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1 Is distance learning a fad or the future?
Public Relations News Release 1998:378, p.1
5/13/1999 Bob Hardman discusses distance learning via the Internet and ICN.
2 Presentations/lectures/exhibitions: Mary Bozik, Gary Bozylinski, and Bob Hardman
Campus News Network 9:9, p.Insert 1
12/7/1998 Mary Bozik, Gary Bozylinski, and Bob Hardman presented a session on developing information literacy.
3 University of Northern Iowa graduate students provide computer orientation workshops for senior citizens
Public Relations News Release 1997:350, p.1
5/14/1998 Graduate students developed and taught workshops to familiarize senior citizens with computer technology.
4 University of Northern Iowa assisting with technology exhibits, presentations for: Education Commission of the States meeting in Des Moines and Ames
Public Relations News Release 1997:276, p.1
3/27/1998 UNI to present displays and demonstrations at Education Commission of the States meeting March 29-10.
5 Learning in classrooms miles apart
Public Relations News Release 1997:171, p.1
1/8/1998 Robert Hardman states the benefits of UNI classes offered over the ICN by Information Technology Services.
6 Staying at the forefront of technology isn't easy
Public Relations News Release 1997:149, p.1
12/11/1997 Bob Hardman says to obtain high-tech equipment while maintaining a budget the University should lease instead of purchase.
7 Presentations/lectures/exhibitions: Mary Bozik and Bob Hardman
Campus News Network 8:7, p.Insert 1
11/10/1997 Mary Bozik and Bob Hardman presented paper on ICN at conference.
8 Presentations/lectures/exhibitions: Mary Bozik and Bob Hardman
Campus News Network 8:5, p.Insert 1
10/13/1997 Mary Bozik and Bob Hardman presented paper on the ICN at conference.
9 Achieving computer literacy is first step in college education
Public Relations News Release 1997:38, p.1
9/18/1997 Classes are held at the beginning of the academic year to introduce freshmen to new computer skills.
10 Presentations/lectures/exhibitions: Thomas Switzer, Robert Hardman, Sharon Smaldino, and Matthew Kollasch
Campus News Network 8:3, p.Insert 1
9/15/1997 Thomas Switzer, Robert Hardman, Sharon Smaldino, and Matthew Kollasch presented papers on interactive technology at Education Commission meeting.
11 Teaching on the 'net: UNI program helps Iowa teachers
Northern Iowa Today 24:2, p.2
9/1/1996 Institute offers teachers information about technology.
12 "Return on Investment" shown by Iowa Educational Technology Training Institute
Public Relations News Release 1996:8, p.1
8/26/1996 Iowa teachers are becoming more knowledgeable at incorporating technology into their classrooms.
13 Educational Technology Training Institute demonstrates return on our invesment
Public Relations News Release 1995:485, p.1
8/12/1996 The Center for Educational Technology is teaching educators how to utilize technology in the classroom through the Iowa Educational Technology Training Institute.
14 Northern Lights--observing a dozen decades of great teaching
Campus News Network 6:14, p.1
3/25/1996 UNI will celebrate its 120th anniversary with many activities in the fourth week of April.
15 Robert Hardman
Campus News Network 6:13, p.Insert 2
3/11/1996 Presented "An Approach to Solving the Technology Time Warp".
16 We're having a party and you're invited to participate!
Campus News Network 6:9, p.2
1/16/1996 UNI will celebrate its 120th anniversary April 20-26.
17 Capital and other physical improvements
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.453
7/1/1995 Brief review of construction during the early 1970s including the Education Center, UNI-CUE, and the ITC; photo.
18 Award winners go the distance
Campus News Network 5:18, p.1
5/30/1995 Robert Hardman and Sharon Smaldino awarded U. S. Distance Learning Association's Excellence in Teaching Award; photo.
