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1 Untitled
Rider--Dwight G.
College Eye 45:39, p.2
7/30/1954 Claims that the letter printed in the EYE, written by Boyd Guest, contains invalid information.
2 Untitled
College Eye 45:38, p.2
7/23/1954 Boyd Guest defends his position.
3 Why we weren't told
Maltby--James Dale (Class of 1954)
College Eye 45:38, p.2
7/23/1954 Replies to the editorial concerning the dismissal of the Boyd Guest and its absence from the news scene.
4 Maucker announces dismissal of Guest, associate professor
College Eye 45:37, p.1
7/16/1954 President Maucker cites reasons for dismissal; Professor Guest says that he will respond; photo.
5 Why weren't we told?
College Eye 45:37, p.2
7/16/1954 Discusses the recent release of Boyd Guest; claims that since the news was so late, the EYE was behind on news.
6 Committee clears instructors; blasts anonymous criticisms; action follows long closed sessions in two-day period
College Eye 44:26, p.1
4/10/1953 Will now meet with area legislators to report findings; description of hearings.
7 Twenty-nine members of the instructional and administrative staffs are listed in the 1952 edition of Who's Who in the Midwest
Public Relations News Release 1952:498, p.1
3/24/1952 According to the compilers those included in the publication are of significant reference interest nationally and sectionally, but are identified with the central and midwestern states. Biographical material is given for some of those listed.
8 Who's Who lists eleven from here
College Eye 43:19, p.1
2/22/1952 A number of faculty listed in Midwest Who's Who.
9 TC girls will pursue in Sadie's style
College Eye 43:9, p.1
11/16/1951 A look at the upcoming Sadie Hawkins Dance; photo.
10 News about the faculty
Alumnus 35:3, p.3
9/1/1951 List of faculty appointments, resignations, changes, and achievements.
11 English and Speech
Old Gold 0:0, p.48
6/1/1951 Brief description of the department; photo.
12 Boyd Guest, associate professor of English will be a visiting lecturer this summer
Public Relations News Release 1950:329, p.1
4/23/1951 Guestwill be a lecturer at Western Illinois State College, Macomb, Illinois. The two-session term starts June 4 and ends August 17. Guest will teach English and speech.
13 Faculty
Old Gold 0:0, p.204
6/1/1950 List of faculty; photo.
14 Humanist Club meets
College Eye 41:11, p.4
12/2/1949 First meeting of the winter quarter will be held; Professor Guest will speak.
15 Speakers present "Freedom" panel to discussion conference delegates
College Eye 41:6, p.3
10/21/1949 The first general assembly of the intramural discussion conference was held last Monday.
16 Speech Activities Club hears Hake and Guest
College Eye 41:6, p.3
10/21/1949 Herb Hake spoke on the opportunities for work in the field of radio.
17 Radio studio produces 21 programs each week over three stations
College Eye 41:3, p.2
9/30/1949 Provides programming at WOI, Ames; WSUI, Iowa City; and KAYX, Waterloo.
18 English
Old Gold 0:0, p.28
6/1/1949 Brief description of the department; photo.
19 Registration and first fall classes
Old Gold 0:0, p.51
6/1/1949 Photos.
20 Words
College Eye 40:20, p.2
2/18/1949 Expressed request for dictionary.
21 Letter to the editors
Hart--Irving Harlow (Extension Faculty and Archivist)
College Eye 40:19, p.2
2/11/1949 Answering questions left unanswered in Dr. Guest's letter.
22 Upon reading
College Eye 40:19, p.2
2/11/1949 Spoofs letters by Donald Howard and Boyd Guest.
23 Letters to the editors
Guest--Charles Boyd (English Faculty)
College Eye 40:18, p.2
2/4/1949 Questions Don Howard's article on general education
24 Speech Activities Club entertains ten high schools
College Eye 40:10, p.8
11/19/1948 Description of program.
25 Visiting students discuss peaceful world relations
College Eye 40:9, p.1
11/12/1948 Eight high schools will send students to campus.
26 Coffee Hour to be held on Thursday
College Eye 40:7, p.6
10/29/1948 Professors Pendergraft, Plaehn, and Guest will lead discussion.
27 Jeffersonians meet Tuesday
College Eye 40:3, p.7
10/1/1948 Professor Guest will discuss the Marshall Plan.
28 Instructional Staff
Old Gold 0:0, p.51
6/1/1948 This page lists and shows the photos of the Instructional Staff; photo.
29 Maritain philosophy is subject of guest talk
College Eye 39:27, p.7
4/16/1948 Professor Guest will speak to Humanists Club.
30 Does Guest get the last word?
Guest--Charles Boyd (English Faculty)
College Eye 39:18, p.2
2/6/1948 Professor Guest comments on Jack Blankenship's ironic letter.
31 Guest gives stand on Wallace
Guest--Charles Boyd (English Faculty)
College Eye 39:15, p.2
1/16/1948 Speaks in favor of Henry Wallace's decision to run for President of the United States.
32 Henry Wallace presidential campaign is opposed by members of faculty
College Eye 39:14, p.1
1/9/1948 Faculty express opinions on Henry Wallace's plans.
33 High school group will discuss labor
College Eye 39:9, p.6
11/14/1947 Several ISTC faculty will participate.
34 Jeffersonian Club seeks recognition
College Eye 39:3, p.4
35 Letter to the Editor
Guest--Charles Boyd (English Faculty)
College Eye 38:40, p.2
7/25/1947 Warns against Fascist tendencies in America.
36 English
Old Gold 0:0, p.89
6/1/1947 Brief description of the department; photo.
37 Faculty
Old Gold 0:0, p.106
6/1/1947 List of faculty; photo.
38 Letter to the editor
Guest--Charles Boyd (English Faculty)
College Eye 38:32, p.2
5/16/1947 Professor Guest has ideas about meaning.
39 Inquiring Reporter
College Eye 38:30, p.6
5/2/1947 Faculty members from the English Department comment on the question, "What is wrong with the attitude other departments take toward English as it is taught in the classroom?"
40 Campus Commentary
Flanagan--James Martin (Student--1946-1947)
College Eye 38:27, p.3
4/11/1947 Believes that ISTC Greeks are good for campus, praises efforts of Guest and Sage, and names Shirley Ann Nelson as student of the week.
41 Letter to the editor
Guest--Charles Boyd (English Faculty)
College Eye 38:25, p.4
3/28/1947 Discuses the recent editorial comments concerning the "Contemporary Affairs" class at I.S.T.C.
42 English faculty gives broadcast
College Eye 38:24, p.8
3/21/1947 New program is "The Words We Use".
43 On borrowed time
College Eye 38:22, p.2
2/28/1947 Professor Guest believes that America is threatened by private greed.
44 Hutchins praised, censured, as Guest, Croft, debate education at Chicago
College Eye 38:19, p.3
2/7/1947 Professors Guest and Croft offer opinions on the Chicago Plan.
45 Faculty is increased this fall
Alumnus 30:4, p.11
10/1/1946 Short biographical sketches of new faculty and staff.
46 Six new members are added to English Dept.
College Eye 38:1, p.1
9/13/1946 Brief profiles of new faculty.

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