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1 The evolution of the institution
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.212
7/1/1995 Establishing the PDL system; defeat of an honor system; the theft and cheating ring; coordination with the other Regents universities; the change from ISTC to SCI and then to UNI; the organization of the colleges; photo.
2 Voluntary pledge of honor fails to work among cadets
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 59:17, p.2
2/5/1965 Cheating in the Air Force Academy comes as a shock.
3 Name change could help system
College Eye 57:7, p.2
10/26/1962 A different name may be able to stop the cheating on tests; "honor system" seemed inappropriate.
4 President views 'state college: one year later'
College Eye 57:2, p.3
9/21/1962 President Maucker cites progress of last year.
5 College's first year as SCI sometimes frantic but fun
College Eye 56:33, p.5
6/1/1962 A 'year in review' pictorial with five photos; picture.
6 SLB discusses future plans of Honor System
College Eye 56:29, p.12
5/4/1962 Considers whether or not SLB should continue to work on proposed system.
7 Students reject proposed honor system
Alumnus 47:2, p.2
5/1/1962 78% of students vote; 58% oppose system; dislike necessity of reporting fellow students who may have cheated.
8 SCI students have rare opportunity
Flannery--Robert (Class of 1964)
College Eye 56:26, p.2
4/6/1962 Students should suggest new honor system policy before faculty imposes drastic measures.
9 Some recommendations for the 'Gestapo'
College Eye 56:26, p.2
4/6/1962 Suggestions on how to curb cheating.
10 Record 79% of full-time undergrads vote, but honor system defeated 1,436-1,062
College Eye 56:25, p.1
3/30/1962 Breakdown of vote by dorm and by class.
11 There's still a healthy atmosphere
Harlan--Roger G. (Class of 1963)
College Eye 56:25, p.2
3/30/1962 Turnout for election on honor system was reassuring of healthy college atmosphere.
12 Can have honor without system
Backstrom--Donna (Class of 1962)
College Eye 56:24, p.2
3/23/1962 Believes that an honor system cannot possibly prevent cheating.
13 Debate honor system in packed auditorium
College Eye 56:24, p.3
3/23/1962 Students plan and stage meeting on honor system; photo.
14 Honor a quality to be learned
Schaffer--Elliot J. (Speech Faculty)
College Eye 56:24, p.2
3/23/1962 Professor Schaffer believes that if students explored their potential more, high caliber citizens would be produced.
15 Hurray for the SCI students
College Eye 56:24, p.2
3/23/1962 Interest, enthusiasm, spontaneity, and real student opinion part of mass meeting on Wednesday.
16 Students vote on honor system today
College Eye 56:24, p.1
3/23/1962 Must have 75% approval with 75% of students voting.
17 Committee's function to inform
College Eye 56:23, p.2
3/16/1962 Committee will not be deciding fate of honor system.
18 Honor system election to be Friday, March 23
College Eye 56:23, p.1
3/16/1962 If passed, the proposal would be sent on to the faculty and then to the Regents.
19 Reader doubts wisdom of honor system 'informer'
Olmsted--Richard (Student--1961)
College Eye 56:23, p.6
3/16/1962 Honor system should not mean swearing to report any cheaters.
20 Signatures, faculty absences, records, file questioned
Pettit--Dean Wesley (Class of 1962)
College Eye 56:23, p.6
3/16/1962 Raises concerns regarding possible honor system installation.
21 Fowler questions honor
Fowler--Jerry D. (Class of 1962)
College Eye 56:22, p.2
3/9/1962 Faculty members must question, 'why do student's cheat?'
22 Honor system voting date changed to Friday, March 23
College Eye 56:22, p.3
3/9/1962 Discussion sessions now being set up.
23 Students to vote March 21 on honor system question
College Eye 56:21, p.1
3/2/1962 Rules and procedures for the proposed system.
24 Bluhm gives three reasons why
Bluhm--David Rodney (Philosophy Faculty)
College Eye 56:20, p.2
2/23/1962 Three reasons why an honor system at SCI would be good.