19 Excellence in teaching award presented to two University of Northern Iowa faculty
Public Relations News Release 1994:454, p.1
5/10/1995 Robert Hardman and Sharon Smaldino receive awards for excellence in teaching.
20 Desktop video conference held Thursday
McConnell--Katie (Student--1995)
Northern Iowan 91:54, p.2
4/18/1995 Conference on use of desktop computers for face-to-face communication.
21 Awards/honors/service: Robert Hardman and Sharon Smaldino
Campus News Network 5:12, p.Insert 2
2/27/1995 Robert Hardman and Sharon Smaldino prepared series of video tapes associated with teaching.
22 Presentations/lectures/exhibitions: Robert Hardman and Joseph Marchesani
Campus News Network 5:12, p.Insert 1
2/27/1995 Robert Hardman and Joseph Marchesani presented workshops for several State Departments on interactive television.
23 University of Northern Iowa to host seventeen days of multicultural artistic events honoring Martha Ellen Tye
Public Relations News Release 1994:267, p.1
2/9/1995 Martha Ellen Tye art festival to be held at UNI.
24 Iowa Communications Network impacts the future of education throughout Iowa
Northern Iowan 90:55, p.3
4/26/1994 Outline potential benefits of system for delivering courses to distant students.
25 The University of Northern Iowa prepares for Parents' Weekend November 12-14
Public Relations News Release 1993:174, p.1
11/8/1993 Activities announced for annual Parents' Weekend at UNI.
26 Learning through fiber optics; the switch has been flipped
Campus News Network 4:5, p.1
10/25/1993 Robert Hardman and Sharon Smaldino have prepared more than four hundred teachers to teach over the ICN; photo.
27 University of Northern Iowa faculty train core of Iowa teachers to bring new learning opportunities to students on fiber optic network
Public Relations News Release 1993:115, p.1
10/11/1993 400 Iowa teachers learn the basics for using the new telecommunications network in Iowa during a workshop at UNI.
28 A revolution by fiber optics, not firearms; Iowa's telecommunications superhighway due to open this fall
Yates--Carole Shelley (CEEE Coordinator & Program Assistant)
Northern Iowa Today 77:1, p.2
7/1/1993 Outlines potential uses of fiber optic network on campus and across Iowa; photo.
29 Distance education: great opportunity, serious issues
Hardman--Robert Richard (Educational Media Faculty)
Northern Iowa Today 77:1, p.40
7/1/1993 Achieving potential will require careful planning; photo.
30 Summer construction under way
Northern Iowan 89:60, p.1
6/25/1993 Pedestrian underpass will be made accessible to handicapped students; EMC will move to former Catholic Student Center; awaiting bids on Rod Library renovation; clearing up after fire at PLS; photo.
31 Teachers in school this summer to bring new learning opportunities to students in fall
Public Relations News Release 1992:627, p.1
5/31/1993 375 teachers are learning the basics of the Iowa Communication Network this summer.
32 Sources for help with discussing current events named.
Public Relations News Release 1992:471, p.1
3/29/1993 This week's topics for discussion include: Is peace possible in Yugoslavia, can the West help Yeltsin stay in power, and Iowa, a leader in interactive learning through communications.
33 Integrating technology into education
Northern Iowa Today 21:1, p.Insert 2
3/1/1993 Survey of projects in College of Education; photo.
34 Northern Iowa sources for this week's topics in the news
Public Relations News Release 1992:254, p.1
12/14/1992 Fiber-optics, ethnic-based political fights, and low loan default rates are the topics for discussion.
35 A high-fiber diet for the television industry.
Public Relations News Release 1992:108, p.1
10/12/1992 Fiber optics will be the wave of the future in telecommunications according to Robert Hardman.
36 Northern Iowa sources for this week's topics in the news
Public Relations News Release 1992:59, p.1
9/14/1992 Faculty sources are named for topics including; hurricanes, ERA, and fiber-optics.
