fullerton brothers, ranging in age from sixty-six to eighty years, attended a reunion recently at the home of Professor C. A. Fullerton, Teachers College's "grand old man of music," now a member of the Extension Service. Three brothers are alumni.
6 The Musical Department
Fifty Years at the Teachers College 0:0, p.202
7/1/1926 Brief history of the department, including its outstanding personalities.
7 Neil Fullerton
Alumni News Letter 2:3, p.4
7/1/1918 Neil Fullerton, father of C. A. Fullerton, died April 30, 1918 at age 87.
8 Beginnings in our school history
Old Gold 0:0, p.10
6/1/1911 Brief history of the Iowa State Normal School; photos.
9 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 20:5, p.97
10/6/1909 Is visiting his brothers.
10 The Minnesingers
Old Gold 0:0, p.137
6/1/1908 Started with a quartet that included the Fullerton brothers.
11 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 17:27, p.425
4/10/1907 Mrs. Fullerton's father died.
12 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 12:35, p.560
6/6/1906 Writes of life in Oklahoma.
13 The Minnesingers Glee Club
Wallace--George Edson (Classes of 1904--1905--and 1911)
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.50
6/1/1905 Formed in the 1888 school year, it evolved and even joined the Cecilians to put on "Robin Hood" to much success; photo.
14 Who and what are Minnes are
Normal Eyte 14:9, p.129
10/30/1903 The Minnesingers performed at the Teachers Association meeting.
15 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 13:6, p.88
10/11/1902 Visited Professor Fullerton.
16 P. G. Fullerton's
Normal Eyte 12:27, p.423
4/12/1902 Tells of life in Oklahoma.
17 The many Friends of P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 12:8, p.118
11/2/1901 Working as attorney in Oklahoma.
18 History of the Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 10:15, p.358
1/12/1901 Brief history of the organization on campus since its beginnings in 1886; roster of officers.
19 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 10:6, p.128
10/20/1900 Going to Oklahoma with brother.
20 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 9:15, p.353
1/20/1900 Completed the four years course.
21 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 9:14, p.329
1/13/1900 Completed the four years course and was engaged in teaching; entered the business life as an insurance agent and real estate dealer; married Mabel Watkins.
22 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 9:13, p.306
12/16/1899 Is a real estate dealer.
23 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 8:25, p.348
4/1/1899 Visited brother.
24 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 8:15, p.207
12/17/1898 Visited brother Charles.
25 James Watkins Fullerton
Normal Eyte 8:13, p.182
12/3/1898 P. G. Fullerton has new son.
26 Invitations are out
Normal Eyte 6:32, p.377
5/28/1897 Mabel Watkins and P. G. Fullerton will be married.
27 Mr. P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 6:16, p.188
1/23/1897 Justice of the peace in Rockford.
28 Mr. John Fellingham
Normal Eyte 6:11, p.129
11/21/1896 And several others visited campus.
29 Following are a few of the persons
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.574
6/19/1895 Roster of former students who attended Commencement week activities; news about what those students are doing.
30 Mr. P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 4:31, p.489
5/11/1895 Visited campus.
31 Mr. Frank Nimocks and Mr. P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 4:23, p.363
3/9/1895 Visited the Normal.
32 Mr. P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 4:17, p.267
1/26/1895 Visited the Normal.
33 Mr. P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 4:5, p.74
10/13/1894 Friends glad to see him.
34 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 3:33, p.261
5/19/1894 Meeting leaders named; seeking contributions to send women to Lake Geneva convention.
35 C. A. and P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 3:26, p.207
3/31/1894 Attended the SUI concert and visited friends.
36 Mr. L. B. Moffett's high school
Normal Eyte 3:25, p.196
3/17/1894 Holds declamatory contest; P. G. Fullerton is referee.
37 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 3:24, p.192
3/10/1894 Visited the Normal.
38 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 3:21, p.167
2/17/1894 Visited the Normal.
39 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 3:19, p.151
2/3/1894 Will take charge of insurance agency in Cedar Falls.
40 The trio of New York Life Insurance men
Normal Eyte 3:4, p.31
9/30/1893 Frank Nimocks, P. G. Fullerton, and Harry Aldrich are in the business.
41 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 3:3, p.21
9/23/1893 Now in insurance business.
42 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 3:3, p.23
9/23/1893 Visits Normal.
43 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 3:1, p.6
9/9/1893 Selling insurance in Rockford.
44 Alumni
Normal Eyte 2:37, p.282
6/17/1893 Program, meeting, and banquet of Alumni Association meeting at 1893 Commencement; President Seerley hopes that they will soon meet in a "new building".
45 Just one hundred!
Normal Eyte 1:21, p.161
6/7/1892 Detailed description of Commencement Week events; exhibition drill; Governor Boies' address; society programs; banquets.
46 P. G. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 1:6, p.48
2/16/1892 Principal in Windom, Minnesota; Gregg McAlvin doing well there, also.

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