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1 From the Association president
Hermansen--Noreen M. (Alumni Services)
Northern Iowa Today 89:2, p.22
7/1/2005 Alumni Relations and Alumni Association will move into new quarters by September; Alumni Association attempting to raise money for hospitality suite in McLeod Center; photo.
2 Separation of alumni and development leads to new programs
Northern Iowa Today 13:4, p.7
9/1/1985 Office of Development/UNI Foundation adds positions and moves into former Home Management House; renamed Office of Alumni Relations will strengthen ties to alumni groups; photo.
3 Office of Development moves to former Home Management House
Alumnus 70:2, p.4
7/1/1985 Development moves to Home Management; Alumni will move to Bartlett Hall.
4 Alumni offices moved
Northern Iowan 81:59, p.3
6/28/1985 Office of Development now in former Home Management House.
5 Director's MedLee
Alumnus 69:4, p.4
1/1/1985 Alumni office will move into former Home Management House.
6 Former Home Management House to become new UNI alumni center
Alumnus 69:4, p.5
1/1/1985 Department of Home Economics phases out home management program; Alumni Services will move in; photo.
7 Alumni Services offices relocate in home management house
Northern Iowa Today 13:1, p.6
12/1/1984 Home Management House, operated by Department of Home Economics, will cease operations in November; building will be renovated and Alumni Services from Gilchrist and Latham will open in January 1985.
8 Home Management House closes
Northern Iowan 81:18, p.9
11/6/1984 Will hold closing sale for items in the house; cites declining enrollment in home economics teaching program; building will be renovated for Alumni Services.
9 It's not a lab, it's a real house
Northern Iowan 78:37, p.13
2/23/1982 A look at the home economics program in the Home Management House.
10 Home management program--training better teachers since 1909
Alumnus 66:1, p.16
2/1/1981 History of home economics courses and home management facilities at UNI; photo.
11 Pipeline detour
Northern Iowan 74:34, p.1
1/31/1978 Students are deterred from walking the usual way to class, due to a large trench dug for a new steam line to the Home Management House and the EMCEC; photo.
12 Campus changes
Alumnus 62:4, p.8
12/1/1977 Changes in campus landscape and buildings; photo.
13 UNI's Home Management House: more than just a classroom
Northern Iowan 74:15, p.7
10/21/1977 Professor Pershing describes the home economics program carried out in the building.
14 Principles into practice
Northern Iowan 71:17, p.7
10/29/1974 Description of the program in the Home Management House.
15 Five seniors make charming home of Management House on College Hill
Stueck--Janice (Student--1964)
College Eye 59:5, p.5
10/9/1964 Students talk about living in the house; photo.
16 Budget planning presents no qualms for home management students
College Eye 57:4, p.5
10/5/1962 Junior and senior women have the opportunity to live in and run a family operated situation; photo.
17 Hill bookstore to begin construction on new plant
College Eye 52:32, p.1
5/26/1961 Has been on old site since 1936; will build new store at 1009 W. 23rd Street; house on new site has been Home Management House; new 57' X 150' store will offer more books, clothing, and souvenirs.
18 Physical Plant helps ISTC expand like firecracker
College Eye 51:34, p.2
7/1/1960 Lengthy look at the work of the physical plant workers; photo.
19 Kittens, housekeeping, credit, revealed in 'mystery' house
Wilkie--Mary Kathryn (Student--1956)
College Eye 48:9, p.9
11/9/1956 Lengthy look at the curriculum and activities in the Home Management House; photo.
20 Home management girls throw picnic
College Eye 46:31, p.6
5/20/1955 For all who have lived in the house.
21 Girls entertain guests
College Eye 45:32, p.8
5/28/1954 In Home Management House.
22 Girls make use of homemaking practical skills
College Eye 45:14, p.5
1/8/1954 A look at the activities at the Home Management House.
23 Home ec adds staff member
College Eye 45:12, p.8
12/11/1953 Lena Buckingham will be manager of the Home Management House at 1012 W. 23rd Street.
24 Valuable experience offered by Home Management House
College Eye 44:27, p.4
4/17/1953 A look at the curriculum and the facilities in the house formerly belonging to Professor Merchant; photo.
25 Home Economics
Old Gold 0:0, p.142
6/1/1952 Brief description of the departemnt and photos of the faculty and some students; photo.
26 Future homemakers in action . . .
Jackson--Adelie R. (Student--1951)
College Eye 43:11, p.7
12/7/1951 A look at the activities and curriculum at Home Management House at 2203 Campus Street; photo.
27 Management house serves 'dessert' to 60
College Eye 43:11, p.5
28 The millage levy policy, 1902-1915
Hart--Irving Harlow (Extension Faculty and Archivist)
First 75 Years 0:0, p.40
7/1/1951 Over $870,000 results from millage; leads to construction of Women's Gym, Physics, Library, Sabin, Wright, President's House, Home Management House, and first unit of Bartlett.
29 Home Ec majors plan Valentine dessert at Home Management House
College Eye 41:19, p.7
2/10/1950 Schedule of home economics events.
30 Five students enjoy the comfort of home
College Eye 40:32, p.3
6/17/1949 New furnishings added to Home Management House.
31 Home management class entertains Sunday
College Eye 40:26, p.7
32 Home Ec graduates entertained at dessert
College Eye 40:25, p.3
4/8/1949 At Home Management House.
33 Home Economics house has Valentine dessert
College Eye 40:19, p.8
2/11/1949 Description of the event at the Home Management House.
34 Erickson to serve as hostess at brunch
College Eye 40:7, p.8
10/29/1948 At Home Management House.
35 Harries and Broshar are hostesses at tea
College Eye 40:6, p.7
10/22/1948 At Home Management House.
36 Bouldins to be honored at dinner
College Eye 40:3, p.3
10/1/1948 At Home Management House.
37 Home management gives tea to honor home ec majors
College Eye 39:42, p.6
38 Five Home Management girls plan daily low cost meals
College Eye 39:37, p.4
7/9/1948 Working on meals costing forty-five cents per day per person.
39 Five new girls in Home Ec house
College Eye 39:34, p.6
6/18/1948 A look at the work taken on by students at the Home Management House at the corner of 22nd and Campus Streets.
40 Home management tea for students, faculty
College Eye 39:19, p.8
41 Patter of little feet echo in Home Management House
College Eye 38:37, p.1
6/27/1947 Child of home economics student is living in the Home Management House this summer; photo.
42 Home Ec students give buffet dinner
College Eye 38:30, p.6
5/2/1947 At Home Management House.
43 Home Economics House gets paint, repairs
College Eye 38:29, p.3
44 Home economists give formal dinner here
College Eye 38:28, p.5
4/18/1947 Home Management House students make all preparations.
45 A home away from home
Alumnus 31:1, p.5
1/1/1947 Home Management House now furnished and ready for students in vocational home economics teaching program; photo.
46 Management home is open to public Sunday
College Eye 37:31, p.3
47 Stokerizing is home management feat
College Eye 37:25, p.3
3/22/1946 Women talk about getting life under way in the new Home Management House at 2203 Campus Street.
48 Home Ec girls to face home problems
College Eye 37:19, p.1
2/1/1946 Six women and an instructor will live in a house at 2203 Campus Street.
49 Home Ec. girls take turns being head of home management house
College Eye 35:38, p.4
7/14/1944 A look at life in the Home Management House at 921 W. 19th Street.
50 A practical laboratory in home economics education
Alumnus 27:4, p.2
10/1/1943 Five students move into home with Professor Sutherland to study real home economics; photo.


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