25 Procedure method ready for Regents
College Eye 56:20, p.1
2/23/1962 Professor DeKock talks about the proposal for an honor system.
26 'Impassioned plea' against honor system
Pettit--Dean Wesley (Class of 1962)
College Eye 56:19, p.6
2/16/1962 Installation of proposed honor system would be detrimental to learning and to individuals.
27 Fox will vote for honor system, but . . . .
College Eye 56:19, p.2
2/16/1962 Professor Fox outlines reservations about honor system.
28 Reader doubts honor system
Jungman--Lester Dean (Classes of 1962 and 1967)
College Eye 56:18, p.2
2/9/1962 Students should prove themselves honest before they are trusted with more responsibilities.
29 Honor system under study by students, faculty
Alumnus 47:1, p.9
2/1/1962 Students would assume full responsibility for academic honesty.
30 Constitution proposed by honor system committee
College Eye 56:17, p.1
1/26/1962 Professor DeKock talks about the proposed system.
31 Honor system must be complete
Wolf--Boyd E. (Class of 1962)
College Eye 56:13, p.2
12/14/1961 Believes people have the wrong idea about an honor system; it is so much more than monitoring during tests.
32 Informer? Or just a citizen
College Eye 56:8, p.2
11/3/1961 Discusses the need for an honor system, and the necessity of reporting those who cheat.
33 Reader questions honor
Olmsted--Richard (Student--1961)
College Eye 56:7, p.2
10/27/1961 Believes that an honor code will not work; people who want to cheat will still cheat, honor code or not.
34 St. Olaf's student panel proud of honor system.
College Eye 56:6, p.3
10/20/1961 Students talk about the system; photo.
35 St. Olaf students to speak on honor system Tuesday
College Eye 56:5, p.3
36 It's a personal matter
College Eye 56:4, p.2
10/6/1961 Discusses the need for SCI students to become more honorable, and also discusses need for an honor system.
37 President urges students to attend honors meeting
College Eye 56:4, p.1
10/6/1961 Students from St. Olaf College will talk about their honor system.
38 Committee to study honors
College Eye 52:33, p.1
6/2/1961 Will study the possibility of instituting an honors system to deal with cheating.
39 Honor? Or just a system?
Smith--Miriam B. (Speech Faculty)
College Eye 52:33, p.8
6/2/1961 Believes an honor system will not keep dishonest people from cheating; must rely on individual responsibility.
40 SLB plans Mother's Day; appoints investigating com.
College Eye 52:26, p.4
4/14/1961 Will investigate possibility of honor system.
41 Beck describes honor system
Beck--Harry Sterling
College Eye 52:25, p.8
4/7/1961 Supports ideas proposed by Dr. Bluhm, in relation to cheating on campus.
42 Is honor system key?
Bluhm--David Rodney (Philosophy Faculty)
College Eye 52:24, p.8
3/24/1961 Proposes solutions to the cheating problem on campus.
43 Most college students favor honor system in US schools
College Eye 43:29, p.6
5/9/1952 Compares ISTC attitudes with national attitudes.
44 Hilltopics
College Eye 42:9, p.2
11/10/1950 Admires honor system employed at University of Virginia.
45 Honoraries
Old Gold 0:0, p.79
6/1/1942 Brief description of the purpose for honoring students; photo.
46 Class room honesty
College Eye 16:8, p.4
10/22/1924 Discussion of cheating in class and the effectiveness of the "honor system."
47 The Y. M. meeting
College Eye 13:19, p.2
1/25/1922 Subject of discussion was student honor.
48 Inquiring Reporter
College Eye 13:15, p.4
12/7/1921 Students answer the question, "Do you think that a candy table run on the honor system would work here at I. S. T. C.?
49 Editorially speaking; an honor system
College Eye 12:30, p.4
4/20/1921 Believes T. C. should develop a system to combat cheating that makes the student responsible for his or her actions.
50 Professional; the college honor system
Gist--Julian Hurlburt (Classes of 1906 and 1907; English Faculty)
College Eye 7:27, p.2
4/26/1916 Third week continuation of description of the honor system.


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