37 Classroom without walls
Northern Iowa Today 76:1, p.10
7/1/1992 Potential educational benefits of Iowa Communications Network; photo.
38 These teachers are a little on the square side.
Public Relations News Release 1991:435, p.1
3/2/1992 Interactive Instructional Television enables students and teachers to interact while hundreds of miles apart.
39 Interactive instructional television has tremendous potential for all students
Public Relations News Release 1991:249, p.1
12/23/1991 Robert Hardman states that interactive instructional television began in higher education, primarily at the community college level, and moved very rapidly into the high school setting. It is moving more slowly into the elementary level.
40 Collection of papers on "rural education in Iowa" published by Institute for Education al Leadership at University of Northern Iowa
Public Relations News Release 1990:92, p.1
10/2/1990 Papers from a working conference published at UNI. List of participants. Edward Ranney, Norman Boyles, Horace Daggett, and Claudia Jones are among the authors.
41 'Images of Pride' theme for University of Northern Iowa's 27th Annual Workshop for Educational Office Personnel Wednesday (March 21)
Public Relations News Release 1989:475, p.1
3/20/1990 Professors Vapordeal Sanders, Vicki Grimes, Robert Hardman, Leland Tack, Doreen Hayek, Ed Redalen and Karen Nantz organize a workshop held in the Education Center. A noon luncheon is held in the Maucker Union Expansion.
42 University of Northern Iowa faculty to receive awards from Educational Media Association March 30
Public Relations News Release 1989:471, p.1
3/19/1990 Professors Thomas Switzer and Robert Hardman are recognized for their contributions to the university by the Iowa Educational Media Association at their annual conference in Waterloo.
43 University of Northern Iowa's department of industrial technology graduates twin doctoral students at Spring commencement, May 13.
Public Relations News Release 1988:477, p.1
5/15/1989 Joe and John Gindele display their doctoral research papers, the last leg of their journey toward degrees of Doctor of Industrial Technology.
44 Live from the classroom -- It's interactive TV.
Public Relations News Release 1988:380, p.1
4/3/1989 Robert Harman says the multi-million dollar network will allow schools to share instructors, bring college classes to rural areas, and will be used by businesses as well to train workers.
45 Radio/TV Tips.
Public Relations News Release 1988:371, p.1
3/28/1989 Interactive instructional television, a two way audio/ video system connecting the state's school districts, is being installed. IIT will allow students across the state to interact with one another simultaneously without leaving their classrooms.
46 Teaching with interactive instructional television is wave of the future says University of Northern Iowa professor.
Public Relations News Release 1988:336, p.1
3/3/1989 A two-way video/two audio system should be in place by early as 1992. According to Robert Hardman a big benefit of the interactive system is that it will allow a group of schools to hire oneteacher to teach many students in multiple sites simultaneously.
47 Images of Xian
Public Relations News Release 1987:108, p.1
11/18/1986 Professor Hardman performed a slide show presentation on life in modern Xian, the former capital of China. Hardman spoke on architecture, art, transportation, education, history, and his experience living on a university campus in the city.
48 UNI programs with China strengthened; international studies office notes new arrangements
Public Relations News Release 1986:467, p.1
6/26/1986 Ways to improve an exchange program between UNI and several Chinese schools were discussed during a visit to China by Richard Newell and Jonathan Lu; Newell says UNI has been impressed with the quality of the Chinese scholars who have visited UNI.
49 UNI Elderhostel program to offer courses on American music heritage, religious history, Afghan society, July 6-12
Public Relations News Release 1986:453, p.1
6/6/1986 Those who are at least sixty years old or whose spouse/companion is at least sixty years are invited in attend; they will take classes, participate in outside activities, and live and eat in the dorms.
50 UNI is getting 'Hooked' on Teleconferencing
Public Relations News Release 1986:270, p.1
2/20/1986 UNI secured a satellite hook-up last fall and are looking for more and more opportunities to receive broadcasts of national conferences.


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